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Comment Buyback of Cars (Score 1) 115

Well, I submitted my buyback in December and haven''t heard a word from Volkswagon on the issue.

On top of that, when I call about my car they consistently tell me my signed papers aren't in order, or my papers are blank, or my papers are not received from their settlement portal or they are notorized wrong...the excuses are endless, and of course all false.

It is starting to get sorta irritating and although I signed papers to not pursue further damages, I didn't sign papers with the intention they would lie to me on the phone, obfuscate the return or just simply ignore my phone calls, which I am starting to consider that the offer was in bad faith.

They better start responding to my inquiries about my 2015 TDI or I am going to get an attorney and sue them based on bargaining in bad faith.

Comment Globalist Idiots. (Score 1) 1149

I think most I know don't like people coming into their country breaking laws, particularly Immigration Laws.

Some people are upset. Some people are more upset than others.

Importing large amounts of people using the law to enable legal immigration, to malign, or aggravate a local culture in a country is probably a bad idea.

I can't think of something more politically charged than importing large numbers of people for the gain of a few, to undercut the hard work of a local culture to educate themselves only to find that they are priced out of the market. You can see this happening in the USA right now and it is creating structural problems economically that, are going to be quite explosive in the coming decade.

This idea that anything goes for profit or labor cost to obtain unfair trade deals by leveraging Third world people in a 1st world context will bring war if it isn't stopped. It incites people to listen to these globalist complain they can't find qualified people to do a given job, for example, when they are being blatently untruthful and only care about the cost of labor.

A very very nasty big war is coming.

Comment Gag me....WTH? (Score 0) 113

I read this and felt like half my Xmas turkey was coming backup.

God awful news....now I have to build the damn thing myself...again...

So you know I always had this idea of starting a community site where people could cooperate and build AOSP distros... ;-)

Comment Our Government in the US (Score 2, Interesting) 360

Some things I find disturbing:

"By hacking and dumping emails, Russia is trying 'to denigrate the American electoral system, to make it look chaotic, make it look manipulable, make it look subject to intrusion, cheating and vulnerable so you can't trust it...to make us look no better than the Russian electoral system,'" said one senior White House official. Russia is also expected to extend their efforts toward elections in Europe..."

Let me get this straight.

Even IF Russia was dumping Emails, and let me be clear...they are not...all of these Emails have been verified by FBI sources. Which, means, the democratic party has voters who do not care if their candidate is a treasonous criminal, the are voting for Hillary anyway.


"U.S. military hackers have penetrated Russia's electric grid, telecommunications networks and the Kremlin's command systems, making them vulnerable to attack by secret American cyber weapons should the U.S. deem it necessary, according to a senior intelligence official and top-secret documents reviewed by NBC News."

This is an act of war. Not on a goat herding nation that can't fight back. These VERY DESPERATE OLIGARCHS are trying to start a distraction from their criminal activities, and provoke a NUCLEAR POWER, that could wipe out the eastern seaboard in about 20 minutes.

No Russia is not Iraq, far from it.

These people kicked Napoleans ass, Hitlers ass while European fags cowered in their boots and some, Like the French surrenderd without even a fight in World War 2.

All of this activity by the US government is TREASON, they have no right to start a war without full authorization from Congress let alone attack another country either cyber or physically wise.

One more thing.

These Executive orders effectively has made the President a king. These have to be immediately reversed an stopped.

No individual branch of goverment has that sort of authority except congress with a majority vote of 2/3rds.

Comment Russian Hackers did it. (Score 1) 209

I don't always crash the markets. But when I do I do it from my parents basement.

Trade Frosty my friend.

What a load of horse crap. No way did this one guy crash the market.

The markets are rigged. Since 2007 we do not have a market economy.

Everything is now planned by the Fed.

We ARE now the Russians.

Comment War With Russia to Cover the Criminality (Score 1) 352

I mean do they think we are stupid?

Imminent collapse of the entire Western Banking System due to incredible never before seen in the history of the world lawlessness and money printing.

So they can say, "See we had to go to war with Russia so the banking system would collapse and we could blame them so you don't suspect all of the criminal activities since 2007 actually did it."

They start a war with Russia to cover this up and there is goingto be a serious WAR at home.

Never go full retard.

Comment Its Russia's Fault Translation (Score 5, Interesting) 689

We want that pipeline from the middle east through Syria to Eastern Europe so we can destroy GAZPROM, and any Russian influence in EU energy planning.

I am not kidding. We are on the verge of going to war with Russia in Syria over a stupid oil pipeline.

This has nothing to do with Assad other than the fact he said NO to the pipeline.

We are comfortable with other Dictators we call friends but somehow Assad is a really bad man.

What crap.

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