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Comment Isn't this the idea (Score -1) 332

That way all the apple employees will be able to have lots of homosexual but sex inside a long tube that connects end to end. They don't have to worry about having homosexual but sex with non apple employees, and they don't have to worry about putting clothes on in the morning, because clothes interfere with homosexual but sex.

On a more serious note. Even though Apple employees spend all day devising better and better ways to get homosexual but sex, they are not as much of a faggot as YOU!

Comment Breaking News! Faggotry is making a comeback (Score -1) 106

on Slashdot. Ohh wait faggotry never really left. It is getting stronger than ever. Instant cameras are still made by Fuji-film and I am sure other companies. On a brighter note, if you want to read about this and other interesting stories before they appear on fagdot, you can check out this site.

There you will find twice the information and half the faggotry.

Comment Too Bad we can't charge Politicians as Gang Stars (Score -1) 568

There is really no difference now days. It is all about the money. I have known self-professed 'shooters' who were living on Beacon Hill right next to their buddies in government. Weather you are collecting fees for the privilege of selling on the corner, or collecting taxes for the privilege of selling at the liquor store, there isn't too much difference; any way you look at it it is faggotry.

These days with the rise of bot nets, and rampant credit card fraud, and analogy could certainly be made comparing crackers to politicians. I suggest that we implement a bill sending everyone in the United States to prison for 2 consecutive life sentences. This would fix our housing crisis, and provide thousands of jobs for the prison guards.

-If you are reading this, you are a faggot.

Comment This just proves logic is illogical. (Score -1) 146

Some Axioms that are accepted by all right thinking liberal elite /. members:

1) All Americans are fat. (according to ./ people in Paraguay have a real problem with obesity).
2) Obesity causes undisclosed health care ills. Obesity is measured by BMI.
3) If you are skinny and have a good head of hair are the epitome of health and will never die.

From Axiom 3)
  We can logically infer that Steve Jobs is perfectly healthy.

From Axiom 2) We can logically infer that most NFL players are overweight/ obese by BMI standards and therefore ready to die. Also if we could replace all the NFL players with French intellectuals who smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, the NFL teams would compete at a much higher more professional level. (Note: I understand that all people who smoke cigarettes are faggots (according to /.), but these guys are French, and French people are always smarter than everyone else so it is OK.)

From Axiom 3) We can infer that if you need hair to be accepted by society (and you fucking do), and according to the article, you need to have some fat to have hair, and if you have any fat on you you are by definition a faggot, and not fit to be a part of society.

I therefore submit that logic, is just plain illogical. I propose a rule that from now on Logic should be outlawed on /. All discussions should boil down to:

1) Global warming is for reals mofo.
2) white people suck.
3) Conservatives are morons.

I expect these helpful guidelines to be implemented immediately!

Ohh, wait looking back on /. articles for the past year, it appears that my guidelines have already been implemented! Sorry. My bad dog. I will just leave now. Good job guys. Remember logic is for old people like the Greeks. And we all no that the Greeks were pedos. Therefore logically logic makes you want to have sex with little boys. Also old people (like anyone over the age of 19) are all faggots. Don't be like these guys. They destroyed the planet, and are like all racist and prejudiced and shit.

slashdot- Bringing the art of faggotry to the next level since 1918.

Comment Re:"[Americans] learned in Earth's final century.. (Score -1) 289

Yes, but if you believe the words that you are coming out of your typewritter, you are classified as a terrorist or a pedophile, by the lawfully elected government. I don't want to be a terrorist or a pedophile, so I must choose not to believe what you type.

-Right thinking is just as important as right actions.

Comment North Vs. South (Score -1) 395

When the World Trade Centers were hit, the nation came together, and there was a lot of sympathy for New York. When a trailer park in Kansas was hit with a tornado, New Yorkers laughed at those stupid Southerners, who were too stupid to live in a house, because they are from the South, and hence bigoted and all stupid and stuff .
      I wonder if it works like this for Hurricanes. Does this mean that people living in trailers get to laugh at New Yorkers when a natural disaster comes along. Somehow I don't think Southerners will do this. The Southerners being the racist clan loving bigoted inbred sister fucking homophobes(sp) that they are will still find some sympathy for New York. Go figure. This just goes to show that being a nice decent person and showing some respect for humanity will not get you far. It will get you labeled a bigoted inbred sister fucking fagot by a New Yorker.

-OP is a faaaggggooottttt
-New Yoiker.

Comment Re:Snow Crash (Score -1) 150

Ohh. You refereed to an old Novel. Old is faggy. New is good. If you had wanted to be cool, and accepted by ./ you should have reffered to the Jersey Shore. Then you would have surely been modded +5 Incite full.

As it is you are just labeled a faggot.

-If you are reading this, you are a faggot.

Comment Evacuating government buildings? (Score -1) 614

I thought our government officials were all Earth Quake Proof, as evidenced by their arrogant condenscending attitude to the civilian workers who are all pussies. This gets me thinking that if we could only create a set of localized earth quakes around government buildings we could drive all our government workers out of their building so they could not do any government work. This would allow the rest of the USA to actually do some work.

Everything East of the San Andreas fault will eventually fall into the ocean.

-Todays Horoscope.
-You are a Faggot.

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