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Comment Re:Blackberry's problem (Score 1) 207

whats with the anonymous cowards who are bb devs?

I'm also a blackberry developer and would like to point out there there really isn't anyone who isn't on 4.6 or 4.7

anyway, that's not true at all. The number one selling smart phone in q1 2009 is the Blackberry Curve. Since the majority of those sales were driven by the Verizon bogo on the 8330,i don't really think 4.6 is a reasonable. 4.5, maybe, but 4.6 is still too new.

Comment Re:Snow crashes? (Score 1) 142

Actually happened to me several times in the past few months with some preproduction mobile phone's i've been working with.

Whole screen snows for 45seconds or so and then it returns to normal.

Submission + - GPS III to No Longer Have Selective Availability ( 2

Cobalt Jacket writes: The U.S. Department of Defense has announced that Selective Availability (SA) would "no longer be present in the next generation of GPS satellites." (referring to GPS III) Existing satellites have had the feature disabled by President Clinton since 2000, but SA can be activated at any time. SA was one of the principle stated reasons for the European Union and European Space Agency's backing of the Galileo program. This will not affect the GPS IIF spacecraft which will be launched over the next few years, though it is unlikely that SA will ever be utilized on those satellites.

Submission + - Software "Upgrade" Disallows Remote Deskto 2

langelgjm writes: "I work for a small business, and I have been using Remote Desktop to work from home and school quite happily for the past 3 years. We recently purchased an upgrade to one of our manufacturing software packages (this is high-priced CAD/CAM stuff, complete with hardware security dongles), and I just discovered that the "upgrade" no longer allows the application to be run over Remote Desktop. This wasn't disclosed anywhere. I called the distributor, and was told that my options are to buy a network key and another license for the software, which will cost several thousand dollars, or to use a service like GoToMyPC or VNC. Frankly, I'm at a loss; I don't understand: 1) why they deny Remote Desktop but then suggest you use another program to accomplish the same thing; 2) why I should need a network key and two licenses when only one person can use Remote Desktop at a time; 3) why I should have to pay nearly $200 a year indefinitely and rely on a third party (GoToMyPC) to accomplish what I've been doing for free in the past. I specifically chose not to use VNC because Remote Desktop is significantly faster and better looking over slow network connections; also, Remote Desktop has lightweight and secure clients for OS X, Pocket PC, and Linux, all of which I use.

Have any Slashdotters been in a similar situation? Is there a workaround that will allow me to keep using Remote Desktop? Why do companies feel the need to remove completely valid, legal, and extremely useful features from new versions?"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Turbo SIM Totally Unlocks iPhone (

An anonymous reader writes: Hackers are claiming that you now can 100%-unlock the iPhone using a Turbo SIM card, without depending on the version of your current carrier card. Testers say it will give you full calling, SMS and GPRS data capabilities with any network and no extra hardware needed, since it only requires you to modify the $80 blank SIM using your own iPhone.

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