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Comment Re:Simple question (Score 1) 250

Jesus, did you even read the article? There's nothing wrong with the update. Some ASUS boards were shipped with a misconfiguration.

There wasn't anything Microsoft could have done, short of simply never updating any part of Windows 7 that might trigger the problem. That doesn't exactly sound like a sensible solution to me.

Comment Re:And nothing of value was lost (Score 1) 212

In an enterprise environment, taking anything away is risky, because you can never be sure you know all the possible dependencies. Leaving Quicktime in place meant deploying the occasional update, but only a few times a year; next to Firefox, Thunderbird, Acrobat and Java it barely registered. It was way less work to update it than it would have been to figure out whether or not we could safely remove it.

Basically, well, what your .sig says; it wasn't broken, so we didn't try to fix it.

Now it's broken.

Comment Re:I hope there is a misunderstanding (Score 1) 212

Do you have a reference for that? I'd love to see something from Apple to explain what's going on. If they're actually going to release a patch, that's great, but why did they tell Trend Micro they wouldn't?

We're not talking about Quicktime as a standard, by the way, just the Quicktime for Windows software. This news doesn't (directly) affect your camera.

Submission + - Apple deprecating Quicktime for Windows, says Trend Micro (

harryjohnston writes: Usually when a vendor deprecates a software product and stops releasing security updates, they provide some sort of advance notice that they're intending to do so. The least we would expect is for them to announce an unexpected end-of-life themselves. However, Trend Micro released a security advisory today describing two zero-day vulnerabilities for Quicktime for Windows, and according to them, Apple told Trend Micro — but apparently nobody else — that they have deprecated Quicktime for Windows and will not be releasing a patch.

The Register has an article on the announcement. Apple did not respond to their request for comment.

Comment Re:Distance? (Score 1) 257

We can already explain the behaviour of quantum particles, at least for all the kinds we know about.

Whatever. The only further point I think I should make at this stage is that science has assigned reasonably well-defined meanings to the words "communication" and "information", and by those definitions entanglement and quantum collapse don't qualify. Personally, I don't think the dictionary definitions are a good fit either, but that is arguably subject to interpretation.

Comment Re:Distance? (Score 1) 257

Well, what I really meant was that our best current theory is a quantized field, so individual particles don't really have an independent objective existence but are just a subjective interpretation of certain kinds of vibrations. But your way works too. (At the end of the day it all boils down to how you choose to define words like "information" and "communication" so it's a bit of a tree-falling-in-a-forest thing.)

Comment Re: Change it twice (Score 1) 257

In short, it is because the nature of spin itself is non-classical. Whenever you look at the electrons, they are always either pointing either up or down - never left or right, because there isn't any such thing.

The way in which the is-it-up-or-is-it-down property transforms as you look at the electron from different angles makes it impossible for the spin to be predetermined for more than one angle at a time. If measuring it at one angle would definitely produce a spin-up result, the result of measuring it at any different angle has to be uncertain.

Comment Re: Change it twice (Score 1) 257

It's a much more complicated theory, with no obvious advantages, so Occam's razor suggests that we shouldn't get too excited about it.

Also, you can't posit that the pilot wave propagates at the speed of light, because it doesn't propagate through space at all. As per the article: "In de Broglie–Bohm theory, the velocities of the particles are given by the wavefunction, which exists in a 3N-dimensional configuration space, where N corresponds to the number of particles in the system."

Comment Re:Change it twice (Score 1) 257

If I'm reading the paper correctly, that's because the results of each experimental run are discarded unless the measurements of Ap and Bp show that A and B are correctly lined up with one another. (Or the experiment isn't performed until the measurements show that A and B are correctly lined up with one another, it isn't entirely clear.)

The Economist article, unsurprisingly, kind of skimmed over that part. :-)

To extend the pea analogy, Alice and Bob both have a half-pea, oriented at random. They both tell Carol which way their half-pea is facing, and if they aren't lined up, Carol tells them to try again. When you're done, the alignment of the two half-peas is definitely correlated, but that doesn't mean that the two half-peas were talking to one another..

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