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Comment Re:DRM ahoy :( (Score 2) 551

They apparently accomplish a simulated bokeh effect through digital manipulation by somehow calculating a depth map to apply the blur. Therefore it is 'DSLR-like' by mimicking an effect that you would need a DSLR to accomplish ordinarily. We won't really know until it is released to know where the effect falls on the line between gimmick and useful tool.

Comment Re:I don't have any yoga emails .... (Score 1) 569

There is a difference in how the laws are written. The speed limit law simply says you can't go over the posted speed. Whether you intended to or not is beside the point. The espionage act, on the other hand, specifically says in the text of the law that you may not intentionally disseminate classified information to anybody not cleared to see it.

FYI, the other half of the relevant law states that you can't negligibly allow classified information to fall into the wrong hands. But the FBI's investigation found no evidence that anybody nefarious did get a hold of classified emails stored on the server, and she did not put classified emails on the server with the intent to disseminate them to anybody who shouldn't see them. Therefore, neither half of the relevant law was broken.

That being said, if it does come to light that somebody did hack her private server and steal classified emails, then it would be a whole different story. But as it is, with the information we know, simply the act of having emails on a private server did not in of itself break the law.

Comment Re:I'm Sceptical (Score 1) 218

I know that was the case with the supposed planet around Alpha Centauri B. Though, in that case the followup was just better statistical analysis, and not more refined observations. So even though the signal that was declared to be Alpha Centauri Bb turned out to be false, they didn't actually disprove the existence of planets around the Alpha Centauri stars, just that any planets that may exist are undetectable below the noise level of the current data.

Comment Re: Er (Score 3, Insightful) 623

The only problem with the terminology is that there is a disconnect between what the common person on the street thinks the capabilities of an autopilot is versus its actual capabilities. An actual autopilot is not much more than an airplane cruise control that maintains a preset altitude, heading, and airspeed, while the common perception is that it is essentially an autonomous robot pilot that can do everything up to and including dogfighting while the human pilot takes a nap.

Comment Re:ABM systems equal escalation? (Score 1) 68

The destabilization argument presumes that only one side builds ABM. If both sides are allowed to build ABM, the balance is preserved, and additionally, missiles themselves become obsolete as they can be effectively defended against. Additionally, if everybody is allowed to have ABM systems, the idea of obtaining ICBMs becomes less attractive to rogue nations who won't benefit from the power trip of having a superweapon that bigger nations have to take seriously.

Comment Re: Good to hear (Score 2) 259

And you're still not answering my question as to what law she actually broke.

Here is the Comey quote that everyone seems so apoplectic about:

To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.

If you re-read what he is saying, his point is that the reckless actions would normally lead to punishment within the department, just like any employee can expect to be chewed out by their boss for making bad decisions. Assuming he is talking about legal action here directly contradicts what he said earlier about how in the past legal action has only been taken in extreme circumstances where the person showed clear intent that confidential documents be seen by people without clearance such as Patraeus showing documents to his mistress. The line "But that is not what we are deciding now" means that he is not arguing whether or not the State Department should internally punish Clinton, but whether there is grounds for legal action. Since she did not intend for documents to fall into unclassified hands, and there is no evidence that through negligence documents did fall into the wrong hands, there is not grounds to prosecute.

Comment Re: Good to hear (Score 1) 259

Y'all didn't read the second half of my post, apparently. If you download movies off Pirate Bay, it's possible that you haven't broken the law if your use of said movies falls under fair use. The law is nuanced, which is why we have courts in the first place. Only a court can determine whether someone has actually broken the law, and anything else is just opinion.

I am still waiting to hear exactly what it was that she supposedly did that actually broke the law anyway.

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