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Comment Memtest86 is fine, but not enough... (Score 1) 724

Memtest86 will find some memory issues, but not all. I find that you have to really stress the memory interface, itself (i.e.: not just typical reads/writes) in order to see truly "interesting" failures...ones that could easily cause "unexplained" lockups, etc. For this sort of thing, I recommend this. This will slam the memory i/f much more than just reads/writes...which is what you really ought to be doing anyway.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 1) 371

In general, that might be true, but being really good is still no guarantee that you _can't_ be laid off. Step on the wrong toes, say the wrong thing, work for the wrong group, and you'll be on your way out...regardless of performance. This is becoming more and more true in company cultures that mistakenly view managers as being more important than individual contributors.

Comment Re:No, good economics. (Score 1) 809

Nope. Taxing the wealthy (>$500k/yr.) at progressively higher rates is the right way to go. People tend to forget that capitalism fails without a strong middle class. Give businesses shelter from taxes so that the truly wealthy are forced to invest in things that (hopefully) return value to the economy.

What we have now is dramatic increases in those living below the poverty line and those making obscene amounts of money. The latter excels at the former's expense, with very little effort and even less added value to society...or the economy.

To quote Krugman, supply side economics is "a crank doctrine that would have had little influence if it did not appeal to the prejudices of editors and wealthy men."

Can we please put this de-bunked doctrine to rest...FOREVER!

Of course, if we tax the wealthy too highly then they might just "off-shore" themselves...something to think about, eh?

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