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Submission + - Bookstore owner burns books in protest

gollum123 writes: "Tom Wayne has amassed thousands of books in a warehouse during the 10 years he has run his used book store, Prospero's Books ( rning.ap/index.html ). But when he wanted to thin out the collection, he found he couldn't even give away books to libraries or thrift shops; they said they were full. So on Sunday, Wayne began burning his books in protest of what he sees as society's diminishing support for the printed word. "This is the funeral pyre for thought in America today," Wayne told spectators outside his bookstore as he lit the first batch of books. he envisions monthly bonfires until his supply — estimated at 20,000 books — is exhausted."
The Internet

Submission + - Website Design That Works

kevin Gallagher writes: "Before you even think about opening Dreamweaver or your favourite html editor and start designing your site there are a few things I believe you need to do first. I am going to describe how to increase your work flow and give you some general tips and tricks that will speed up the design of your website project and help to get it showing up in search engines quicker .In future articles I will be going into greater detail of some of the topics I describe here. Now let's get started.

Purchasing and optimising your domain name.
The first thing you need to consider is your domain name. I suggest that you don't just use your company name, i.e. if your company makes tartan paint and your company name is "Hamish Paints" don't go for the obvious choice of I would try and come up with a keyword rich domain name. Some search engine optimisers (SEO) would say that having keywords in your domain name doesn't make any difference to your listings but I disagree. Google will highlight your keywords in the search engine results page (SERPS), which leads me to believe that keywords do hold some weight, and besides it will make it clearer to the searcher what your site is all about.

What are keywords?
Keywords from a search engine optimisation (SEO) stand point are the key -words that are used to optimise your website for better listings on search engines. These are the words or phrases people are typing into the search bar of Google etc to find websites relating to what information or products they may be looking for.
Go to and — two great websites where you can learn more about keywords and SEO.

How do I find and choose my keywords?
To find keywords that people may be using in search terms the first port of call should be the overture keyword selector tool and you can access this tool at or If you want the UK results, here you will find an excellent tool for discovering keywords. All you need to do is type in words or phrases that are going to be related to your website and overture will show you related searches that include your term andhow many times that term was searched on the last month. Now you can get an idea of what keywords you should be including in your domain name.

Please note that search engines don't like long main names so try to keep it as short as possible. Other great resources for keywords are: nal

As we all know all the good domain names have been taken and it's almost impossible to get one-word domain names these days, so be inventive if you get stuck. I always find it helpful to visit and use the thesaurus to come up with names maybe I hadn't thought of.
Now that you are armed with a killer domain name you can go to / and check its availability.

Try and get the domain name extension of the country your company resides in as it makes it clear where you're from. I know most people want to get a .com but if you are in the UK I believe a better extension would be as it shows where your from. This will also help in the SERPS when people are searching for websites in the UK you don't want to be competing with websites outside of your country if you can help it.

Building a holding page and creating a site map.
Now that we are sorted with our domain name and hosting the next step involves creating a holding page and submitting a sitemap to Google. First of you need to create your holding page, it's a good idea to create a holding page so your domain can build up some respect with search engines, you don't want to wait until your website goes live before submitting it to search engines.

Designing a holding page.
Keep it simple and describe all the services and products you may be offering in your site. Don't forget to use keyword rich text in your title tag, description tags, and body text. Use the keywords you discovered in "how to find and choose keywords" section. This is good practice for when you design your website proper but you have to remember this page will be unlikely to be viewed by many people however this isn't the purpose of your holding page.

A good idea here would be if any visitors did visit your site perhaps they would like to know when your website goes live or maybe they will have questions. I would therefore suggest you add a simple contact form asking for their name and email address to notify them when the site will be live or to answer any questions they may have. You could even use them to do some usability testing and describe in more detail the coming sections. Name it index.html or index.htm and put it in the root folder of your site and upload it to the server.

Creating a sitemap for Google.
A Google sitemap is xml document that contains information of every page on your website (not to be confused with a sitemap html page on your website). You need to upload this to the root folder of your server so that Google can access it and help index your website quicker and easier. You can create a Google sitemap with very little effort online by going to and follow the online instructions. Once you have created your site map you can go to and follow Google's instructions for adding a site map. You will find this service very easy to use and invaluable in getting your website listed properly on Google. Remember to update your sitemap xml document when your website is finished and every time you make changes to your website so that Google can index your new pages. Doing this now will save you time and effort later.

Now submit your website to the major search engines — right?
Wrong! It's a misconception that you need to submit your website to search engines. Please please don't pay anyone to do this, as it's not necessary. (Are you listening all you black hat SEO companies, shame on you). As you have created a sitemap in Google this is more than enough to get yourself listed in the search engines. The search engines will actually come looking for your website in due course. Engines like Google and Yahoo serve listing to lots of other sites. or more information on this visit hart.htm. The one place you must submit your website is the Open Directory or DMOZ for short as this is where all the major search engines get their directory listings from. For more information on submitting your website to DOMOZ visit

Creating a rough draft of your site.
Now its time to start designing your site. Before we go ahead and start creating a website in Dreamweaver we will need to get the layout and design in place first. If your want a easier way to design your site and your are not familiar with Dreamweaver or technically minded you can always use website builder software to create your website. I would recommend this if you are just starting out, as this is a quick and simple way to get your website up and running. For information on using website building software visit However if you want to get your hands dirty read on.

The Pen is mightier than the mouse.
The first draft of your website should be on paper. Illustrate where your are going to put everything on your final page, including images, text and links, and name them for quick reference. This will save you lots of time later on in Dreamweaver. You can even sketch out a sitemap of all the pages in your website showing what page links to what.

Creating a png file.
Now that you have a rough copy of your layout go ahead and open fireworks or image ready and start creating your site as a png file. Here you can start creating your logo and graphical elements you plan to use. You can create your navigation and add your menus and text so that you can easily refer back to them once in Dreamweaver. Layout everything as it would look like in a browser.This is a good idea as it's easy to make changes unlike in Dreamweaver where changes can be time consuming. Go ahead and save your page as png file.

Well that's it folks for part one In part two I will be creating a site in Dreamweaver, discussing cascading style sheets, usability, accessibility and validating your work to comply with W3G standards.
Please feel free to distribute this article on your website. All I ask is that you place this link in your page:
website design by Kevin J Gallagher
I hope you find this article useful.
Thank you and good luck."

Submission + - Seismic Retrofit of the Golden Gate Bridge

Mark of THE CITY writes: Seventy years after it was opened, and ten years after the seismic retrofit project started, the Golden Gate Bridge faces five years of additional retrofit work. The San Francisco Chronicle has the story here. As the iconic nature of the bridge requires no changes to appearance, this is particularly tough.

Submission + - Get a life or just Google it - the choice is yours

mikesd81 writes: "The Belfast Telegraph has an article Google plans to target people's interests using data collected on its users. From the article: "Google's declaration of intent to assemble the most comprehensive database of personal information has thrown down the gauntlet to civil libertarians. The multi-billion pound search engine claims it wants to "better" the internet experience by organising the world's information and collating data on its users so it can guess what customers are searching for."

The ultimate aim is to make Google so personal that it can target people known to be interested in certain products or services just from their Google activities. For example if you want to buy a particular book from a certain site, Google could locate other sites selling the same book at a cheaper price or it could recommend other books by the same author. Users will only be identified by name if they sign up to one of the log-on services such as G-mail or Frugal.

Critics fear the database is the next step towards an Orwellian Big Brother state. Privacy protection campaigners fear that in certain circumstances law enforcement agents could force internet search engines to surrender personal information."

Submission + - 14-yr-old girl's self portrait stolen for porn DVD

titaniumdoughnut writes: "14 year old girl's self portrait stolen from Flickr and used as cover for porn DVD "Body Magic." TVX Films refuses to acknowledge infringement, claiming to have purchased the image from an unknown stock company and business partner of 25 years, and later blames girl (now 17) for putting her photo on Flickr in the first place. U.S. lawyers requesting £50,000 to take up case.


The DVD continues to be sold and marketed with the photo in question attached. DVD info claims that all models featured are over 18."

Submission + - Prehistoric Men Liked Big Behinds, Researchers Say

acgrissom writes: "Continuing with the trend of presumptuous historical reconstruction, Polish researchers claim that cave men from 15,000 years ago were much more interested in a developed posterior than in any other area of the body. This is based on the unearthing of several figurines which show developed posteriors, and which conspicuously lack heads. "
Operating Systems

Submission + - How to flash motherboard BIOS from Linux?

zlatko writes: You've finally made the move to a Windows-free computer, you're enjoying your brand new Linux OS, no trojans/viruses, no slowdown, everything's perfect. Suddenly, you need to update the BIOS on your motherboard to support some new piece of hardware, but typically the motherboard vendor is offering only DOS based BIOS flash utilities. You panic! Fortunately, this problem is easy to solve...
The Media

Submission + - BBC lose all their original footage of 911

Kerago writes: "The head of news BBC World, Richard Porter, recently disclosed in the BBC World editors blog _of_the_conspiracy.html, that the BBC has lost all of its original 911 footage. Mr Porters response to questions about how this could happen, who was responsible and when this would be reported to the public can be found here: _of_the_conspiracy_2.html This has been kept extremely quiet in the UK media so far."
Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Watch Your Property On TV Using Cam Cameras

thelmaj writes: "Worlds smallest cameras, Digital spy cameras nomally have a digital zoom feature, but lose a lot of clarity when zooming a great distance. For those who love secretive surveillance, spy cameras are readily available at both local and online stores. There are several reasons why someone will want to use spy cameras for surveillance, but most of them are used by professionals. Most hidden cameras can be plugged into other equipment to transmit or record the images if the camera cannot do those functions on its own."

Submission + - Getting out of two-year cellphone contracts

An anonymous reader writes: The Star news online has an article on getting out of 2-year cell phone contracts.. It discusses attempts made by people to get out of contracts. "Pretending to be dead, however, does not work well as a way to break a contract. Sprint Nextel, Verizon and Cingular, for example, may ask for a death certificate. T-Mobile says it does not." It also discusses other "strategies" such as joining the military, moving to a roaming location and so on. Any slashdot readers have interesting experiences on cancelling cell phone contracts, successes and failures?

Submission + - Wikipedia reveals plans for a web search engine

jasonoik writes: Wikia, the company behind wikipedia reveals plans for a new, editable search engine. They say that the goal of the project is to get 5% of the search market. The service does not yet an official release date. The article also leaves open the possibility that the search results may contain advertisments, and concludes by listing figures of the web advertisment market.

Submission + - Opera /. easter egg and new speed dial feature

Thelomen writes: Opera Browser contains a fairly unknown Easter Egg: Simply type /. in the address bar and you are taken directly to This easter egg was recently reported over at .

Other recent news from Opera is their new Speed Dial feature, precent in the most recent build from Desktop Team. Speed Dial is nothing more than 9 bookmarks you can open with CTRL+1 to CTRL+9, however the pages on the Speed Dial are shown as a thumbnail and automatically prefetched in background, making it ideal if you have some heavy pages among your top 10 bookmarks, and you may come to use this feature much more than you thought.

Submission + - Samsung's First Ultra-Mobile PC Optimized For Wind

scdayo writes: Samsung, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announces its newest Ultra- Mobile PC (UMPC) model, the Q1P for Windows Vista, which is Samsung's first UMPC to qualify for Windows Vista certification. With the introduction of Samsung's Q1 and the more powerful Q1P UMPC last year, a new category and form factor for PCs emerged: a truly ultra-mobile device that provides the power of a PC, but can be accessed anytime, anywhere, even where desktop computers are not an option and notebook PCs are impractical. Intended as a companion PC, the Q1 UMPC provides users with an innovative way to combine PC functionality along with multimedia versatility and advanced connectivity, all in an ultra-mobile platform. Featuring an Intel Pentium processor (running at 1.0 GHz), an impressive 60GB hard drive and 1GB of memory — which is twice that of the original Q1 model — Samsung designed the Q1P for Windows Vista UMPC for the professional user who wants a no-compromise, high-performance solution for completing projects and meeting deadlines while on the go. With the Q1P model's increased battery life of approximately two and a half hours, coupled with faster speeds, flexibility and mobile functionality, this product provides a compelling solution in a highly portable package.

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