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Comment Copyright length reduction (Score 0) 209

Start with reducing the copyright length for music and series videos ("TV") to 5 years, Change movies to 10 years.

You've just eliminated a lot of claims. Simple, straightforward, and easy to implement. No more of this death + so many years crap that does not promote anything but corporate profits.

Comment Re:Hopefully this gows (Score 0) 167

I hope not - it sounds like the dentists office, and makes me get that horrible smelling drill feeling.

Seriously, the noise is a big part of the sport. Take that away and it is less interesting (see modern F1 engines). Racing is never "green". You go in a loop and get nowhere, using up tires and fuel / power doing so.

Comment Re:Control... (Score 0) 926

Right. As it is they could care less what we think or want. They buy votes with our own tax dollars and do whatever is necessary (completely lie) to get re-elected. They completely ignore the Constitution (our laws for them) and no one (the free press) holds them accountable.

We must ensure that they fear us instead. We must remind them they are public servants - and we are their masters, not the other way around.

Comment Re:Better model needed (Score 0) 355


The answer is first SHRINK IT. Then bin the horrible excuse of an income tax and replace it with a national sales tax so everyone pays tax.

Look at this list of departments and agencies and tell me you have even a clue at what half of these do for us taxpayers - and how they don't overlap other federal or state agencies. The size of the federal government is obese and needs to be put on a diet. Simply getting rid of departments and agencies that do not have to be at the federal level would be a good starting place (e.g. Dept of Education). Others like pure science, NASA, etc. should remain at the federal level.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 0) 355

> Did Obama let it happen?


Congress - the House and the Senate must work together to pass a BUDGET before the current one expires. That is then signed into law by the current President.

This CR business is a real problem, and the Senate seems uninterested in actually doing to work to create one. Instead of normal, yearly budgets passed in the spring, in plenty of time - we just keep taking onto what we had the previous year in a "crisis" mode not long before 1 October. That honestly IS in a good part Obama's fault. The democrat held Senate has not passed a budget since April 2009! And democrats still had the majority in spring 2010, so no excuses there.

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