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Submission + - Geek Programatic Paraphernalia

haxot writes: What tools do you use?
For repair: Sardu, with hiren, trinity rescue kit, and ubuntu on it
For most everything I use Sysinternals & tools from Nirsoft

I've grown 'used" to my toolset, and I rarely look outside of it. I'm curious what other tools the geeks out there are using.

What brings this up specifically is my friend had to reload windows, and lost an awesome network latency monitor — showed the entire world in a green map and latency to all, and latest threats. He thought it was so awesome, any geek would have it — and I didn't. Now tis lost to both of us.

What's in your toolkit?

Submission + - Where have all the comments gone? 2

haxot writes: "No story or anything. I was a devout slashdot reader for years — asked a question a year or two back about edutainment games and was quite happy with the outpouring of info from the community. That's what I've always liked about Slashdot — the community, the comments; the shared knowledge.
Now,, the comment quality has dropped precipitously, due I think to the story quality's drop. Most everything posted is either very late, or of abysmal and/or biased quality.
I've actually started hunting for a new news site, and I'm wondering where people have been relying on for better news/comments?"

Comment Re:All you say are lies. (Score 1) 373

Actually, they can measure some pretty nifty things about electrical current from down at the powerhouse.
Go to your local one and ask when/if they schedule tours.

I and my family got in to our local town's power plant and the got a huge earful.

Basically, from what the electrician said, if you're drawing enough power to do 0.25 horsepower of work, they can detect it.

Good fellow; he was a lineman on the huge lines that go between towns before he settled down in my town with his wife.

Also, as far as humidity causing loss of power in the lines..
There's a HUGE difference between electricity being impeded by an induction coil (causing resistance on the line in order to move the charge) and the air being wet and mucking with the line.
Wet air doesn't cause electrical resistance - wet air in theory can cause a short.
On the big lines like you're talking, they've been designed to handle big rains and wee tornadoes - a bit heavier duty for line shorting than your 'air humidity'

Get it?
Induction coil (resister-like device used to transfer power and scale it) is a 'resistance' thing.
Wet air is an 'electrical short' thing.
Apples, Oranges.

Comment Re:virus scanners are the devil (Score 1) 472

Not too sure about MBAM, but ComboFix is a splendiferous tool, detects generic malware threats and rootkits.
I run clamshell so I can manually scan files I download, and I've had autoplay turned off since windows 95 - What had possessed Gates and the Windows Team to automagicaly run untrusted stuff off any device, I'll never know. New York Hooker, and all that jazz.
Anyways - yeah, any time I think something fishy has happened that I missed, drop to safe mode and run Combofix. Works Swell.

Comment Re:And this is why (Score 1) 91

Moya would be the ideal; but before we'd have Moya-style ships, we'd have Lexx style spaceships. Unfun, messy, smelly, very "alive" spaceships, before we got to the highly refined, people-friendly Moya style Ah, for organic spaceships. The mechanics would be marvelously interesting.. would they be grown ala matrix-style, thousands of embryos attached in a massive stack being watched for defects as they mature? Or more personal, molly-coddled pampering?

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