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Comment Promises (Score 1) 65

The only thing that doesn't immediately make me believe this to be complete nonsense is the far-off timeline. If someone popped up tomorrow (even an established brand in either operating systems or watches), stating they would be releasing a competing product next month...I'd call B.S.immediately.

Not that I think they have a chance at all, but I certainly hope we see a viable product hit the market. At the very least, Apple can incorporate (or steal depending on your '*-boi' status), bettering whichever product we do use.

Comment Re:to be like China? (Score 1) 130

Hit it on the nose. Even in Mandarin, (typically) when you speak of communism as the M.O. of the country, you refer to it as "Chinese style communism" (loosely translated).

The kicker is, as you mentioned, the centralized planning. With a five-year plan--which can fluctuate to extreme degrees responding to acute problems--one can obfuscate earmarked spending and hide actual power structures holding up the government, hide failures/give the party momentum to spin those failures into neutrals or successes.

I find 'Chinese-Style Communism' quite fascinating.

Comment Software (Score 1) 260

We are attempting to solve a software problem with "hardware" (hard-copy). Yes, PDFs and the like, were the first step to a paperless office (which will never be 100% paperless). The next step is a standard for storage, lookup, organization, and the CIA-triad. We all complained about PDF being tied to a single company--which is a debate that must be had at every step--, but unfortunately, I don't see a way forward without another single entity developing the entire system. I imagine PDF will remain the 'paperless standard,' but as Adobe has yet to step up their game, another company (or OS org) is necessary to make the transformation.

Also if Adobe did it, they would probably screw everyone over (or attempt to) by integrating it into the CC platform w/ ongoing fees.

Comment Re:Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 1) 361

If you (personally, professionally, or as a company) are the _specific_ target of dedicated cyber operators, you have 0% chance of stopping all attacks. That being said, I would reword it to be:

humans as a species cannot for the life of them secure their email, this is the ka-freaking-zillionth set of email leaks.

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