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Submission + - What kind of measuring instruments are a "must" for a modern home?

haruvatu writes: If you forget for instance the role that the government should play in ordinary life of a citizen in regards of protecting him from harmfull outside factors or at least providing him with information about those factors,
what kind of measuring equipment would you recommend for a standard home ?
Let me be clearer would you buy yourself a geiger counter, which one?
Also how would you measure polutants in air, water, food and declare them safe for use independent from "trusted" governmental institutions.
What measuring equipment is afordable for a middle class home, what is not ?
Are ther on the market equipment which could tell easy and fast is the food , meat, vegetables , water safe for consumption or are there debilitating polutants in them or worse , are there harmful ingredients or poisons?
I think that for instance PRM-9000 would be a decent addition for a modern home? Or do you believe that you government will tell you levels of radiation in atmosphere or your veggies?
I know my country doesn't even have such agency wich would give those services to the populace.
What about your country?
Please feel free to point to possible lab equipment even if it is out of reach of an midlle class budget.

Comment 1000 Americans, which socio political group?? (Score 1) 578

I sincierly doubt that there is an issue where 1000 Americans can be of one voice. Specially if the theme is guns and right to defend yourself. Seriously? have you covered only liberal and democrats in this survey? What about population where there are mostly prepers , teapartiers, GOPies ....? They also concure that 3d printing of weapons should be banned? What is next, home chemistry labs for kids, home biology labs, open sourced PCRs, home smitheries ? What else should be banned because your fear of other people. People kill, not tools. Well of course you can make an crazy AI with general purpose for depopulatin earth so since we still don't recognise AI rights that would be the only tool which could kill people on its own.

Comment Re:Instead of flaming war between pro and antivacc (Score 1) 218

I do not dispute the science behind immunization. I dispute the logic that you must take vaccine for everything. I also would like more control in process of testing , specially that there is no financial connection between the industry and the testing facility. When there is profit in question I do not belive in "goodness" of the board of directors or the policies of the industry. I am paranoid about human nature in regards to extra profit. Not in the science behind the theory. "mild efects " are not what happened to a percentage of vaccine receivers ( for instance last year flu shots) In Finland state finance the costs for health problems incured in vaccination. In my country there is not such thing. So if a child of mine has consequences being in the minuscule percentage that will have hazardouse efects in the healt of the child. The financial costs will be mine ( and my resouces are questionable in comparision to the rest of western society) So would you take a the risks? It is always easy to point and say , nothing happened to me, but internet is full of sites where there are life stories of people who didn't have so much luck. Vaccination should not make bigger risk then the issue you try to avoid by vaccination.

Comment Re:Instead of flaming war between pro and antivacc (Score 1) 218

All I asked in the begining of my post is "How many of you had taken all vaccine shots "offered" and " ordered" by the state? "offered" and " ordered" by the state ministry of health? For those who continue to just flame here is a list of imunizations http://kidshealth.org/parent/growth/medical/immunization_chart.html Neither of you confirmed that you have taken all imunization offered. In the society of "profit" i do not beleive in benevolentan spirit of the vaccine industry. I also asked do the preachers of vaccination live by their words and vaccinate their loved ones with every vaccine that they offer to the rest of us on the table and again you did not at least point me to some data. So ,ok, call me names , but at least see on wikipedia what are the characteristics of that mental illness that you attach to my views. And have a good dose of flu vaccinations .

Comment Instead of flaming war between pro and antivacc (Score 2) 218

How many of you had taken all vaccine shots "offered" and " ordered" by the state? Are you plethora of health? Do you belive so strongly in vaccine industry so that you would risk your child with it? Or will you demand independent (if that is still possible) evaluation of results of the new vaccines? Instead of flaming war between pro and anti vaccination ,there should be logical view of the stands. I am pro science, also I do not beleive in truthfullnes of "scientific" results offered by the vaccine industry. And since there are no independent studies ( untainted by donations or personal contact with the industry) I stay by "do not harm" doctrine. Obviously you do not know all the efects of "modern" vaccine ofered on the market, so "do no harm" principle should point "take no vaccine if not urgently needed" direction. I would like to see if the owners and board of directors of the vaccine industry take all the vaccines they sell , also does their children take all those offered vaccines. I would also like to see do the doctors that preach vaccination take the doctrine and offer public data about vaccination of their children and family. Without that , vaccines are just a product that sells good in time of public fear, but it won't give you a more healty life othervise.

Submission + - Half of Americans Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic by 2020 (singularityhub.com)

kkleiner writes: We have heard for years that diabetes is a serious problem in America, but people really do not like to listen. The result of such stupidity is 52% of Americans being diabetic or pre-diabetic by 2020, as predicted by United Health Group. That is more than two times the amount of diabetes cases registered in 2010 (24 million, in case you were wondering). What is really disturbing is that this trend is continuing despite rapid improvements in science and technology, all due to extremely poor lifestyle choices made by the majority of the population.

Comment Taking the high ground in Solar system (Score 1) 332

Of course one of the previous posts said that the moon is the high ground and that is said in reference to Earth. But I would let a more sci/fi attitude to that, the planet without outer defences in solar system is ripe for destruction and we have no military resources out there. Even dealing with natural threat of asteroids we have better chances if we have outposts out there. On the other side what kind of chance do we have against a single ship out there bombing us with KEVs? No chance at all without posts in solar system. Moon should be the start. Of course that there are those who will see another round of weapons race and maybe he will also be partially right. But the truth is future of humanity is out there and we can hope that we will survive space weapons race as we did the nuclear race. Also who knows what awaits out there? But on the other side perhaps maybe someone knows more then us. What are we in the sea of starts? The survival of human race will probably take many changes in our society and for sure we wont like it at all.

Skin-Based Display Screens From Nanotech Tattoos 200

destinyland writes "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York is developing flexible nanotubes inserted under the skin to create a handheld display — inside your hand. They wirelessly receive data and display reminders and text messages, and the concept has also been broadened to suggest endlessly programmable digital tattoos, while Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics is also exploring the concept of the body as 'a platform for electronics and interactive skin technologies'." That middle link is quite old, but is still loaded with interesting links.

Volunteers Recover Lunar Orbiter 1 Photographs 150

mikael writes "The LA Times is reporting on the efforts of a group of volunteers with funding from NASA to recover high resolution photographs of the Moon taken by Lunar Orbiter 1 in the 1960s. The collection of 2000 images is stored entirely on magnetic tape which can only be read by a $330,000 FR-900 Ampex magnetic tape reader. The team consisted of Nancy Evans, NASA's archivist who ensured that the 20-foot by 10-foot x 6-foot collection of magnetic tapes were never thrown out, Dennis Wingo, Keith Cowing of NASA Watch and Ken Zim who had experience of repairing video equipment. Two weeks ago, the second image, of the Copernicus Crater, was recovered."

Amazon Culls "Offensive" Books From Search System 470

Miracle Jones writes "Amazon has instituted an overnight policy that removes books that may be deemed offensive from their search system, despite the sales rank of the book and also irrespective of any complaints. Bloggers such as Ed Champion are calling for a 'link and book boycott,' asking people to remove links to Amazon from their web pages and stop buying books from them until the policy is reversed. Will this be bad business for Amazon, or will their new policies keep them out of trouble as they continue to grow and replace bookstores?"

Comment why I hate it? let start with (Score 1) 1540

With so many resources as Microsoft has, they have done a lousy job about going in to futuristic OS what they are is a good money making machine, for share owners this is a golden goose. But for anyone who is interested in making a better or at least more techy future ala GITS or ST or like any other good sf futuristic style they are the worst you can find on earth, and what is more , they employed a lot of talents that could make better things, and now they are only earning a lot of money, but they are in the system and there is nothing that they could do anymore , they are futuristicly dead. Having billions of dolars and making a piss poor job of getting the world in to a better future at least in technical way sucks. They are the reason why I more and more hate capitalism, but then there are google, youtube, linux and I find that there is not everything black, but still they suckk.

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