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Comment Re:coming from someone living in Finland... (Score 1) 601

Well if they did, then why is Elop ditching the whole "platform"? Ovi store was growing at a really nice pace (3 million daily downloads a few months ago, now over 4 million daily downloads). If they already had a nice UI for Symbian ready, then why didn't he just go for it instead of this WP7 and destroying OVI approach?

Comment Cores don't matter at the moment (Score 2) 244

The number of cores or their speed doesn't matter at the moment. For example look at Nokia. Their phones tend to have much slower CPUs, but because of better software they run just as fast as the latest & greatest from Samsung etc. I think number of cores and speed will only become a selling point once smartphones become our only computers that we just dock to our keyboard/display terminals at home.

Comment As a microbiologist (Score 1) 405

I'm looking very forward to this announcement! Perhaps arsenic replaces phosphorus in this microbe's DNA backbone? That would be way cool! Then even more interesting would be, how this little fellow compares phylogenetically to archaea and bacteria (my wild guess is that its 16S and 23S rDNA sequences will much resemble those of proteobacteria). Or maybe it'll have no ribosomes (and doesn't show protein synthesis) at all? Perhaps it's the first cellular RNA lifeform discovered! That would be the sweetest thing ever, as it would pretty much "prove" RNA world hypothesis correct!

Comment Re:How about other viruses? (Score 2, Informative) 180

Probably not. Different viruses have different protein coats, and antibodies are very specific on what they attach themselves onto. Should we manage to find a way around this problem (creating specific antibodies for other virions), the next problem would be an even bigger one. Common cold is a positive sense ssRNA virus meaning that its genome is a single stranded piece (or pieces, can't remember) of RNA that functions directly as mRNA for making proteins. Herpes viruses are dsDNA viruses meaning that their genomes consist of a piece of dual stranded DNA. This "virus-crushing machinery (TFA used this word)" that the antibody activates would probably be of no use towards this kind of molecules. It might be of useful for the +ssRNA hepatitis viruses (but HVB is dsDNA virus) and HIV (AIDS IS NOT A VIRUS, BUT A STATE) which genome is also +ssRNA molecule, but I doubt this very much. It all depends on the mode of action of this "virus-crushing machinery". I'm guessing it means RNAse (stuff that breaks RNA molecules). At least HIV would probably be safe, because it becomes dsDNA (and part of your genome) very quickly once it has entered a cell.

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