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Submission + - BeOS Dies again

*no comment* writes: "Magnussoft announced recently that the code recently acquired from the recently defunct YellowTab, has some licensing issues. The posting goes on to say:
"This cessation is valid until the facts are clarified or reconfirmed.
We immediately approached our licenser for clarification of the legal position. Mr. Korz stated towards our lawyer that he would not be interested in cooperating with magnussoft Deutschland in this matter.
Magnussoft is not in a position to judge the statement of Access Co. Ltd. We do not have any notice of potential contracts or arrangements between Mr. Korz and the legal owner(s) of the BeOS source-code. Due to this legal uncertainty we decided to cease distribution of Zeta.""

Feed Sleep Enforces The Temporal Sequence In Memory (

We have usually quite strong memories of past events like an exciting holiday or a pleasant birthday party. However it is not clear how the brain keeps track of the temporal sequence in such memories: did Paul spill a glass of wine before or after Mary left the party? A research group has now provided evidence that sleep not only strengthens the content of a memory but also the particular order in which they were experienced.

Feed University admins lend phishers a hand (

Hacked cluster serves up addresses

Lax security at Indiana University appears to have played a key role in highly targeted phishing attack last year that hauled in confidential information on as many as 80 account holders of the school's credit union. The finding, gleaned through public records unearthed by a university student, provides an interesting case study in the resourcefulness phishers bring to their trade.


Submission + - Intel drops 3G from Centrino

An anonymous reader writes: Intel has pulled the plug on all plans to included 3G or third generation mobile technology in their Centrino notebook platform. From now on the focus will be on WiMAX, company executives said according to a Zdnet report. Company spokeswoman Connie Brown said: "After doing further analysis, we decided it (3G) wasn't a good enough ROI to bring that product to the notebook market now." Intel said the decision to halt development of the Intel-Nokia 3G module was risky but had to be done because it didn't make financial sense. Intel fell behind its original timetable outlined at last year's IDF/Spring to release a WiMAX notebook card by the end of 2006 and introduce an integrated WiMAX module into Santa Rosa.

Submission + - US Censoring Internet?

An anonymous reader writes: It would appear that wikipedia viewers in the US see a "sanitized" version of some articles. For example Shaha Ali Riza (an important part of the Wolfowitz Scandal), both the Background and the Wolfowitz Scandal section are different for users in US locales (generally painting a much better picture of the people involved) than those presented to users in other locales (including, but not limited to, other english language locales such as Australia and the UK).

Feed Flu Is A Trigger Of Heart Attacks, Researchers Say (

Doctors need to take concerted action to ensure that people who are at risk of heart disease receive the influenza vaccine every autumn, according to the authors of a new report. Their research shows that influenza epidemics are associated with a rise in deaths from heart disease and that flu can actually trigger the heart attacks that result in death.

Submission + - New theory suggests extra dimensions are time-like

everyplace writes: "Professor George Sparling proposes a new unified theory of mathematics, building upon the works of Cartan, Penrose and countless other philosophers and physicists. From the article: "...A fundamental question pondered since the time of Pythagoras, and still vexing scientists today: what is the nature of space and time? After analyzing different perspectives, Sparling offers an alternative idea: space-time may have six dimensions, with the extra two being time-like.""

Washington Bans Chemicals; Industry Freaks 373

Frosty Piss writes "The governor of Washington is scheduled to sign legislation today to ban flame retardants called PBDEs in furniture, televisions, and computers in the state. This is despite the more than $220,000 the chemical industry has spent since 2005 to defeat the legislation. At a time when the federal government is largely ineffectual in regulating long-used but potentially dangerous industrial chemicals, the Washington ban could be the beginning of the end for PBDEs across the nation. 'The industry that makes deca and PBDEs is freaking out because they lost so severely in Washington state and other states will follow,' said a spokeswoman for the Washington Toxics Coalition. 'It really is a message from Washington state and policymakers that we won't accept chemicals that build up in our bodies and our children.'"

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