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Comment Re:Magic (Score 1) 396

-- they have delegated themselves a right to approve how do you use "their" device and a right to charge you a tithe for everything that comes to you on "their" hardware.

They have worked as hard as possible to create devices that work in ways that they genuinely believe are better than the competition. Is the 'tithe' you refer to the initial product price (entirely competitive), peripherals (comparable), or the ongoing costs of app store purchases? Do you think Apple's product pricing is unfairly high? Should all App Store purchases be gratis?

In effect, you've relinquished ownership, and, unlike some other platforms, you have no legal way out.

In effect, we have gladly relinquished the tyranny of micro-management, and have been rewarded with the time we would spend doing so.

... they cannot achieve it easily, and hence cannot exploit the full potential of the hardware platform to their advantage.

I thought that developers were free to install whatever they want on their iOS devices. It's only when you want to sell your app to the world that you must submit it to the App Store. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Comment Low bandwidth, high CPU (Score 1) 129

Flash's core premise has always been 'low bandwidth, high CPU'. It was invented as FutureSplash back in the 28.8 modem days so this was a great asset until the generation of mobile phones with high-end browsers. I imagine that Flash on a mobile device will be awesome as soon as battery-life increases to compensate, but by then we will have all moved on.

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