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Comment Re:So what next? (Score 1) 522

I've been to a couple of sites where you get a question like

How many ears does the typical person have?

Most people know the answer, but it's hard enough for computers to even find the question.

Anyway, I don't know what this type of "test" is called, but I don't think it's considered part of CAPTCHA, is it? If not, does anyone know the name of it?

Comment What about Verizon (Score 1) 158

My brother recently tried to get the really cheap low bandwidth DSL from Verizon in IL. The only thing you could do through the DSL modem initially was install the Verizon software that took you through setup.

My brother doesn't currently have a computer. He wanted the DSL so he could VPN to work with his work computer. The work computer is locked down and will only do VPN to the company over non company networks.

Using a borrowed computer, he went through the process. All the software did was ask some quesitons to verify who he was etc. (probalby for billing purposes) and allow him to build a Verizon email account etc. All things that could have been done via a web service and a browser, if set up that way.

This worked for about a week, and then magically reverted, requiring it to be done again. So, he called Verizon explaining that he didn't have a computer, and they basically said he wasn't going to be able to use the service.

So, did he just get bad information from a bad rep, or is Verizon one company basically forcing you to put software on your computer (at least initially) to set up the account?

Comment Re:tips (Score 3, Interesting) 695

Yes, and a lot of people do this with 220/240 and their electric close dryer outlet. Couple things to keep in mind.

1. Always have everything turned off when working with a cord with two male plug ends. Otherwise, when one end is plugged and the other isn't, you have a nice arc welder. A few extra minutes of running up and down your stairs may save your life.
2. Let the generator warm up first (see #4), then shut down and g to #1. Otherwise, when the furnace blower surges and your generator dies, you get to undo/redo #1 a few more times.
3. Typical master switch on your breaker panel is not really designed to prevent electricity inside your house from going back out onto the grid. This means, you might actually injure the people trying to fix your electricity. Lawsuits? might just want to wire in a outlet for your furnace and run only the furnace and fridge etc. directly from generator bypassing house wiring.
4. Most generators in the 3500 W range are really alternators, not generators. This means as long as your generator is perfectly tuned and running at the correct RPM the frequency of your electricity is good. Otherwise, not so much. So, I generally recommend run your furnace and your fridge/freezer, and not your expensive electronics that prefer clean electricity.

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