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Antarctic's First Plane, Found In Ice 110

Arvisp writes "In 1912 Australian explorer Douglas Mawson planned to fly over the southern pole. His lost plane has now been found. The plane – the first off the Vickers production line in Britain – was built in 1911, only eight years after the Wright brothers executed the first powered flight. For the past three years, a team of Australian explorers has been engaged in a fruitless search for the aircraft, last seen in 1975. Then on Friday, a carpenter with the team, Mark Farrell, struck gold: wandering along the icy shore near the team's camp, he noticed large fragments of metal sitting among the rocks, just a few inches beneath the water."

Apple Orders 10 Million Tablets? 221

Arvisp writes "According to a blog post by former Google China president Kai-Fu Lee, Apple plans to produce nearly 10 million tablets in the still-unannounced product's first year. If Lee's blog post is to be believed, Apple plans to sell nearly twice as many tablets as it did iPhones in the product's first year."

The Best Robots of 2009 51

kkleiner writes "Singularity Hub has just unveiled its second annual roundup of the best robots of the year. In 2009 robots continued their advance towards world domination with several impressive breakouts in areas such as walking, automation, and agility, while still lacking in adaptability and reasoning ability. It will be several years until robots can gain the artificial intelligence that will truly make them remarkable, but in the meantime they are still pretty awesome."

Comment Re:Conveniently forgetting the details (Score 1) 929

ok I agree with the fact, but whatever xyz foreign policies a country, Israel or Jordan or whatever may have, they are made clear in the print. The issue here is not debating about whether the foreign policy is wrong, but whether some legal stamps on your passport warrant your laptop to be shot for security.

Comment Re:Conveniently forgetting the details (Score 5, Insightful) 929

She had the following on herself -hand drawn map of downtown Jerusalem

Geography students in Israel better start wearing kevlar soon.

-Arabic stickers on laptop -

If you're one of the 530 million people speaking Arabic, here's some news - knowing a language could be a crime.

"Fuck Star of David" pic on phone

I'm not one for nasty language, but I won't go popping bullets in things I don't like, Mr Columbine.

-passport stamps from Arab countries -

What's wrong with visiting an arab country? or do you believe in enclosing a race to their own land and prevent them from outside contact? Similar logic to that of a certain country, I must say.

various Arab publications

That sounds plain xenophobic. Education is not synonymous to English or Hebrew.

-photos condemning Israeli military action in Gaza

You should start getting trigger-happy with the U.N., Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and a dozen other human rights monitoring agenices and governemtns, because they condemned military action in Gaza. I should not have to leave my opinion at the border when entering a country, if my opinion is not causing any harm to anyone.

Comment Cycle of Oppression (Score 4, Funny) 413

We have seen it for thousands of generations, the oppressed/rebel kid/cool dude becomes the oppressor. Apple is the new Microsoft. Pretty soon Google will be the new Microsoft, who knows what next.

What I do know is eventually it'll lead to by the law of natural selection the most oppressive organisation in the form of Skynet and mankind's only hope will be an Austrian Terminator (no no Summer Glau of Sarah Connor Chronicles is NOT a fighter type more like a japanese maid robot)

p.s. we do have to melt the terminator in the end just to be on the safe side


Submission + - Sarkozy Ex-Israeli Spy Against France (liveleak.com)

hashax writes: Nicolas Sarkozy is yet again in a pickle with a report being uncovered containing evidence he was a Mossad spy for Israel at some point in the 1980s. The story has been published by the French newspaper Le Figaro, about a communication within the French Police regarding this. Click here for an english translated version of the Original article

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