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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Adaptive Lighting ( 2

handshake, doctor writes: One of my goals at CES this year was to build a better understanding of the C&C flow behind the new home automation protocols showing there in order to suss out the feasibility of home-rolling a circadian-adaptive lighting scheduler, locally driven by a simple switch interface. A good bit of research indicates it’s worthwhile to consider an approach like this in your own home/office, but this application gets about 1% of the ink that more frivolous uses of RBG(W) lighting do, even from the early adopters and reviewers in the industry that jump in hard on this tech.

What I want is a single on/off or dimmer hardware controller that can query a color and intensity lookup table (with a few more inputs, taking into account geolocation and time of year,) to determine the appropriate shade of white at that given moment, then tell an arbitrary group of lights what to do. Oh, and I don't want it to be PC-based, 'cloud'-based, or connected outside my LAN.

I wrote a bit more on this, current workarounds, and blue light here, but I'd love to hear what the Slashdot crowd thinks about how to approach this problem.

Comment Public-access production quality (Score 3, Insightful) 122

Slashdot - why is the production value of your in-house video content so poor? The cheap headset mic audio quality and low bitrate compression make this kind of content feel hackey and effectively unwatchable. I know video is new-ish for /. but you're not reinventing the wheel, and you've had a minute to sort this stuff out guys ... it's amateur hour.

Comment Jitter (Score 1) 198

Check out Max/MSP/Jitter.

As you describe, the interface is VPL - connecting boxes / nodes to access the GPU is one of the (many) things the program is capable of. Depending on what you're trying to, you may also find Gen useful for generating GLSL shaders within the Max environment (although you can use other shaders as well).

I'm currently neck-deep in a few Jitter projects using custom shaders, etc., and while it's great for rapid prototyping, getting good frame-rates and production stable code out is a whole black art unto itself. Fortunately, the support and forum community are very strong.

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