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Comment Re:-1 WRONG (Score 1) 231

It's only a few GNU people like you who are still bitter about the fact that Linus did in a few months what GNU took years to not do -- build a working kernel.

Hey that's not fair. They will have an alpha version of Hurd ready before 2012 and the world ends. They swear this time!

Comment Re:Supplement, not replace (Score 1) 350

So you can buy a $900 PC. or a $200 thin client and a $800 server.

Or I can just stick to the PC and laptop I already own rather than buying shit I don't need or want.

Ok Fine you are paying an extra hundred bucks.

If I want to replace my PC with this thin client/server it's well more than an extra hundred bucks. Your comparison is only apt if I didn't own any PC at all which is not the case.

But if you need to you can scale thin clients are much cheaper.

Why would I need to scale thin clients for my home use?

Or you could share your server and split the cost with other people you want to work with.

Or for no additional cost I can just stick to what I already have since I have no need for cloud computing bullshit.

For people with an open mind is can be a real cost savings.

You mean for people who think they need to buy trendy, buzzword technology that will be stillborn and no one will remember it in a few years.

Comment Re:This is true for some value of (Score -1, Offtopic) 350

You do realize that every one of the things you list require you to have a local, native program running to use it right? Which kind of goes completely against the ideas put forth in the article which are about everything running out of your browser from some online service provider on a thin client.

Comment The future today! (Score 1) 350

Probably one of the dumbest lines in this whole article is this:

As a long-time Gmail user, I genuinely find it astonishing that people still use email clients, and store their e-mail on one computer. Itâ(TM)s unimaginable for me not being able to access my email on my desktop and laptop computers, or even my cellphone or Nokia N800 handheld.

Wow online email services! Thank god Google came along and provided a service that no one else had every done in the previous 9 years before it came out. Oh wait...

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