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Comment Re:Karma (Score 1) 124

With you 110%. When you underwrite an OS that is faster, lighter and more user-friendly than its monolithic competitor, the one thing you do -not- do is form or allow a clearly self-serving alliance with said monolith, whose sole motivating desire is to see you and your product implode and present no further threat. Novell is doomed, and perhaps so is Linux. All Suse users should start checking the alternatives.

Comment Re:Upstairs, Downstairs (Score 1) 282

That's my point, Paul - Most UK residents pay the license fee. Those who choose to use iPlayer would therefore pay -twice-?? DRM is repugnant, but instead of gouging UK=based viewers for two fees, let ex-Brits now abroad [like me - been in California since '97] who can't see the shows at -all- be the source of the allegedly much=needed income. The license fee is an inexcusable joke, but sticking those forced to pay it with -another- fee if they dare to then use other technology is abhorrent,

Comment Re:Reasons to Abolish the License Fee #306 (Score 1) 282

I agree - DRM is repugnant. No doubts. As for the license fee, I moved to California in '97 so that's not my angle = My beef is the thousands who are already forced to pay this legalized extortion, then have to pay twice if they miss a show and dare to try and catch it online. The BBC is a clueless, arrogant fossil, and the license fee is both insulting, and an inexcusable joke, That's all I'm saying.

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