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Comment Re:lamest name ever (Score 2) 318

Super isn't a click. Slashdot also swallowed my enter, and someone else pointed out you can also get a terminal with just T-E-R. So:

Super (Usually has a Windows logo on it) > T-E-R [enter] > in terminal

That is normally known as 5 key presses, and no mouse, much faster than using some crappy mouse movements + 3 clicks.

Linux pretty much lives in the console. To do anything of any gravity, you will invariably have it open at some point. Being such an essential tool, obfuscating behind mouse clicks like XFCE and Gnome 2 makes no sense.

Though to be honest, I don't use the terminal these days half as much as I used to have to with Gnome 2. But I think that is probably a limitation of the 90's style UI that forces you to use a console, rather than a UI that provides shortcuts to the activities that you want to perform, and that for the past few years Ubuntu comes with mostly sane configurations so I don't need to edit text files to get it to do anything.

Even my home server has a web UI, to make it quicker to change the options that I want to. Why would I use a text file that leave room for human errors such as typos. Typos in a config file can be painful.

Comment Re:lamest name ever (Score 1) 318

What's odd is I never said click on launcher. I think epy invented a step.

One thing, you missed long press super for help, which compared to any other system is vastly better. I remember accidentally removing my Gnome 2 panels, oh how much fun did I have trying to figure out how to create a new one.

Comment Re:lamest name ever (Score 1) 318

keyboard/mouse context switches are time consuming.. GUIs should do what needs doing with the minimum of clicks, leaving the keyboard stuff to the keyboard.

You mean like pinning it to the dock? One click launch? Middle click opens new instance, if right-click > new window is one too many clicks for you?

They should offer hotkeys as well. Having to type stuff out in some stupid search box is a crutch for a shitty ui design.

Now you're taking the piss. Press and hold the super key, not only does it show that I can launch dock items from the keyboard, but by long pressing super it even has a help system????

Comment Re:lamest name ever (Score 2) 318

what unnecessary steps are there to get to a console?

Super > T-E-R-M > in terminal.

It may be less characters to get terminal selected, but force of habit means I'll never know. How many steps does it take in your DE of choice?
Bearing in mind that if you are going to say "put it on the desktop, one click" then you can always pin the shortcut to the dock for one click that is never hidden.

Comment Re:The reason is simple. (Score 2) 513

Have they fixed the power sockets yet on any non-Mac lap/note/ultrabook? The first thing that goes on all my laptops have been the power socket where the weight of the plug pulls the socket away from the board and needs to be resoldered.

Why would I buy a Windows laptop for the same price when I know the damn thing won't be able to charge after a couple of years?

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