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Comment Re:do yo u really think senior mgmt will read a bo (Score 1) 181

He pays you to make him secure, yet your lack of social skills at selling the security business case caused an incident. I'd fire you too. IT people need to understand that business is more that just good ideas. Selling those ideas (whether it be the product, the HR policy, or the IT security requirements) are all skills everyone senior employee should have. If your IT manager failed to sell it then someone else deserves a chance at his job.

Comment Re:do yo u really think senior mgmt will read a bo (Score 1) 181

Have you ever stopped and wondered why? Maybe, just maybe it's you? I mean I've worked in IT a long time, I know the drill, but it's only recently I learnt how to run a business, and how to deal with company politics. In general IT people are shit at making a business case, therefore they get ignored. And this is how it should be. In short, if you can't sell an idea then don't blame the idea or the buyer.

Comment Re:It's official (Score 1) 276

Now the little people, cryptographers, libertarians and online geeks, have actually managed to build up a decentralized payment infrastructure without government or corporate help. That's a damn impressive achievement,

Is it really? I mean most of this type of stuff is invented by the little people. Edison, Bell.. even Gates and Jobs were all little people when they started out. I'd be more impressed if something like happened with government involvement

Comment Re:BTC can't replace "cash" (Score 1) 276

More importantly you can't do a simple, casual transaction that requires no thought. That means at least half the population will never use it, and probably 90% of the other half too. I don't want to have to think every time I spend money. I pull out a piece of paper with a 10 on it, everyone knows the score. BTC will never have that.

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