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Comment Fine by me, they can all GTFO (Score 1) 163

Let the bubble burst--Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the housing market. Let it fucking burn to the goddamn ground. As one half of a couple of displaced Bay Areans, I'd love for things to even out a bit so we can afford to move back home. That's some fucking real bullshit, that no one ever talks about. People who have spent their entire lives there, people whose families have been there since before the bridges were built, are being straight-up priced out. Fuck that. Not like I'm poor, either--far from it. But despite what some dumb fucks in the newspapers would like to tell me it is NOT an acceptable compromise to barely scrape by in a shitty hovel of a one bedroom apartment in a meh part of town, for three times the rent of a goddamned single family home elsewhere.
Open Source

OpenNMS Celebrates 10 Years 37

mjhuot writes "Quite often is it claimed that pure open source projects can't survive, much less grow and create robust code. One counter example of this is OpenNMS, the world's first enterprise-grade network management application platform developed under the open source model. Registered on 30 March 2000 as project 4141 on Sourceforge, today the gang threw a little party, with members virtually attending from around the world. With the right business savvy and a great community, it is possible to both remain 100% free and open source while creating enough value to make a good living at it."

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