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Comment Re:Too Late! (Score 2) 543

Yeah, I've been stuck running Unity on Arch Linux for months now, I don't even know how it got there. One day "POOF", the developers pushed out a mandatory background update and I haven't even been able to reformat my computer. DAMN YOU CANONICAL!! Also urxvt was replaced with GNOME Term somehow.

Submission + - Researchers Developing LED That Mimics Changes in Sun's Light (

MatthewVD writes: "The sun's intensity and colors change throughout the day, so why do we put up with lightbulbs that always stay the same? Lighting researchers are working on "universally tunable" LED bulbs that could change color and their perceived temperature throughout the day to mimic the sun. These tunable bulbs could have health implications, since research suggests that the wrong type of light can actually jet lag us or keep us awake. As LEDs drop in price, the more exotic applications could become increasingly common."

Comment Re:Not the entire future (Score 1) 101

Exactly, the current lecture based model is so antiquated it hurts. We have all this technology that can be used to make learning more available and easier, but unfortunately It'll probably take at least until the current generation of undergrads are the old crotchety professors before we see any real progress. "Back in my day we used to use the internet to learn things, you should WORK for your knowledge, not just get it for free though a mind meld!"

Comment Sweet, Comp Sci courses (Score 4, Interesting) 101

As I am about 50% self taught, very often I will want to learn about say "Probabilistic Graphical Models" but don't really feel like digging through all of the material out there to learn the basics before I can even think about understanding what articles and documents even say. This is one of the first free online courses sites I've seen that goes past "Hurr, Hurr, Learn what a variable is".

Comment Re:I use "AC" always (Score 1) 315

When, for example, I am dealing with a particularly inscrutable comment on say /. I can go read the users previous comments. Now I know, does this user usually post flame-bait, are they generally well thought out but happen to be wording things awkwardly this time? Do they have views differing from mine, but generally seem to enjoy a good discussion? All of these things can affect the way I respond, or if I do. Just like IRL you don't simply take every comment out of the context of everything they have ever said, I don't think you should do that on the internet as well.

That said, I agree with the whole friends list thing and typically try to keep my online "friends" to IRL friends, or in rare cases people I seem to have connected with significantly well on the intertubes. Also, there are instances where true anonymity is beneficial to certain things that otherwise would not be said or taken seriously.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 238

OK so you put different calorie counts for every snack combo: butter, no butter, extra butter, light butter (where butter = whatever the fuck that stuff actually is). All the old cups and printing plates at some point become landfill. Then a change is made... more landfill.

Except these things take a certain amount of time to implement and companies are generally given some leeway.
For example, recently Canada changed the warning labels on cigarettes again. You know how they worked the change, all packs made after a certain date had to have the new labeling. Thus we are currently in an in between period where some of the packs I buy have the new labeling and some have the old. Eventually the old packs run out, and all you have is the new labeling. Seems like they'd do the same thing for this Movie Snack thing if it was implemented.

Thus no extra fill for the landfill.

Comment Re:Broadly true. (Score 2) 238

I partially agree with

Republicans are not distrustful of Science, they are distrustful of politicized scientists and various hangers on.

But I do think there are some that do completely disregard science (eg. Young Earth Creationists). I have been given the impression by the media that this is a significant part of the republican party, but who knows, it is the media we're talking about.

However I am curious as to what you mean by questionable science. Are you towing the standard "Climate Science isn't real science" line, or something more concrete than that?

I'm not trying to be contrary or anything, it's just I haven't kept up on American politics and domestic affairs nearly as much since I moved away and want to know what you are specifically referring to.

Submission + - Constant challenge in welding machine ( 1

hopesky writes: "Most of our manufacturing process today is automated, some to the point where everything from the first contact of the raw material to finished, packaged and ready for shipment, have not seen the touch of a hand human. large factories produce thousands of units of the device works with maybe a dozen people monitoring the processes rarely have to intervene. This is true with the welding process, which was formerly done by highly skilled operators, but it is now often controlled by machines and welding machine. Some skilled jobs as welding pipe pressure requires welding skills of man, but several processes are more profitable to the machine. Root pass welding is often considered the most important factor in the welding of pipes, and this is where weld defects such as fusion and lack of fusion is more likely to be found. When the makers of welding steel pipes can choose from Brisbane experienced expert welder or a welding machine. The root pass welding, a welder qualified practiced with small movements of the hand can adjust the volume to support a continuous weld on the surface so that the deposits as a result create a strong bridge to the corresponding joints. This is more difficult to work, so the quality is an ongoing challenge for this type of inverter welder."

Comment Usable, but not very much info (Score 1) 86

I like that the interface is very usable (especially compared to some downright horrific timelines I've used), however there really doesn't seem to be that much information in it, that may be the point or because it's in beta, but I'd like to see a lot more data and "milestones".

Comment Only if happens soon enough (Score 2) 89

I agree with Mark Cuban, but only if it happens soon enough. Obviously nothing is guaranteed but there does seem to be a certain lifetime for social networking platforms (and facebook may or may not be reaching its own as shown by declining membership numbers in its initial markets), so they would have to win their suits before facebook collapses on its own, otherwise they end up with no money and no outrage from consumers.

Comment God I hate the CRTC (Score 1) 53

In some ways Canada' s policies and agencies are far more progressive and useful than their American counterparts, however some of them just make me cringe. The CRTC is a prime example, I didn't think you could be more of the telecoms little bitch than the FCC, but apparently you can. When the companies from the industry you are supposed to be regulating ask you to regulate (aka do your job) you know something is wrong.

Comment Re:I stopped at maximized windows (Score 1) 647

I actually find that a combination of window managers is what fixes that issue for me (As in yes it is nice to see multiple things at once, but I do want SOME things to be maximized). On my work computer I have two monitors, one (the smaller one) that boots up with openbox on it and I usually use it for displaying a browser for research, testing, etc. The other has dwm for my terminal windows as I like to have more than one at a time up for editing multiple files, or other fun stuff. I also find that a tiling WM deals with multiple windows in a way that I find far less stressful.

Comment GNOME 3 is fine, leave it alone (Score 1) 647

This doesn't directly relate to the article but does relate to essentially every single comment ever on slashdot being a hate on for GNOME 3. There are several different arguments that people generally make so I'll address the ones I can think of.

1. GNOME 3 is different than [insert other DE here, usually GNOME 2] so I don't like it. ... are you serious? I mean it may seem childish when I state it that way, but probably about 50% of the arguments against G3 don't consist of anything more than that.

2. The interface is too simple Well what do you want? Whenever I'm looking for ways to change my own UI, the most easily findable ones are always how to simplify it, I assume that functional simplicity is a popular, and good, thing (especially among the non-linux users who everyone seems to think GNOME 3 will drive away).

3. I can't customize it enough Well, yeah. Because it's new. The vast majority of customizations for GNOME 2 are third party programs and/or themes, which are available because it's been out for so long.

Anyways I could find more, but the point is this, there is nothing inherently wrong with it, one of the beautiful things about the linux world is that it gives you the chance to choose, not just choose the distribution, which widely vary, but your DE, IDE, dock, system monitor, terminal, shell, hell, you can even change things in the kernel if you know what your doing. This may astound people but I REALLY LIKE GNOME 3, and HATE GNOME 2. However I realize that this is a matter of personal preference and that there is nothing really wrong with gnome 2 persay. I like having a launcher in the launchy sytle (which is really efficient by the way, you hit one button and type in what you want), and dislike the menu system in GNOME 2. Does that mean it is bad, NO, it means I have an opinion, but I do think GNOME 2 was executed well.

So go use something else if you don't like it, and stop telling me that I'm the stupidest person on the face of the earth for an OPINION that is different than yours.

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