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Comment Read Jeremy Rifkin (Score 1) 688

Read "The zero marginal cost society", by Jeremy Rifkin. The evolution of technology is creating an inflection point in our economic system. Society cannot continue to be the same. Eventually, like Switzerland is trying to do, most people will receive a guaranteed minimum income for not working since there won't be enough jobs.

Comment Hollywood mentality (Score 1) 147

It's a bit like a reality show with big prizes for a few superachievers who overcame other competitors. This is more an advertising stunt for the group of rich individuals sponsoring this. How is this going to promote science and investigation among the not so elite, which is the problem you have right now? Sure a few kids will fall for the flashy get-rich-quick appeal of the show. Until they become aware of the long hours needed to attain even a modest level of competence. Then the shine disappears.

Comment Check for future outsourcing (Score 1) 514

The second wave of software outsourcing will be to Latinamerica, so Spanish. Once youre somewhat fluent you might go to the other big LA language, Brazilian Portuguese, so similar to Spanish you can learn it in a few months. Now, for original technical documentation go for German, Japanese or Russian.

Comment It's the economy, stupid (Score 1) 400

ts the normal evolution of capitalistic economy. The same thing is happening in Mexico, older generations are retiring with magnificent pensions, new generations were duped with the mantra "the current pension and public health care schema is unsustainable, we must cut on YOUR entitlements". Radio, TV, newspapers, all kept repeating it until everybody thought it was true. How can a country with the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, be running out of money? I see the same ideology is being brainwashed into the new generations in the US too. It's simply that the capitalistic economy is reaching one of its overproduction, stagnation cycles. There is a lot of money, it's just that the rich guys keep it frozen because "the conditions are not right for investing OUR money" Like they found that money while being hermits in the dessert.

Comment A new society (Score 2) 209

The accumulation of all information about everybody and everything is unavoidable, so, society will evolve into one of two paths: either a paranoid dystopia where a secret elite controls everybody through fear, and all production of goods and services are controlled by the corporations, or it evolves into a society of free individuals who empowered by technology and social awareness become economically independent and free of the social pressures caused by obsolete ways of thinking. These new free people will join on a new form of government that peacefully will make the old one irrelevant. If you live in the USA you might think the paranoid dystopia is more likely, but if you see the youth in Europe, Latin America and Asia it'll be obvious that gradually a new free society is being built.

Comment ItÂs amusing... (Score 1) 253

How Google sees itself: Where do I even start? If governments were relly serious on attacking organized crime they would go against money laundering, all the way up to the top. Instead, we have this: And this: So, dream on...

Comment Re:CEOs have important priorities (Score 1) 269

Management positions are not given, they are taken. You're making the mistake of thinking that in order to become a manager all you have to do is silently do your work everyday, and then some day, somebody will notice and reward you with a managerial position. That's not how it works. Managerial positions and their salaries and privileges are highly coveted, and the competition for them is fierce. And once you're a manager you need to fight to have your ideas approved and funded over their competitor's. Caesar's to Caesar, you want to play in the big leagues, you have to pay the price, and in a competitive and explotative system the price is your soul.

Comment Republic of Texas (Score 1) 592

Another tidbit of history: one of the several reasons the settlers of Texas fought for their independence was that the Mexican government forbid slavery, and was going to enforce that law in Texas. The settlers stated that without their slaves there was no way they could prosper...

Comment Try something real (Score 1) 171

We sometimes do Spanish-Mandarin translations. This is our process: We stopped doing a direct Spanish-Mandarin translation with Google due to awful results, now we first use Google translate to go from Spanish to English. Then we correct English translation manually. Using Google Translate again, go from Engish to Mandarin. Have a Chinese person correct the translation manually.

I can't even imagine this new system working for more than a few simple and straightforward phrases.

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