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Comment Re:Ha Ha (Score 1) 299

A dangerous proposition? Its public knowledge that operators must provide network based interception facilities. Its a legislative requirement in virtual every country in the world and its standardised. Beyond that, operators can be told to turn off the encryption entirely allowing security forces to directly listen directly using scanners (some phones will display a warning icon in this case). This happened in Moscow after the theatre bombing.

Comment Re:Commendable... (Score 1) 621

Whether he was doing his job correctly or not, he was not necessarily incompetent. He managed to install SETI@home on 5000 distributed machines, and also reconfigured their firewalls. This indicates that there exists *significant* levels policy management across the district. The estimation of "at least $50,000" to uninstall what he has installed is over-inflated by a factor of at least 10.

Comment Re:objective my ass... (Score 1) 1174

You can't classify a user ignoring the rated fuse *written on the plug* and *color coded on the plug* as a failure of the UK plug. The fuse is there for the same good reasons that (some) appliances have fuses inside -> fit the wrong one and it won't work properly (which is what Wikipedia says!); wiring will melt, (more) circuitry will fry.

Comment Re:Put the damn thing in neutral! (Score 1) 1146

In 2005 there was a chap in Renault Megane who claimed cruise control would not disengage. He was in France on the Autoroute, there are toll gates. He phoned up the emergency services and they cleared the toll areas and raised the barrier so he could go through. In this case turning the key wouldn't work, the ignition is a electronic card. Several cars suffered the same problem. Renault denied saying it was a result of drivers pressing the clutch instead of the brake!

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