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Comment Less work more output (Score 2) 311

This is the future; robots are doing everything for us while we do whatever we want to do. Spend all your time learning art, wacky scientific pursuits, or do nothing but smoke pot all day. Robots are the free workforce and the Sun is the almost unlimited free energy. Do this right and do it once, it is self-sustaining. It is perfect and it is win-win, it is the second renaissance.

The problem is that the income inequality is also growing because of this. If you started at a position that lets you benefit from the less-work-more-output scenario you keep getting better. If you were in a worse position you keep getting worse.

You can't get Star Trek economy by good faith: people are selfish and people who do not want to work will not work. We need to accept that is ok. Now who is going to build the robots and the solar plants to catalyze the whole thing?

Comment Re:A testament to engineers (Score 1) 221

Send your most visible exec out with total crap in his hands?

Depends on the exec. Some are completely incapable of doing this - they either panic and push the wrong buttons or fail to gracefully recover when they fumble.

When you are starting off, the goal is to demo the vision, not the product. So it is not only ok, but commonplace to have incomplete/buggy device. But if your execs cannot pull off these kinds of demos, the whole thing is DOA.

Comment Profit margins (Score 2, Informative) 665

There are a lot of musicians and there is a lot of music around. Like it or not the field is saturated, competition is fierce and music is a commodity (and there is in fact a lot of free music around in case you were not paying attention). You need to deal with profit margins like we all do.

The part I don't like is, we are supposed feel bad and sympathize because you are high and noble with your "art" and "culture".

If you can't make enough money you are supposed find a different job (shocking, right?). A lot of people deal with it every day. You can still play your music on the side.

Comment Inconvenient? yes. Necessary? yes (Score 1) 536

Even if there was a shortcut for safely ignoring return values, I would (the company I work for would) still need to check and catch every return. Why? We have to log them all.

If you don't want to deal with failed returns, I find that a scripting language is the best way to go. I write my glue functions to handle nulls gracefully and I am done.

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