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Comment If other countries use these in the US (Score 0) 252

If another country had a predator unmanned aircraft fly over my house, which is highly unlikely since NORAD would most likely shoot it down before it could get anywhere near land. But still if an unmanned foreign military aircraft flew over my house... in California, it would not be flying much longer.
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Submission + - 22 yr. old CEO of Rochen Hosts Joomla Days (

mike hamanaka writes: "Lead Sponsor of various Joomla days 22 yr. old CEO Chris Adams hosts Joomla Day's Worldwide. Some members of the Rochen team are attending and being the lead sponsor of three Joomla community driven events over the past few months. In addition to providing all of the joomla hosting services for the official Joomla websites, Rochen (pronounced Rockin') sponsors many open source community organized events around the world. The events are held in an unconference format and Gunner from Aspirations sets the pace and limits the laptops unlike the ever popular drupal events."

Comment nothing real created (Score 1) 272

I know about this issue of being involved with an intagible world, I have been dealing with issue my whole life. If I am building websites, that is not what people need to survive, these are not vital necessities. But perhaps I can crowdsource anad use FOSS to help deliver the demanded products to the world. The internet is just a tool that we all agree to use universally. If building website doesn't help the world, what can I do with my computer skills to boost the economy?

Comment A central office to manage a decentral business (Score 1) 272

I just wrote a business plan for a business that creates and manages open source Joomla websites. One of my goals is to create environments where everyone can cluster their thoughts. the business plan is on my website I just turned in the business plan yesterday for a competition in Northern California.

Comment Just produce content, security is no issue. (Score 1) 78

I have been working in Joomla websites since the mambo days. Joomla is an excellent web system and security is very critical. Having a hosting provider is not enough. You need to have a webmaster who can be your web administrator or your guy who has already solved the problem you come across. The books that have been reviewed lately regarding Joomla are excellent ways to break right through steep learning curves. Writing your own extension to start with might be a little complicated. Learning how to manage content and using each type of extension should be initial building blocks. Having low confidence in security is not a problem if you have a continuous backup system. The installation process can be automated or done manually. I am a student for the next 3 months, when summer starts I plan on providing my years of mambo/joomla CMS knowledge to as many people as possible. My goal is to help people become self-reliant CMS operators, who will build applications that many people will use. The demand for application administrators is very high. However, Joomla is only a framework and high quality content still needs to be produced and an evangelist must still bring a strong concept to the website. The security portion of a business plan utilizing the Joomla framework is less necessary if you have the correct infrastructure.

Comment Joomla Extensions Development Progressing fast. (Score 1) 73

I think that Joomla has incredible capabilities with component and 3rd party integrations. I disagree with wordpress, plone, or drupal being better platforms in most cases. Joomla is extremely extensible, and security is manageable. Joomla 1.6 is soon to be a reality and many users will have incredible tools available with just the need to implement anything to acoomplish nearly any information based goal. Extension development is definitely in it's infancy having the last 25% of the extensions developed in the last 8 months or so. by the end of 2009, it wouldn't surprise me to see 10,000 open-source extensions. The true money-maker for extension developers is to find customers who need even more functionality in already existing modules, plugins, components, etc. In the coming years we should begin to see a higher quality of extension integration with site content. As well as the increase in extension specific addons.

Comment LED Lighting will prevail (Score 1) 91

The colors Red, Green, and Blue have done wonders for Light Emitting Diodes in the past few years. Control systems for the color and brightness have been available for years now. As global production and distribution increases in the next few years, your children may be asking you what an incandescant light bulb is, because every light fixture in your house will be independently controlled over a web-interface, to produce any color or variation of colors that you desire.

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