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Comment Discretion in police matters isn't always good (Score 1) 467

Actually, some research suggests that police utilize discretion unjustly. When there are too many laws to enforce every case, police must use (you guessed it) discretion in deciding which cases to pursue.

That could involve "just" discretion, i.e. ignoring minor infractions that don't impose harm to anyone else. It could also involve unjust discretion, such as ignoring infractions by people of your own race and throwing the book at people of other races.

See for example:

Oh, and F*ck Beta. (Why, you ask? Because just a week or so after Dice publishes their mea culpa, we're slowing things way down and we won't push this out because it's not ready yet... the default dns record of redirects to beta. Also, Beta ate this comment the first time I tried posting it.)

Comment Re: Statute of limitations (Score 2) 467

Actually, some research shows that the more laws there are to enforce, the more selective police get in enforcing them and (you guessed it), they use discretion in doing so.

Sometimes that discretion is "just" (i.e. ignoring small infractions that don't present a danger to others) and sometimes it is not (i.e. doing the above for people of your own race, and throwing the book at people of other races).

See for example:

Comment Re:Why? Umm, let's do some math (Score 1) 723

for reference, Minneapolis (a much smaller city, but one that gets more severe storms) spends about $9 million a year maintaining:

"39 tandem-axle dump trucks with sander units and plows
15 tandem-axle dump trucks with plows
15 single-axle dump trucks with sander units and plows
3 motor graders
12 front-end loaders with spade-nosed buckets or plows
To round out the fleet, 15 motor graders and four front-end loaders equipped with front and side plows are rented for the winter season and staffed by City operators
Finally, to accomplish the alley plowing in the shortest time frame, 20 front-end loaders with operators are contracted on an as-needed basis"


Comment Re:Salted in advance? (Score 1) 723

You must have missed what clogged all the roads in Atlanta: semi trucks that couldn't make slight grades. Personal vehicles were certainly having trouble too, but this doesn't all fall on "inexperienced in the snow" Atlantans. I lived in the upper midwest for several years, and I DID see pre-emptive salting.

Comment Adapted Obfuscation (Score 1) 465

Silly researchers. Don't they know that Time Travelers take a course on Adaptive Obfuscation in their junior year of Time Traveler School in which they are taught all the methods history has every come up with to detect time travel? All they've done is added an inset to the course textbook in the chapter on the late 20th/early 21st century.

But wait, maybe they SUSPECT this is the course of history, and the researchers have invested heavily in industries that will be involved in time travel textbook publishing!

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