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Comment Called me three times in 3 months (Score 2) 110

Yes I received calls, 3 in about 3 months, they did not stay on the phone long.

1st time - Caller: "You have a problem with your Microsoft Windows".
Me: "I run Linux"
Caller: Hangs up

2nd time - Caller: "You have a problem with your Computer".
Me: "How do you know which one, I have 6"
Caller: Hangs up

3rd time - Caller: "Your computer...."
Me: Hangs up

It is good they have been taken down, after working on helpdesks in the past I imagine many non-technical users would fall for a scam such as this.

Submission + - ForestWatchers: A citizen project for forest monitoring (

teleyinex writes: is a citizen project with the goal of making possible to anyone (locals, volunteers, NGOs, governments, etc), anywhere in the world, to monitor selected patches of forest across the globe, almost in real-time, using a computer connected to the Internet.

The project has recencently released a first alpha web application (built using the open source crowdsourcing PyBossa framework) where volunteers can participate classifying satellite images of one area of the Amazon basin.

The project is looking for feedback and help about this first application.


Submission + - Microsoft Denies Wasted Energy At Data Centre (

judgecorp writes: "Microsoft has denied reports in the New York Times that it deliberately wasted energy in a data centre, as reported by the New York Times. The potential burn was averted by negotiating an under-consumption penalty downwards, Microsoft has said — and in any case, the electricity used was generated from renewable sources so would not have produced appreciable pollution. The Times article was a broad attack on the environmentaal record of the data centre industry, which has been criticised for issues such as confusing in-house data centres with more efficient cloud providers."

Comment BuySellAds has paid tweets (Score 1) 75

On BuySellAds you can pay up to a few hundred dollars for a paid tweet. However, some of the sites that appear to have thousands of followers have little traffic. No doubt there is one or two sites on there with fake followers offering Paid tweets.

This is not BSA problem really, but I would recommend being mindful and researching the site in question before coughing up the dollars.

Comment VxWorks modules in Metasploit (Score 2) 452


Submission + - Bitcoin-Based Drug Market Silk Road Thriving With $22 Million In Annual Sales (

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: Every day or so of the last six months, Carnegie Mellon computer security professor Nicolas Christin has crawled and scraped Silk Road, the Tor- and Bitcoin-based underground online market for illegal drug sales.

Now Christin has released a paper on his findings, which show that the site's business is booming: its number of sellers, who offer everything from cocaine to ecstasy, has jumped from around 300 in February to more than 550. Its total sales now add up to around $1.9 million a month. And its operators generate more than $6,000 a day in commissions for themselves, compared with around $2,500 in February.

Most surprising, perhaps, is that buyers rate the sellers on the site as relatively trustworthy, despite the fact that no real identities are used. Close to 98% of ratings on the site are positive.

Comment While only ~1% of top websites are IPv6 capable (Score 5, Interesting) 155

I did this analysis of the Alexa Top 1 million before World IPv6 day.
* 1.1% of sites in the top 1 million had AAAA records
* Only 4 of the top 50 tech companies websites were IPv6 capable

Post World IPv6 day version to be released soon.

Comment IPv6 Infographic - usage in Top 1 Million Sites (Score 0) 236

I did this analysis back in March, here is a quick summary of sites found with AAAA records:
* 1% of total sites
* ~5% of sites in Germany and Russia
* 0.38% of sites in the USA
* 90% of sites are running Apache or Nginx
* 4% of sites are running IIS

In July, I am planning on a follow-up to see if there is any major change in the numbers.

Submission + - IPv6 enabled websites primarily European based and powered by Linux (

An anonymous reader writes: A recent study by of the top 1 million web sites shows European based web hosts are leading the way towards IPv6. Germany and Russia have about 5% of websites sitting on IPv6 enabled domains, while the USA sits at 0.38%. Of the IPv6 enabled websites; Apache and Nginx host over 90% of the total web sites, while Microsoft IIS sits at 4.5%.

A second study is planned following World IPv6 day to examine any significant increase in the number of IPv6 enabled web sites.

Comment Desktop bling vs Fluxbox usability (Score 0) 134

Whether its Gnome or KDE, Unity or Metro - if the desktop bling gets in the way of a smooth user experience then the deskop is not doing its job.

From time to time I try the latest and greatest desktop environment and perhaps I will go to a "heavy" desktop in the future but for now Fluxbox serves its purpose and will stay as my default desktop.

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