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Comment Re:Users (Score 1) 217

Delete My Account

If you do not think you will use Facebook again and would like your account deleted, we can take care of this for you. Keep in mind that you will not be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the content or information you have added. If you would like your account deleted, then click "Submit."

Comment Re:Users (Score 1) 217

To clarify for anyone who doesn't get the joke, you can't "delete" a facebook account. You can "disable" your account, but facebook still keeps all your data forever.

"You can check out any time but you can never leave". But I thought I did see an option to permanently delete your account in there somewhere. Didn't try it though.

Comment Re:Not willing to pay for the data plan (Score 1) 618

I use an HTC Android phone and I don't even have a data plan, just wifi. I keep mobile network switched off. I still find the apps useful, e.g. to track my jogging with GPS, keep track of my car fuel average, things like that. Uploading pictures directly to facebook is nice too, but I think some dumb phones can do that as well.

Come to think of that what's the border line between smart and dumb phones? I had nice apps in my old Sony Ericsson k750i - I used to buy train tickets online in India with that.

Comment You guys don't get it! (Score 1) 446

All you guys arguing about the difference between types of cameras which are banned, you just don't get it!

From the FA:

The ban will not affect small ‘standard’ digital cameras, in theory. But in all honesty, who would be willing to go in public taking shots with a digital camera and risk having to explain the differences between DSLR and non-DSLR cameras to angry Kuwaiti authorities? I for one certainly would not.

In my opinion, the only reason the Kuwaiti authorities didn’t issue a full scale ban on all digital photography apparatus is because every self-respecting smart-phone these days comes with a couple megapixels strong built-in camera that would basically make the ban useless.

In other words, they don't want you taking pictures in public places, period! It's just that they big kids don't want to give up their camera phones, or else they would ban them too!

Jeez, how many of the people on here have even been to the Middle East ever?

Comment Re:Face palm (Score 1) 677

Should we have accepted a conditional surrender from Hitler when we got to the German border? Left him or the Nazis in power? Let the holocaust continue? Let him continue to develop the V2?

The terms of the condition could be to stop the holocaust, to remove Nazis from power, imprison Hitler or whatever, but the answer to your question is "yes". Especially when the alternative is assured death for hundreds of thousands of innocent people and radiation damage for future generations.

A conditional surrender is still a surrender, it's different from a truce.

Comment Re:Face palm (Score 1) 677

Ever wondered what would happen if they had NOT used nukes? Remember, Japan didn't look like it was going to surrender. The planned invasion would certainly have caused several million deaths, mainly civilians.

Yes, I have wondered and thought Japan would have surrendered anyway. They had nothing left. No invasion was necessary, Japan was ready for truce, if not total surrender. All they wanted was to keep their Emperor's dignity. US didn't want that. Or maybe something was lost in translation.

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