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Comment Re:Not statistics, just poor sportsmanship (Score 1) 97

Totally agree with you; but exactly what "level" is Grinnel on? hehe I'd like to see Duke use this against UNC (or the other way around...) it ain't gonna work. Real teams are usually balanced and have players that are in College because they're good at BBall and a coach that can play his 11 players wisely against the team he is playing that night.

Comment Re:How about an article on make-up, for the ladies (Score 1) 97

I tend to agree in the sense that these aren't schools that have students specifically to play bball. I'll just assume none of the players are on Scholarships. This probably wouldn't work at the Div. 1 level. It works in baseball because it doesn't matter how athletic someone is if they have great hand/eye and can play a position that only requires twitch muscles for fielding that 15ft around 1st or 3rd base, or DH. (P. Fielder, Kruk, McGwire etc...)

Comment Re:Fee Structure (Score 1) 232

I went to a major research institute in the State of Washington (I'm sure anyone that cares can figure it out). This was about 5 years ago. It's about the same as you mentioned. 12 credits cost the same as 18 credits; but anything less was a per credit cost. Anything more than 18 was tacked onto the 12-18 credit cost. We were on quarters; but it all evens out. Most of the first two year courses in Math/Chem/Bio/Language you could test out of; and most did because they had their AP exams cover all that(rich school districts, caring parents). One difference to your 70s experience is all the lab fees now. I got dinged for 50bucks a quarter for "technology fees" in classes we didn't even need technology. The grad student teachers -had- to have their power points though! Glad I'm done, Public school tuition has gone up like 40% in the last 5 years in Washington State. Used to be a bargain.

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