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Comment Re:worse yet (Score 1) 136

Nitro is cool, you run at crazy high stoichiometric ratios. But it's EXPENSIVE, and nitro engines don't last long. Nitro produces nitric acid as part of combustion, this would rapidly eat away engine components. That's why nitro is pretty much only used in drag racing where an engine only needs to last a few seconds.

For longevity, reliability and power, E85 is a really the best way to go.

Comment Re:worse yet (Score 1) 136

What are you talking about, E85 is awesome. I have a boosted S2000, with an AEM ecu, and ethanol sensor. On E85, it cranks the stoichiometric ratio up 30%, and it know E85 has about a 115 octane rating. That means I can safely run at 30 lbs of boost, and I've put down over 500hp at the wheels out of a 2 liter engine. E85 also caries significant amount of heat away, so your heads and valves run much cooler.

Comment WebP is an image file format! (Score 5, Informative) 105

This is an extremely poorly written abstract and so completely full of buzzwords.

WebP is a freaking image file format, its that freaking simple. I mean 500 words of bullshit about "technology from Google that allows developers to create smaller, richer images that make the web faster.",
Literally all they had to say was WebP is like JPG except it compresses more. Thats it, no need to say anything else.

Comment systemd works perfect on 1020 node Cray XE6 (Score 4, Interesting) 293

We run SUSE SLES 12 with systemd on our 1020 node Cray XE6 and it works just perfectly. What a joke, "veteran unix administrators", it doesn't get much more complex than a 1020 node, 21,824 processor Cray XE6 with Nvidia Tesla on each compute node. Node management and integration with the job scheduler is significantly simpler than older versions. The older system was a mess of shell scripts, perl scripts, and who knows what else, the new system is all streamlined in a simple config file and few modules.

Comment Re: Hipsters can ruin UIs like nobody else. (Score 1) 176

Excellent analysis of the hipster type However a few points I believe are wrong. 1: All hipsters do is spend their parents money, hipsters generally never do anything to actually earn money themselves -- hipsters don't have jobs Because they don't work, you can't have hipsters working as UI designers.

Comment Re: Meh (Score 2) 276

You have to replace these parts anyway when building an engine. Because US emissions were specifically designed to choke small cars, the US versions only made 130 HP, but the euro ones made close to 200. I've had a few PRVs apart, it's actually a good basic design -- free flowing heads, hemi comb chambers, decent bottom end. All they need is to use the euro cam, and modern high comp pistons and exhaust. The euro ones never had an issue with power, just use euro spec bits and you're good

Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 276

The PRV is actually a rather well designed engine, it just castrated to death by US emissions regulations (these were created by big3 lobbyists to kill high efficiency small foreign cars and choke them to death with NOx restrictions, which are no problem for super low compression, gas guzlng V8s, but very hard on high efficient, high compression foreign 4 cylinders). Anyway, it's trivial to get a good 200-250 HP out of a PRV V6: Just crank the compression back up to 10:1, put a decent cam with some overlap, and use a modern magna flow catalytic converter. No need for any engine swap, just fix the PRV V6

Comment Re:All settings moved to gconf-editor. (Score 1) 151

Its a normal standard thing to change the color, why should we thing everybody like the same color, especially with such a horrid default theme.

Windows let you change color and font since I think Windows 1.0, which was what 1990? How come Microsoft could figure out how to let users change color 25 years ago, but Gnome still can't figure it out.

What is so insanely hard about making a standard control panel pane to do this. Why does it have to be a separate download. What kind of impression do you think this gives users? Think about it, somebody's been using Windows for a while, and they try Linux/Gnome, and they want to do something insanely trivial like change a wallpaper or font, and they then need to try to figure out how to use a package manager for that???

No wonder nobody uses desktop Linux.

I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant, I'm a Gnome user, have been for a long time, I just want them to provide some basic features that users expect without having to download 3rd party add ons.

Comment Re:Will settings app actually let you change theme (Score 1) 151

Then why is there ZERO integration with it? Why is it some python scripted separate app instead of being a normal control panel pane, like changing color is in every other operating system on the planet. Why do you have do a separate download. Thats it just utterly crazy that it does not have the ability built in to change color.

Comment Re:All settings moved to gconf-editor. (Score 1) 151

Why isn't there a normal standard control panel pane to change basic things like color or font, like Windows 3.0 had 20 years ago. Why do I have to find and download a frankly crap application (gnome tweak tool) to change basic settings that every user would want to change.

Windows and OS X have had this ability since the beginning, how hard could it possibly be to have built in control panel page to change color and font like Windows.

Comment Will settings app actually let you change theme? (Score 1) 151

I use Gnome, but I think one of the most truly ludicrous, flipping insane ideas is you need a freaking 3rd party app (gnome tweak tool) to change basic things like color or font.

Whats even worse is the 3rd party app is some python scripted crap.

Hello, I mean Windows 3.0 let you change colors and fonts, we're living in 2016 and Gnome still won't let you do what Windows could in 1993?????

Whats so insanely hard about having a built in control panel pane that lets you configure basic things without having to download a 3rd party app.

Comment Re: Just use a better muffler??? (Score 1) 153

Sound insulation tends to hold in heat as well, so now you need the weight of extra cooling as well.

You need to think like an engineer. You can't add things in isolation. Every one thing you change has effects that cascade and change a dozen other things. It could be that all the necessary changes would make it too heavy.. Or make it too large... Or make it use too much energy... Or the expense of everything added and the studies needed to recertify it were prohibitive.

I don't sound like an engineer, Mr anonymous coward troll, FYI, PhD in Engineering Physics from Purdue right here, and I've been wrenching on engines since I was 5.
Its not a hard problem to make things quiet. Boston Dynamics solved the DAMNED HARD problem of walking, stability and self-guidance. Compared to these problems, adding a bit of quiet is trivial. Its clear from the videos that these are prototype mules, final versions would have had paneling, and would have used probably a more specialized engine. My guess is they just grabbed some farm equipment engine off the shelf to get a prototype together and didn't pay much attention to noise at this early stage, noise is an easy problem to deal at a later stage. Done right, a better muffler, some sound deadening panels would maybe add 20 lbs at most, and you construct the panels such that the dampen noise, but still provide path for heat exchange. Dealing with noise is a very standard and well worked out engineering problem, and its nothing compared to the problems that Boston Dynamics has overcome.

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