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Comment Re: Nothing of significance (Score 4, Informative) 209

"Performant" != "Fast". A performant thing is something which performs well, by whatever metrics are applicable to that thing. A performant algorithm is one that has both low time and space complexity. A performant web browser is one that renders the page quickly while also implementing the most web standards. A performant mobile device is one that is fast while drawing a minimal amount of power so that its battery lasts and it doesn't overheat. So "performant" is a very performant word, as it is a single word that means exactly what it needs to mean.

Comment Re:First thing that's gotta go (Score 1) 199

I don't think Apple wants to use proprietary connectors. In the past, they have fully embraced standard connectors, when those connectors were good enough. They ditched ADB when USB came out, and they ditched FireWire when USB got fast enough to transfer video.

What they won't do is use a standard connector if they feel that all standard options are compromises. When they felt the need to move away from the 30 pin iPod connector, they felt that the USB options were insufficient (not fast enough, not enough power for charging tablets, and most importantly, not reversible), so they developed Lightning to solve those shortcomings. I think if USB-C had existed at the time, Lightning might never have been developed.

Comment Re:Host Your Own Damn Files (Score 1) 31

So everybody with computing needs (i.e. everyone except your grandpa) should invest in geographically diverse real estate so that they can set up their own servers for backing up their data?

Wouldn't it make more sense for all those backups to be in datacenters dedicated for that purpose, run by people who know how to manage large computing infrastructure?

You know, the cloud?

Comment Re:DRM ahoy :( (Score 2) 551

They apparently accomplish a simulated bokeh effect through digital manipulation by somehow calculating a depth map to apply the blur. Therefore it is 'DSLR-like' by mimicking an effect that you would need a DSLR to accomplish ordinarily. We won't really know until it is released to know where the effect falls on the line between gimmick and useful tool.

Comment Re:I don't have any yoga emails .... (Score 1) 569

There is a difference in how the laws are written. The speed limit law simply says you can't go over the posted speed. Whether you intended to or not is beside the point. The espionage act, on the other hand, specifically says in the text of the law that you may not intentionally disseminate classified information to anybody not cleared to see it.

FYI, the other half of the relevant law states that you can't negligibly allow classified information to fall into the wrong hands. But the FBI's investigation found no evidence that anybody nefarious did get a hold of classified emails stored on the server, and she did not put classified emails on the server with the intent to disseminate them to anybody who shouldn't see them. Therefore, neither half of the relevant law was broken.

That being said, if it does come to light that somebody did hack her private server and steal classified emails, then it would be a whole different story. But as it is, with the information we know, simply the act of having emails on a private server did not in of itself break the law.

Comment Re:I'm Sceptical (Score 1) 218

I know that was the case with the supposed planet around Alpha Centauri B. Though, in that case the followup was just better statistical analysis, and not more refined observations. So even though the signal that was declared to be Alpha Centauri Bb turned out to be false, they didn't actually disprove the existence of planets around the Alpha Centauri stars, just that any planets that may exist are undetectable below the noise level of the current data.

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