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Comment Re:First NetBSD 6.0 Post (Score 3, Informative) 124

If you need a hand, ask on the netbsd-users mailing list ( Especially with the new release just being out there should be plenty of people willing to help with whatever issue you have.

(Since you've been running betas for a while you probably know about the mailing lists, so this is more of a PSA for anyone else)

Comment Re:Contradiction (Score 2) 124

Because you don't need to enable every feature that an OS has? If you want to play around with something experimental, temporarily load it as a module, or use Rump or Puffs to isolate the filesystem code to a userland process and hack away.

Comment old phone (Score 1) 422

I once dropped an old motorola flip phone off a 50 foot cliff, had it split apart into half a dozen different pieces, snapped it back together and it was fine. Somehow I doubt the G1 I have now would survive as well.

Comment Re:Economy - anything else is a waste (Score 3, Insightful) 549

Have you actually flown first class? I haven't, but I can tell you that even flying business class is a huge improvement over economy. Just getting on the plane is easier, with being able to use the priority lane for boarding, and sometimes even for security checks. Then there's the actual in-flight experience (more roomy and comfortable seat, more attention from the flight crew, drink what you want, etc...), but when things do go wrong the ground staff is actually happy to help you, and will do so even if there are a dozen economy class passengers that are clamoring for help. :P
Of course, it's way more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Sure, some of the airline employees are hateful bastards, but I would be too if someone walked up to me and started yelling, so the "never become angry" applies regardless of what class you're flying.

Comment On the floor (Score 1) 549

Most flights I'm on I'm sitting on the floor b/c the plane has no seats. To fit 20+ skydivers into a Twin Otter you need to have at least some people sitting on the floor (and there aren't "seats" in the regular sense anyway). :)

I hate landing in planes; the number of times I've jumped out of the plane far outweighs the number of normal commercial flights I've taken.

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