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Comment make your pile and move on (Score 2) 135

There is no avoiding the boom/bust cycle. Ride the boom, extract all you can, be frugal. When the bust comes, use your cushion to ride it out.

It is true that not everybody gets laid off in the bust. It is also true that smart, diligent and hardworking people are let go like everybody else. Don't plan to keep your job. Plan to have a nice vacation if you must.

I practice what I preach. Made big bucks during the dot com boom. When the money dried up, I went home to build an airplane while other people were loosing everything and moving back in w/their parents.

I am doing it again.

Oh, and one final thing: strong engineers are welcome everywhere, managers not so much.

Comment Re:Anthropomorphizing (Score 1) 421

No AI conference is complete without a panel discussion featuring a biologist and several other dorks who want to show why their research is backed up by nature.

Except there is no reason for machines to act like nature. Machines have different "food" requirements and they do not have sex.

One of the reasons I quit attending conferences was because there was obviously little news to share.

Comment Re:Here are MORE exampe of how full of shit you ar (Score 1) 149

Good job w/the research, but I think it misses a point. You could substitute those two w/GWB and Cheney. Sadly, the people cheerleading for everybody to go fight will not be the ones to go bleed. I think (somewhere along the thread) the point was made that if people had access to a decent economy then a career in jihad would be a tough sell.

Of course there are examples of western youth who come for the "adventure" of combat. I have no glib answer for this save "Darwin".

Comment Dear Mother Navy (Score 3, Informative) 68

It makes me sad every time I read articles such as this. I feel the Navy has been adrift since morse code and torn tape relay were retired. Perhaps it is time for you to reconsider SPAWAR? I often wonder how they help defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. My last COTAR was obviously a spy for some foreign agency. Anyway... there are many examples of how to make big systems work and none of them are at SPAWAR. COTS can do this, other organizations do this. Why not you?

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