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Comment How are they basing the taxing of holdings (Score 1) 124

I think this is more about the IRS looking for people who have used the exchange of bitcoin (really, the sell) of either mined cones (in which case they would likely be responsible for income tax) or profit earned on the buy/sell similar to that of stock purchases, in which case they would likely be responsible for capital gains tax.

While I hope Coinbase is able to fight this, it's really not that much different than say Fidelity reporting your exchange activity. What is different, at least IMO, Coinbase (in this example) is acting more like a forex platform, exchanging USD for BTC, regardless of whether or not the BTC was recognized as currency at that time.

We'll see where this goes, but I think most of saw this coming as an eventuality once Coinbase started allowing people to cash-out in USD, the IRS had a tangible target to start collecting data from in order to start collecting taxes from the individuals.


Comment A shot at Ernst & Young also (Score 4, Interesting) 111

I thought the 'punishment' was an interesting take to show a loss of trust, after a certain date and the ability to regain it after a period of time. I found it slightly more interesting that Mozilla would also choose to no longer accept audits conducted by Ernst & Young. That could potentially be huge as it shows (at least in some manner) that their auditors were not conducting a thorough audit or did not have the technical prowess to fully audit a CA.

Comment Re:1 thing (Score 5, Interesting) 583

Not just knowing how to negotiate, but a better understanding of the comparable salary for that position and geographic location. It's difficult some times to appreciate what you're worth when starting out (or restarting) and granted - early on you may or may not be worth that much.

Case in point - I relocated years ago and the salary that I negotiated was comparable to the salary that I'd left in a previous locale. What I didn't grasp at the time, was the increase in cost of living for the new location. In reality, while I had negotiated an increase in pay for the new job, I'd actually taken about a 10% cut in pay based on cost of living.

Granted, people have to learn from their mistakes. And true, it may not be very common to relocate as part of your first job. But, with all of that said, I would say early on in your career, understanding what you're worth, and how that is compared to where you'll be working/residing is important. It's definitely something I'll have to help teach my children as they come of age.

Comment Sony should release directly (Score 1) 589

If Sony decides to shelf the release indefinitely, then I think they should just release it publicly for free and let the world have at it. I'd honestly rather give to Sony directly than to let any shit hacking group decide what I can and can't watch.

Hey Sony, if you want to setup a torrent, I'll be a seeder. Otherwise, let me know where I can send *cryptocurrency of the day* for a nice clean DRM free copy of the movie.

Comment Re:Not constrained (Score 1) 137

I don't know if you're a current gamer/customer of OnLive's, but let me tell you they've done a fantastic job at solving latency issues. In fact, the only time it's noticeable is for driving games (unplayable quite honestly).

For other twitch type games, first person shooters Onlive works surprinsgly well. I've played through Red Faction, Home Front, and a few others and they all play very well. Some of the slower games, Patrician for example, play very well on OnLive.

I won't sit here and tell you that latency is of no importance, it most definitely is. And true they need more data centers to be more responsive. But as a gamer in the midwest (Milwaukee), I can tell you OnLive's game service is quite responsive and a decent alternative to constant workstation upgrades.

Comment Re:MS Shines in this type of situation. (Score 1) 224

I'm really surprised at all the fear behind administering an Exchange server. We started with SBS 2003 quite some time ago, and only just transitioned off it this past year. The original setup was a breeze, and only rudimentary skills are needed to setup connectors. Using powershell is most definitely NOT required. Configuring the remote connector can easily be created within all things GUI. As for DNS, yes - you'll need to setup a dns server. But DNS isn't rocket science. Admittedly we use bind on one of our linux boxes, but finding the required special names and adding them to your dns server wasn't terrible.

Maybe our internal IT staff is the shit, maybe I'm taking for granted how easy/difficult it was. But as someone who's worked these boxes for years, it's really not as terrible as people make it out to be...

Comment Re:Use the tools you already purchased first (Score 1) 224


Have you ever setup SBS Exchange, it's stupid simple. Bridgeheads? connectors? while you will need to setup a connector, it's really not complicated. Anyone who sugest it is is trying to sell you consultant services. Domain forest prep, again SBS takes care of all of this. You are correct though about the certificate. It's not the easiest thing in the world, though far from overly complicated.

Yea, hosting email and 'docs' inside Google isn't a bad idea. We toyed with the idea as well. The problem is that Google has zero responsibility to the customer in the event of a subpoena. You really don't want your data outside of your control. While you might be compelled to provide data to a third party, at least you would know it's been provided. Google has zero reason to tell you, and no obligation to do so. Keep your data out of the cloud, it's far from secure.

Comment Use the tools you already purchased first (Score 4, Informative) 224

If you've already purchased and using (albeit only barely) Microsoft SBS, take advantage of Exchange before you spend any more money on a new system, otherwise you're just wasting money. Exchange works quite well, obvious straight-forward connectivity with the Outlook client. Administering Exchange isn't the end of the world, and is actually quite easy in an SBS environment. I would suggest setting up an alternate internal smart-host (smart-relay) so that you don't have to expose the Exchange server directly to the internet. Courier MTA works VERY well (and is the exact setup we have internet->courier->exchange).

Setting up a Jabber IM server internally is easy as well, otherwise use Google Apps and have your email domain hosted there and just use Google Talk with the various AV plugins.

Setting up Switchvox (Asterisk) is a purchase, but I 2nd the comment by others to find you a local phone service retailer and let them deal with phone integration. If you do decide on a hosted solution for email and voice (voip) then make sure you don't skimp on the internet connectivity. I worked at a place previously convinced VOIP was the way to go, but management would cringe every time you talked about capacity of the external connection and the need to upgrade.

Just my 2cents...


Submission + - Adobe wants to read your Gmail 2

harryk writes: "Hope I'm not the first to submit this note about the most recent Adobe Acrobat update for Android devices (IOS unaffected?). According to the new permission requirements, "Read Gmail" is required. The only benefit of the new release is reportedly so that Acrobat can open when you want to read PDF files. The only problem with that logic is that Adobe Acrobat can ALREADY do this without needing to read my mail. From the update notes: "Adobe Reader now requires permission to read Gmail and default Email client. This is to enable users to open Gmail and default Email client PDF attachments using Adobe Reader only when users select the application to view PDF files. This permission is required because of a known limitation with the Android platform." ... Just tested this function and it works without the 'update'. What are you trying to do Adobe?"

Comment Re:Sounds like they have the wrong priority (Score 1) 615

It's funny, everything you wrote I was thinking as I was getting ready to reply to thread...

Our Sun/Solaris (F! U! Oracle...) are all supported with top-notch onsite support as well as being able to use the iLOM systems is fantastic. We also have Dell's and HP that almost all have their respective integrated systems. But I really think you hit the nail on the head with your reference to VMware. It has made so much more sense for many of the systems I admin at work. While our core database servers are all on bare metal, nearly every other 'service' is virtualized either in vmware or in solaris zones.

mod me redundant - just wanted to chime in and agree with the parent.


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