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Comment Software (Score 1) 260

We are attempting to solve a software problem with "hardware" (hard-copy). Yes, PDFs and the like, were the first step to a paperless office (which will never be 100% paperless). The next step is a standard for storage, lookup, organization, and the CIA-triad. We all complained about PDF being tied to a single company--which is a debate that must be had at every step--, but unfortunately, I don't see a way forward without another single entity developing the entire system. I imagine PDF will remain the 'paperless standard,' but as Adobe has yet to step up their game, another company (or OS org) is necessary to make the transformation.

Also if Adobe did it, they would probably screw everyone over (or attempt to) by integrating it into the CC platform w/ ongoing fees.

Comment Re:Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 1) 361

If you (personally, professionally, or as a company) are the _specific_ target of dedicated cyber operators, you have 0% chance of stopping all attacks. That being said, I would reword it to be:

humans as a species cannot for the life of them secure their email, this is the ka-freaking-zillionth set of email leaks.

Comment Re:The FOIA is not broken (Score 1) 116

NSA takes the FOIA requests by mail.


25 days to respond. If something feels 'wrong' about how your case is being handled give them a call or send an email to get an update. If it feels 'extra wrong' file an IG complaint. People don't realize that the lawyers working in IG essentially hate every other government employee. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a whiteboard in the office with tick marks showing how many times they have proven fraud, waste or abuse.

Comment Re:Yeah, by hardening our defenses you morons (Score 2) 396

An attack on any party (R, G, D, etc.) and it should be considered an attack on the fundamental process of voting. If it was truly Russia, focussing solely on the DNC shows implicit support for the other candidate. Do we want Russia to select the Commander in Chief? The DNS was doing some shady shit it would seem. Fault them for that, but let's not pretend the Republicans are completely innocent.

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