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Journal Journal: Free Flat Screens and a Gmail Account! 5

8/25/04 : The first six people to sign up under Free Flat Screens and complete an offer under my referal id will get a Gmail invite. I currently have six, but if I get more invites I'll update this page accordingly. Post a comment to this with your email address you signed up under FreeFlatScreens and I'll send your Gmail invite after its confirmed.

OK, its the same people as, but now I'm trying for a free flat screen .
They have a 15" LG LCD, a 17" MAG LCD, a 15" Magnavox LCD TV, a 27" Sony Wega (unf) and a 24" Toshiba TV/VCR/DVD combo. They all retail for about $400...I'm looking at one of the monitors to replace my 5 year old Dell CRT. I couldn't afford this on my own (damn college!) so help me out! Its the same as the thing...go to and sign up...complete an offer ( is gone, so I suggest eBay...sign up for an eBay account [or a new one since you probably already have one] and bid on one item...I chose a $99 20GB iPod, no reserve...heh) and then refer eight friends to do the same. Then you'll get a free flat screen of some sort. really works so I would imagine this does too. Anyway good luck...I will let you know how this turns out. For a free ipod click on one of these links or read below. And even if you don't want a free flat screen , sign up and create an ebay account anyway...please! And use an email address that you don't mind getting spam at. Yes I know I am pathetic, but I'm poor. =( Won't you be my friend? =P

Edit: eBay and Real Rhapsody have been taken you should try InFone. Its free and you can cancel after a few days when your account shows up as credited.

I'll also give out gmail invites to anyone who signs up and completes an offer under my sister's account.

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Journal Journal: Want a free iPod? 13

Edit 2: 8/18/04 I received my iPod mini yesterday...for pics go to Also my roommate's iPod shipped out today. Yes, it really does work. Unf.

I have received all five referals I need, so now I am trying to get a free ipod for my sister. She's a law student and just as poor as I am. Join us on irc,, #freeipods

That's right, a FREE iPod or iPod mini.

Just start a free account, sign up for a 2-week free trial to (you can cancel anytime, or choose a different "offer" completely...I suggest because its free and shows up instantly) and get 5 friends to do the same. If your friends would also like free iPods or minis, all they have to do is refer 5 friends to sign up for an "offer" like an free trial.

Would you like to be my friend? =P
I'm posting other peoples referal links pick either of the two above and help these guys out.

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