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Comment Breaking news from the Gee, Ya Think dept. (Score 1) 236

Say it isn't so, multiple process, constant IPC messages, massive amounts of wasted memory in multiple processes consume more energy. Nahh, really, say it isn't so.

Energy usage is directly related to memory usage: more memory used means more energy required to access it.

We need to get back to writing efficient code again. By that, code that minimized memory and CPU usage, and is not a bloated multi-process pig like Chrome.

This multi-process crap is the biggest pile of crap, it increases complexity by SEVERAL ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE, it takes something that used to be a clean elegant design like WebKit and makes it into the multi-process monster that is completely and totally unintelligible to anyone other that a few core devs. It wasted a massive amount of memory, wastes CPU and wastes energy.

Comment Open offices are designed for spying (Score 1) 290

Where I used to work, we first had normal cubicles. Then management had this brilliant idea to go with open offices, but where everyone sat looking at other people's screens. This was to encourage people to spy and report coworkers.

It was a disaster because no one got work done, constant chatting and distractions.

Comment Re:WHAT ABOUT MEMORY USAGE!!! (Score 2) 137

I do use AdBlock, in fact, I would say that today's internet is literally unusable without AdBlock. Go to a page like cnn or nbcnews without AdBlock and about 500,000 adware, crapware loading scripts are running killing you with this taboola revcontent garbage. Ads have become so incredibly obtrusive that browsing without an adblocker is next to impossible, especially on a tablet with limited memory and processor power.

Comment Re:WHAT ABOUT MEMORY USAGE!!! (Score 1) 137

Huge memory usage brings with it a range of problems. Instead of the browser itself choking on a page (rarely happens), now the entire operating system chokes because the browser gobbles up all the available memory. I have a bad habit of keeping lots of tabs open, and over time, each of them consumes more memory. I've fairly regularly have a 8GB 2015 iMac completely lock up because the browser used up all the available memory.

Its just plain sloppy careless coding. If you're not paying attention to how much memory a systems level component (like browsers are becoming), then you have no business writing systems software.

So, I say, lets have a memory usage shootout, and try it on different operating systems.

Comment WHAT ABOUT MEMORY USAGE!!! (Score 1, Troll) 137

All browsers are fast, OK we get it. Now what about the real issue, MEMORY USAGE!!!

Memory consumption is the big problem with modern browsers, how inefficient are they, how much memory do they consume over time, how often do you need to restart them because they consume all the memory on your machines. I don't use Windows, but I can say on OS X, Chrome is probably about the absolute worst with memory usage, it will typically hog about 200-500 MB per freaking web page. Yes, half a freaking gig just for a damned web page, thats utterly ridiculous.

When you start comparing efficiency, let me know.

Comment Re:worse yet (Score 1) 136

Nitro is cool, you run at crazy high stoichiometric ratios. But it's EXPENSIVE, and nitro engines don't last long. Nitro produces nitric acid as part of combustion, this would rapidly eat away engine components. That's why nitro is pretty much only used in drag racing where an engine only needs to last a few seconds.

For longevity, reliability and power, E85 is a really the best way to go.

Comment Re:worse yet (Score 1) 136

What are you talking about, E85 is awesome. I have a boosted S2000, with an AEM ecu, and ethanol sensor. On E85, it cranks the stoichiometric ratio up 30%, and it know E85 has about a 115 octane rating. That means I can safely run at 30 lbs of boost, and I've put down over 500hp at the wheels out of a 2 liter engine. E85 also caries significant amount of heat away, so your heads and valves run much cooler.

Comment WebP is an image file format! (Score 5, Informative) 105

This is an extremely poorly written abstract and so completely full of buzzwords.

WebP is a freaking image file format, its that freaking simple. I mean 500 words of bullshit about "technology from Google that allows developers to create smaller, richer images that make the web faster.",
Literally all they had to say was WebP is like JPG except it compresses more. Thats it, no need to say anything else.

Comment systemd works perfect on 1020 node Cray XE6 (Score 4, Interesting) 293

We run SUSE SLES 12 with systemd on our 1020 node Cray XE6 and it works just perfectly. What a joke, "veteran unix administrators", it doesn't get much more complex than a 1020 node, 21,824 processor Cray XE6 with Nvidia Tesla on each compute node. Node management and integration with the job scheduler is significantly simpler than older versions. The older system was a mess of shell scripts, perl scripts, and who knows what else, the new system is all streamlined in a simple config file and few modules.

Comment Re: Hipsters can ruin UIs like nobody else. (Score 1) 176

Excellent analysis of the hipster type However a few points I believe are wrong. 1: All hipsters do is spend their parents money, hipsters generally never do anything to actually earn money themselves -- hipsters don't have jobs Because they don't work, you can't have hipsters working as UI designers.

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