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Comment Punished for telling the truth (Score 0) 412

I'm in the same position of this guy. Let's forget for a moment the crap about falling in love. He is right that women in science tend to take criticism rather personally. For example, I had an adult women scientist in my lab and I basically could not criticize her work in the same way I was doing with her male colleagues because she would break in tears. I am very candid with my students and if their work is nonsense or stupid I tell them so, this does not mean they are stupid. I remember telling to this student that one slide in her presentation was utter nonsense and due to that her entire presentation was useless. She started crying in front of the group and then she started telling other people that I think she is useless.

Comment Re:Placebo [Re:The spokesman for the AHA said...] (Score 0) 408

A placebo is also used in terminally ill cases where no other treatment is available. A placebo is used by sensible doctors to avoid over prescribing, i.e. to avoid using a nuke to pursue a pickpocket. Not curing my flu could result in: 1) allowing my body to deal with the virus/bacteria on its own 2) getting pneumonia in case my body cannot deal with the infection Btw, Steve Jobs firmly belied that he could cure cancer with fruit juice, it did not go very well. So please let the doctor decide if you should get a placebo and let the doctor decide if you have to cure your flu.

Comment This is not the only way (Score 0) 717

I work 36 hours per week, I'm the only one working in the since my wife decided to concentrate on our two kids. I can afford a mortage that is buying me a 350 kEuro house in 15 years. Thanks to the local wellfare I do not have to worry about thing like health insurance and taxes for education up to the university (included). I do not own a car, but I also do not need one because public transportation is more than enough (and for holidays I can always rent one). Ok, the country is Italy, but I;m living in a region (bozen) that stills has AAA rating and sub 4% unemployment. If in you country is different, then you are doing something wrong.

Comment Re:Sure, why not (Score 0) 430

The "Someone who wants a career in programming should already be programming before they graduate." is a philosophy that applies very well to art (as in painting, music, etc.) or to some extend crafting. OTOH in real world enterprises you want the deterministic and repeatable results that you obtain trough standardized training (read classroom). Sure Leonardo was a great painter but if my business is to paint office I'd rather call a professional painter. This is particularly true in the case of Leonardo since he was spotty at delivering.

Comment Re: No Shit (Score 0) 442

Very good. Keep repeating that to yourself. At the end you will believe. China and Russia are not actively putting their nose into other countries business and your can see that there are very few terrorist attacks within their borders and most of them are for internal matters anyway. US ans US allies (UK, france, spain, italy) are the only coutries systematically under attack due to their imperialistic attitude.

Comment Re:Not in the land of the Free (Score 3, Insightful) 122

Privacy, by the way, is the right to keep a lawful secret between you and the government.

No, it is not. Privacy is the right to decide what to expose and to whom to expose it. Governments should find proof of unlawful behavior without having to break into an individual privacy sphere. I'm sure that with 24/7 surveillance we could find a lot of illegal behaviors such as . This does not mean that a gov of a free country should do it.

Comment Re:SDN is circuit switching (Score 1) 69

Core and backbone is circuit switched since 15 years. All the optical paths are basically circuit switched (they are usually called lightpaths) and on top of this fiber lines there is an overlay for the signalling and path setup. SDN is actually fantastic in datacenters because it makes a lot easier to have multiple path and to avoid loops (spanning tree protocol are slow and error prone). I have no idea about how the big guys (google, facebook, etc.) do it, but in common datacenters you have only one spanning tree active at the time. If something fails you rely on reactive protocols. In SDN you can actually have multiple spanning trees at the same time.

Comment Re:Now to fix Android remotes... (Score 1) 146

How does that invalidate the AC's opinion? I haven't got a 3D TV but I don't go around telling people that their opinions of them are worthless because I haven't got one.

Because it is fair to assume that an XBMC is connected to an home (W)LAN. It is also fair to assume that an android phone running Yatse is also associated to your home WiFi network when you are at home. Using BT would instead require hardware support on the XBMC box, which is not very common for embedded platforms such as the RPI nor for recycled hardware on top of which people may decide to run XBMC. If you want something simple and that does not consume battery just buy an dedicated remote (the one for boxee is plug and play with every xbmc setup i've ever played with).

Comment Re:Stone age society develops space age technology (Score 2) 425

I see a pattern instead. Both US and Russian governments were pretty oppressive during their space race. US against the red menace and Russian against the evil of capitalism. Likewise, Iran is obsessed by the threats of a liberal society. It seems to me that hydrogen and paranoia are two mandatory ingredients for a space race.

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