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Comment Re: What kind of stupid ass reporting is this?! (Score 1) 164

Who the cares if there's 2M vs 2.2M? The vast majority of people use the same apps: Facebook, Twitter, a few store apps, the popular game(s) du jour (Candy Crush, Pokemon, etc) The remaining tend to be hidden-browser style apps for stores.

Literally 95% of those apps could disappear and nobody would give two shits.

I mean, if you really want to get technical, generally speaking, only one app (on idevices) can crash at any given time. On Android, there can be a lot more running tasks for customizations and system changes. Logically speaking, Android SHOULD be the one that crashes more since there's a lot more interactions going on.

Apparently the the parent poster does since he said that the availability of more apps on the iPhone contributes to more crashes.

Sounds like weak logic, but that assumption is not even true.

Comment Re: What kind of stupid ass reporting is this?! (Score 3, Informative) 164

I think what the poster was suggesting is that including 3rd party app crashes in this statistic in the same way as battery failure may be a bit misleading given the overall theme... For instance did they add weight to the fact that iOS has more apps for which to crash and that people use their iOS devices more than people use Android? This could be important so maybe a weighted per app MTBF would be a better approach. Or anything else as arbitrary as the original study. Now that I think about it, perhaps replacement should count as failure...

There are more Apps in Android's app store than in Apple's: 2.2M apps for Android, 2M apps for Apple.

I couldn't find a source for "people use their iOS devices more than people use Android", can you cite that?

Comment Re: It seems pretty clear who to blame (Score 1) 93

His senses are slowing with age to the point he needs assistance, so he buys the racecar version? Nice..

When you have $100K to spend on a car, it's hard to not get one that's a racecar under the hood. The Tesla might have the power of racecar, but it's easy to not drive it like one.

He's in his 50's now, so it's not like he's elderly, and he used to be an actual race car driver, so even if he says he feels slowed reflexes, I'd say he's still better than 90% of drivers out there.

Comment Re:It seems pretty clear who to blame (Score 4, Insightful) 93

So, how does the Tesla autopilot differ from a regular car that does not have such feature? In both you need to pay attention to the road, presumably the same. So why use autopilot at all?

I asked a guy I know who drives a P90 the same question - he said he uses it for several reasons. One, he feels that it gives him a level of safety above his own capabilities, if he sneezes or is otherwise distracted, he likes knowing that the car *may* be able to take over (which is quite a bit better than a standard car which cannot take over at all), also he said that as he ages, he feels that his reflexes are getting slower, so he likes that the car is watching over his driving. Second, his uncle died after a stroke while driving with his wife, the stroke didn't kill him, but running off the road killed both him and his wife, if he'd been in a self driving car, it's likely that the car would have just continued driving until it sensed that he was no longer in control and pulled off the road. And last, he likes that his use of auto-pilot gives Tesla real-world feedback on the system so they can improve it, so that by the time he's ready to give up driving, his car will be fully auto-drive capable. He said that due to this last point, he enables auto-pilot as much as possible.

And he added that anyone that thinks it can drive the car unattended is an idiot.

Comment Re: It seems pretty clear who to blame (Score 1) 93

Wrong. Autopilots in all commercial aircraft are capable of flying a route automatically, including changes in altitude and speed along the way. Level 1 autopilots (i.e. wing levelers) are only found in low-end general aviation aircraft. Now please stop spewing misinformation.

You mean the kind of aircraft that the vast of majority of people would actually fly if they were to become private pilots?

Comment Re:Splitting Musk's Pubic Hairs Pretty Fine There (Score 1) 93

Eh, Slashdot? After all the picked nits you've had over the years?

If it isn't free software, don't call it free software.

If it's phr34k1n ur ph()()nez d00d, don't call it a hacker.


If it isn't autopilot, don't call it autopilot.

What makes you think that "autopilot" will drive your car with no input from you? The autopilot in the vast majority of airplanes will keep your airplane in straight and level flight, might fly the route you give it, but won't avoid obstacles in the way (including terrain, if you tell it to fly at 5000 feet, it will blindly fly you into a 6000 ft mountain), and won't land your plane, it'll fly until you run out of fuel. Likewise, set the autopilot in your boat and let it run unattended and it will run you right into an island or into the side of the freighter that crosses your path.

If they called it "self-driving mode", then I could see your point.

Comment It seems pretty clear who to blame (Score 2, Informative) 93

"he reached into the glove box to get a cloth and was cleaning the dashboard seconds before the collision"

The Tesla has a clear warning that "autopilot" is not "self-driving", so the driver should have been paying attention to the road, not digging through the glovebox and cleaning the dashboard.

Comment Re:Is it real unlimited? (Score 1) 194

You wrote 5 paragraphs to explain that building a cellular network is hard, but those details don't matter. The bigger picture is that the moment you let a company get away with below-advertized speeds without penalties, you start a race to the bottom between providers where actual speeds slip farther and farther from the advertized speeds. This is simply not acceptable and you don't seem to understand it.

What advertised speed? I didn't see anything in their "unlimited data" ad that includes any expected speeds.

Comment Re:Is it real unlimited? (Score 1) 194

If a road gets congested, then travelling on it gets slower, it doesn't ban new cars from entering the roadway. However the road might open up carpool lanes, which effectively prioritize those people who are taking actions to reduce road congestion...

The other way road congestion is reduced is by using metering lights to "de-prioritize" traffic entering the freeway.

Comment Re:Is it real unlimited? (Score 2) 194

Do you really get to use unlimited data? Or do you get to use 5GB of data and then they start throttling you?

I'm currently on T-Mobile's pay as you go. $30 a month for 100 minutes talk, unlimited text, 5GB unthrotled data + unlimited throtled data. The only thing that _might_ tempt me to switch for more than double the price is if the data is _really_ unlimited and entirely unthrotled.

It's unlimited until you hit the limit in the fine print:

Customers who use more than 26GB of data in a bill cycle will have their data usage de-prioritized compared to other customers for that bill cycle at locations and times when competing network demands occur, resulting in relatively slower speeds

Comment Re:What in the fresh hell does this mean (Score 1) 160

"Google is taking a strategy timeout on its high-speed-internet business. According to WSJ, the Google Fiber unit is -- including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas -- after its initial rollouts proved time-consuming and expensive than anticipated rethinking how to deliver internet connections in about a dozen metro areas"

What the fuck, seriously

Just RTFA?

Comment Re:WTF..?? (Score 0) 84

Wild Abuse Allegations Taint Indiegogo Helmet Maker Skully

WTF kind of hipsterism is this?? I have no fucking idea what this means. It's completely incomprehensible.

Slashdot is located in the USA, so you have to expect articles to use English. If you have trouble reading English, check your local community college for remedial english classes and I'm sure you can get yourself up to a high school reading comprehension level.

Comment Re:bad driving (Score 1) 277

If Musk wants to redefine a word to serve his own purposes then that is some serious 1984-level shit right there.

No one bitched when Apple hijacked "device" to mean phone instead of it's established, ancient definition of 'thingy/doohickey'.

(Every time someone says "mobile device" (4 syllables) instead of "phone" (1 syllable) I want to slap them.)

"Device" is a much more accurate name as the "phone" part of mobile devices is becoming less used. I changed carriers and porting my number over was unsuccessful so my phone can make outbound calls but can't accept inbound calls. This was nearly a month ago and I haven't bothered asking the carrier to fix it because it turns out that I just don't care. If someone calls me they can leave me a message and I'll get a notification, which is all i really need.

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