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Comment Yet some states are in the process (Score 4, Interesting) 167

of making it difficult for homeowners to utilize this technology thanks to the regulatory capture of giant utility companies. This along with downgrading of utilities stock by one of these banks or analysts (I can't recall which right now), we are going to see utility companies use their political connections to stifle this until they can have full control of the solar electricity production.

Comment Re:What is the Tesla strategy? (Score 4, Interesting) 157

Because: 1) Dealers sell more than one brand. They will steer the buyers towards other brands if the buyer is hesitant about Tesla. Dealers don't care about one brand loyalty - just want to sell as many as possible in a month. 2) Dealers will definitely try to sell more gas cars as they break down more frequently and the $$$ for dealers is the service dept. They barely make a profit in the sales dept. 3) Tesla has a specific idea on how to do customer experience. Dealers are the worst in this category. Tesla wants to avoid this.

Comment does taxes pay for your job? (Score 1) 629

We all know where the schools get their revenue from. So it is a good thing this info gets out. The more information the taxpayers have about the performance of the schools, the more pressure the schools will be under to explain themselves if they are underperforming. Of course this is only one facet of the impact on schools.

Comment I had a bad experience with DirecTV DVR (Score 4, Informative) 181

I had a DirecTV Tivo DVR that was working fine in Missouri. I moved to Vermont and brought it with me. However the model would not work in Vermont.

Directv would not allow me to continue to use the Tivo model so they forced me to obtain their free DVR product (crap). Didn't cost me anything so I had to agree to that.

Then the DVR product broke and I asked DirecTV to replace it. They did so no problem but extended my two year contract without informing me. About a year later when the contract was supposed to have expire, I called to negotiate a better deal including HD etc, only to be told that I have one more year left. After countless calls I learned that they extended this quietly because they "gave" me a replacement DVR.

So screw them, I paid the ETF and moved to Dish. Ever since DirecTV have been bombarding me with mails begging me to come back but I'm staying with Dish for two years.

Hope the states force DirecTV to stop these practices.

Comment It's one of the biggest factors for sure (Score 1) 1040

The other factors are in my opinion are:
  • SLC bribery scandal. Couple that with Chicago's reputation for corruption.
  • Chicago's presentation did not inspire the IOC as others did, despite Obama's apperance
  • It's simply South America's time and this is the biggest reason. Just a matter of time.

Comment Re:Risk aversion stems from funding sources (Score 1) 371

Believe it or not I think the public is fine with space exploration and the risks involved.
It's the bullshit media that likes to build up the drama and dangers of space travel in order to sell.
This leads the political establishment to react thinking they need to look good in having silly hearings, pushing for this and that.
Thus the NASA becomes nervous and more risk averse.
Not that I am putting the blame on the media alone just that they are a big part of this and the lack of spine among Congress and NASA members.

Comment main character paralyzed (Score 1, Redundant) 443

one thing that I get from the synopsis and trailer is that there's this main character that is paralyzed and is linked to a new hybrid alien life form through the mind (telepathy I guess).

If they have this type of technology - why not just cure the paralysis. So it smells like a plot hole that the director is ignoring in the pursuit of a cinematic vision.

I'll still watch it just out of curiosity.

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