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Submission + - New GPS satellite breaks older receivers

hansg writes: "According to the Swedish Maritime Administration a new GPS satellite launched February 26-27 has broken older receivers. A pilot discovered this when a ships location did not match up with the AIS information. Information from a Swedish newspaper (in Swedish only)"

Submission + - I'll pay for a groupware solution that works!

hansg writes: "Ok, this has been asked before but I really haven't found a working answer.

Our (small) company needs a groupware solution that works. What we need is the following:
  • E-mail.
  • Calendar sharing.
  • Possibility to sync calendar and contacts to modern phones (SyncML preferably, please no Palm phones).
  • Groupware server that runs on Linux.
  • Groupware client that runs on Linux (preferably KDE).
What we use right now is Kolab as the groupware server, Kontact as the client and Kitchensync for phone syncing.
This sort of works, but the syncing is the Achilles' heel. You just can't trust it, and it's very cumbersome (manual conflict handling, has to be done in the office, etc.) I know opensync isn't production ready, and this is the reason for my question:

What options are there for a groupware solution that works, runs on Linux and can sync to phones? We'd prefer a FLOSS solution, and we are willing to pay for it, if it works."

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