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Submission + - Lowerping, It really does work...

edugeek-au writes: "So it seems that Australia users have been getting really aggravated about online World of Warcraft latency, knowing that 450+ ms is just a joke it appears that someone as figured a way around the issue of high latency within World of Warcraft for Australian players.

It's a simple process of pushing your packets thru a ssh tunnel/sock proxy combination to drop your packets a little closer to the WoW server, and voila you drop back down to 170-200ms which is a more accurate figure for we should be getting in game from Australia, any body could set this up with a linux box hosted somewhere in San Jose, CA or even use a already setup service by another Australian player called Lowerping.

The discovery of this 'work around' has started making australian users cry foul to Blizzard."

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