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GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - New gNewSense release get rids of mono programs (

hayalci writes: A new release of the "all-free" GNU/Linux distribution gNewSense, backed by the Free Software Foundation, hit the servers in September.

This version gets rid of two mono programs, Tomboy and Fspot, which are installed by default on Ubuntu, and replaces them by Gnote and gThumb, which perform the same functions but written in C++ and C.

More info can be found in the release announcement.

Comment Re:How is this news? (Score 5, Insightful) 525

Vista's security chain works as designed and intended, preventing from you to inject an untrusted bootloader into the bootstrap. Isn't that what we -want- from our security systems? This isnt' a case of "Microsoft" holding our data hostage, this is a case of our own security policies WORKING.

If I were to be running Linux, with equivalent protection, I'd be right pissed if it could be trivially rootkitted/bypassed by swapping in a malicious bootloader.

If the attacker can install a bootloader, that means you were rooted and your precious data can be grabbed from the memory of the program that happens to be using it.

If the bootloader is installed while the OS is not running, that means you do not have adequate physical security.

Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Demonstration of OpenSolaris on the mainframe 1

BDPrime writes: Sine Nomine Associates, the company working on porting OpenSolaris to the mainframe, is demonstrating the technology at the Gartner Data Center conference this week. David Boyes, the president, is giving the demos at the IBM booth with the support of Sun Microsystems. He said it will be ready for mainframe users "soon," but wouldn't divulge more than that.

It's a five-part video series on YouTube that could take up some time, but the demo, which is mostly in the last video, is pretty cool.
The Military

Submission + - Boeing, USAF launch supersonic bomb firing tech. (

coondoggie writes: "Boeing and the US Air Force today said they have tested new technology that for the first time will let military aircraft launch bombs from aircraft moving at supersonic speeds. Researchers from Boeing Phantom Works and the Air Force Research Laboratory used a rocket sled in combination with what researchers called "active flow control" to successfully release a smart bomb known as MK-82 Joint Direct Attack Munition Standard Test Vehicle (JDAM) at a speed of about Mach 2 from a weapons bay with a size approximating that of the U.S. Air Force B-1 bomber, Boeing said. Active flow control is a tandem array of microjets upstream of the weapons bay that, when fired reduces the unsteady pressures inside the bay and modifies the flow outside to ensure the JDAM munition travels out of the bay correctly."

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