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Submission + - Facemix for iPhone (

An anonymous reader writes: Hi there!
Thanks for your great news updates.

You should really have a look at a brilliant new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Facemix!
It does exactly what you think it does... It mixes images of faces, and it is hilarious :)
By using the camera on your iPhone or iPod Touch to snap photos of your friends faces the app lets you mix them together by rubbing your finger over the areas you want mixed.
The resulting images are hilarious and freakish, yet often also disturbingly natural looking.
Mix your own face with that of your girlfriend/boyfriend to find out how your kids might look like, see yourself with the facial features of your friends, or simply rearrange your own face.

Facemix is easy to use, and provides a gorgeous UI and design, which is truly rare for apps of this kind. The available tools lets you edit your creation extensively, yet easily, to enable an infinite amount of results and hours of fun.

Facemix is entering the AppStore to challenge apps like "FatBooth", "AgingBooth" and "iSwap Faces". These are all very popular and hard competitors, but the features, UI and entertainment value of Facemix is far superior to its competitors.

The idea for Facemix spawned from a nerdy prepartygame involving a camera, images of peoples faces, and some Photoshop skills to mix and match them. The freakish results were funny enough to entertain a whole crowd, and the same thing can now be achieved by anyone with the iPhone app named Facemix.
After a year of design and development in evenings and weekends done by developer and designer Simen Øian Gjermundsen from Norway, the app is now ready to hit the shelves of the AppStore.

Facemix is available in two versions. Facemix Pro, completely Ad-Free and with all functionality available, and Facemix Free, a generous free version to let users test the the app before committing to a purchase.
The Pro version of Facemix is available with an entry price of just $0.99!

The following video gives a short introduction to the app:
"Facemix for iPhone" on YouTube:
"Facemix for iPhone" on Vimeo:

Please have a look at these images with screenshots of the app if needed:

Please feel free to try out "Facemix Pro" by sending me an email requesting a promo code, and I will provide you with one asap!

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me! :)

Simen Øian Gjermundsen
+47 970 41 862

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