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Comment Google technoloy (Score 0) 186

Google search technology by relying on software that can simultaneously conduct a series of operations, and only a few moments to complete all operations. The traditional text search engine depends largely on the frequency appears on the page. Google uses PageRank? Technical examination of the entire link structure, and determine which pages are most important.Then hypertext-matching analysis to determine which pages are relevant to the specific search. After considering the overall importance and query-specific relevance after, Google can be the most reliable and most relevant search results first.

Comment Intel (Score 1) 196

Intel, the world's largest semiconductor chip maker, which was established in 1968, has 41 years of product innovation and market leadership in history. In 1971, Intel introduced the world's first microprocessor. Brought about by the microprocessor computer and the Internet revolution has changed the world.

Comment Biology (Score 1) 155

Biology is a branch of natural science. Study of biological structure, function, occurrence and development of the law. And biological relationship with the surrounding environment of the science. Biology from the natural history, has experienced experimental biology, molecular biology and systems biology into the period.

Comment sex toys (Score 1) 1

Sex toys (including sex toys), common sense, refers to activities in the tools used to stimulate human genitals or sex organs of the human touch to provide similar, for example, dildo, Tiaodan, stick, pull beads, artificial vagina, inflatable doll, sexy underwear BDSM and so on. In addition to the above definition of outside with nature means that some of the furnishings or small toys and other sex toys are also broad.

Submission + - toy for adult ( 1

happinessme writes: "Netizens who pay attention, this site Main: toy for adults ; Womens Sex Toys ; Mensextoys ; water lube ; sexy underwear; erectile dysfunction, Adult DVDs ,we are a boutique discount network, and strive to provide you with quality goods At the same time, allowing you to get under the net, compared with a relatively large discount prices. In order to provide you with real value, we have been trying to reduce costs by lowering prices, manufacturers give us any concessions are fully transferred to you. We sincerely look forward to your visit."

Comment The principle of ink-jet printer (Score 1) 160

Impact Printers Inkjet printers are developed after, the use of non-combat work. The advantages of the more prominent small size, simple operation, printing, low noise, can be played using special paper and photo pictures and more comparable. After several years of tempering, the ink-jet printer technology has made great development.

Submission + - Ed Hardy Resume (

happinessme writes: "Brand designer ChristianAudigier a "KingofJeans" reputation, previously served as Levi's and other major brand designer, and later bought the patent rights TATTOO Godfather DonEdHardy creation will DonEdHardy the tattoo art of the introduction of the legendary fashion, into the retro punk elements and street culture, with tattoo tattoo art and fashion.
  When the cowboy met a genius tattoo godfather, redefine the cooperation of the two masters of the "street fashion" (StreetFashion), daring to create a very American spirit of the brand.

Submission + - ed hardy (

happinessme writes: "Ed Hardy clothing often use some embroidery, washing, ink and other techniques to create a feeling of decadence erosion, combined with the eagle from the master handwriting, tigers, skeletons, demons, daggers, and naked women and other tattoo designs, making a series of clothes. Another strong oriental flavor of the carp, a dragon and the tiger totem, the tiger and the dog is a relatively new breed of squirrels is a cartoon creation. Therefore, a launch that is loved by the general public, embroidered baseball mesh cap tattoo totem is a collection of value has become hot commodities.

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