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Comment And why should you expect anything different? (Score 4, Informative) 207

If you're instant messaging someone on the company's IM platform on the company's time why the fuck would you have any expectation of any sort of privacy?

I know my company can see everything I can do when I'm logged on to their computer. This is part of the agreement I signed with them. It's also the reason why I don't do stupid shit on my company's network like look for another job or send out resumes from my company email address.

Oh wait, the outrage is because it's Microsoft. Got it.

Comment Re:lots of land, no line (Score 2) 245

ViaSat is actually linking their Via-1 Sartelite with WildBlue so customers of that service should get the better value as soon as this goes live.

I would imagine to take advantage of this at the very least the customers will need a dish repoint to Viasat-1 at 115.1 W if not an all new modem/TRIA to be able to take full advantage of the speeds.

What, you don't think the company would just upgrade a customer's speed at no cost do you? Hah!

Comment Re:Apple is filing this? (Score 5, Interesting) 314

That's a bit strange, no? You'd think Job's family would be the one filing, not Apple, unless they own his personality rights. Which would be kinda creepy, if you think about it.

It's got to be either a) Apple is doing this at the request of his family/estate or b) Steve Jobs gave his personality rights to Apple...which while creepy is not all that far fetched considering how he micromanaged everything to death (no pun intended).

Comment Re:Information Sources? (Score 1) 180

I'd like to see a column containing the source of data indicating that the entity supports SOPA. SOPA support is quickly becoming the 'PR Mark of Death' so there needs to be some semblance of certainty that each entity should really be on that list.

Then create a column and hunt down the information yourself for the benefit of others! See crowdsourced! <snark />

But yeah, on a non-snarky note I agree with you and this information should be included.

Comment Re:LVMH (Score 1) 180

no $1000 handbag for my wife now.

All of the major fashion houses are for SOPA due to knock-offs diluting their brands. See Dolce & Gabbana and others on this list.

Of course you can't dilute the Louis Vuitton brand any more than they have with their tacky monogram logo plastered all over everything, but that's an argument for another time.

Comment Re:Two-handed phone? (Score 1) 246

Even with 4.3" about three quarters of the population won't be able to reach all points across the screen with their thumb when using the phone one-handed without balancing it on three fingers. And not many people will like a phone that NEEDS both hands to use it.

I have issues with anything 4" or above and I don't think I have hands that are that small. On my Galaxy S with a 4" screen I could barely use it with one hand, and on an HTC HD7 that was totally impossible with it's 4.3" screen. 4.65" is just ridiculous and starts to get into Dell Streak 5 territory. But on my iPhone I have no issues with one-handed use and I find it's 3.5" screen perfect. And I'm finding less and less of a reason to Jail Break it with each itteration of iOS.


Free IPv4 Pool Now Down To Seven /8s 460

Zocalo writes "For those of you keeping score, ICANN just allocated another four /8 IPv4 blocks; 23/8 and 100/8 to ARIN, 5/8 and 37/8 to RIPE, leaving just seven /8s unassigned. In effect however, this means that there are now just two /8s available before the entire pool will be assigned due to an arrangement whereby the five Regional Internet Registries would each automatically receive one of the final five /8s once that threshold was met. The IPv4 Address Report counter at Potaroo.net is pending an update and still saying 96 days, but it's now starting to look doubtful that we're going to even make it to January."
Input Devices

USB Is the Devil's Connection 474

Jamie handed us Satan's Data Connection. You see, sane and rational human being, the USB logo is actually in the shape of a trident, and the obvious action to Evangelical Christians in Brazil is to ban its use. Hopefully they don't mispronounce SCSI and find themselves lusting after their PCs.

Comment Re:Remember kids... (Score 1) 262

The problem with Lorem Ipsum is the stupid questions from clients.

" Is it French? What the fuck is this? Don't you speak english? How is anyone supposed to read it?"


Yeah, I get this all the time.

Even once from my old boss when I was working at a newspaper...*sigh*

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