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Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 303

I am not sure what you are getting at with your insistence on the meaning of fractional cost. When I search that term on Google, Bing, or DDG, all I get are hits on how much fractional lasers cost, and whether it is worth going in halvsies on a business jet. But when most ordinary normal people say "a fraction of..." when referring to the price of something, they simply mean a lower amount than expected.

Also, yes there are aggregate patterns to the price of homes in general, but if you think that market forces are the only force at play in the price of an individual house, I have difficulty believing you have ever bought or sold a home before. For example, a DIYer may be more willing to buy a fixer-upper house at a higher price than someone else, as the other person would want to negotiate lower in order to factor in the price of a contractor to fix the problem. But as DIYers are rare among home buyers, it may take longer for a DIYer who likes the home otherwise to come along.

Then again, you may just be a troll, so I shouldn't have even bothered replying.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 303

Houses are not a commodity. You can't price a house just based on simple supply and demand economic models. Every single house on the market is unique with its quirks and charms, and so it often takes months to find a buyer who is a good fit for the house. Especially if you have to list the house at an inopportune time like mid winter. If you don't have time to wait for the right buyer because you have to move out of state on a short time table, you will very likely have to reduce the asking price of the house from what it might otherwise be to entice a buyer for whom the house may be more of a compromise. This is what was meant by "fraction of its value". Their house sold for a fraction of what it could have if they could afford to wait.

Comment Re:Lacking Lingual Ability (Score 2) 331

Not only is there ambiguity, but as shipment and distribution are similar and related ideas, it is quite likely that a reasonable person would tend to resolve the ambiguity as "The packing for (shipment or distribution) of..." by assuming that "shipment or distribution" describes the general category of moving product.

Since there is clear ambiguity in this contract, and a reasonable person could come to the same conclusion that the truckers did, by the doctrine of Contra proferentem said truckers most certainly do have a case.

Comment Re:Musk is about to dilute shareholders (Score 1) 86

The reusable part is really just icing on the cake and only a necessity for taking SpaceX beyond just being a good take-your-satellites-to-orbit company. Even without reuse, they are still pretty successful in the satellite launch business. As far as fundamental problems, lets talk after the SES-10 launch scheduled for later this month.

Comment Re:Musk is about to dilute shareholders (Score 1) 86

One of his companies successfully launched a communications satellite to geosynchronous orbit last night. That company would have been profitable last year if it weren't for a mishap that grounded the fleet, though they returned to flight in record time. Barring any more mishaps, they will be profitable this year. The company in question has a full launch manifest because of their ability to launch satellites for much cheaper than any of their competitors, and once they start reflying landed boosters, costs will come down even further. How is SpaceX not a successful company in your eyes?

Comment Re:why does this "East District of TX" keep happen (Score 1) 47

I guess that makes sense. Even with a 10% or 20% success rate, the patent trolls could conceivably still come out ahead, as long as the price of acquiring patents is less than the money they can make litigating with them. It doesn't matter that we don't hear about the cases the trolls lose, because as long as they are winning any cases at all, there is still a problem.

Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 273

Jupiter's Galilean moons are tidally locked to Jupiter, but they are not blasted by radiation.

Actually, they are. And it is a major source of headaches for probes we have sent to Jupiter. Jupiter has a very strong magnetosphere, which has given rise to radiation belts much like Earth's Van Allen belts only much more so. And at least the inner Galilean moons are right in the middle of these radiation belts.

Comment Re:ads on youtube (Score 1) 168

iOS apps are full of those dumb fake game ads too. Ads suck in general, and are pretty much unavoidable wherever you go. But they will never go away as long as people in general are not willing to pay for content. A couple of bucks for a game is really not unreasonable at all in the grand scheme of things, but people are conditioned to think that everything should be free so charging $5 for an app is considered an extreme expense by most consumers.

Comment Re:Comforting? (Score 1) 79

It seems to have worked out fine for Apple since they discontinued their line of printers.

A monitor is a monitor. There really is no value that Apple can add to a monitor by designing and building it themselves. Since the return of Jobs, Apple's m.o. has been to focus their energy on areas where they can differentiate themselves on functionality as well as build quality. There was nothing that an Apple LaserWriter could do that a Canon printer couldn't, so the LaserWriter was discontinued. There is nothing a Cinema Display could do that an LG display can't, so the Cinema Display was discontinued. Likewise, there isn't anything an Airport can do that a Linksys router can't, so I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the Airport line was dropped in the future as well.

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