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Comment Already doing that for years (Score 1) 108

I have been using a Tivo with a free Comcast cablecard for many years without renting their "cable box". Comcast was required by law to give me two free cable cards, and each card went into a dual channel Tivo receiver to record two simultaneous standard "broadcast" stations on each, for a total of four recording channels for zero cost beyond the dirt cheap package that Comcast doesn't want you to know exists. Between that and Amazon Prime video I have way more than I can keep up with. I was not about to upgrade the Comcast service with all the wiz-bang-HD-you-pay-for-it channels. When they finally think to unbundle the expensive channels packages and give me what few channels I do want, then we'll see. In the mean time I have _way_ more than enough to watch without all the expensive upgrades.

Comment The billionaires (Score 1) 334

The billionaires running the country just want to know when they can buy golf clubs made out of this stuff Their brilliant reasoning, that Hydrogen is so light weight, so these clubs ought to sent those balls just flying in Scotland! Never mind the 495 GigaPascals of compression, or the gigawats needed to create just micrograms, they say this stuff is shiny!

Next 2:00AM Tweet: "We got something you don't got #Putin" "I'm going golfing tomorrow #Putin Ha ha"

This is exactly the type of thing they want their future US research dollars going into. None of that wasted warm-whatever research, its millions of new manufacturing jobs on the line! Those Chinese and Mexicans still have a long way to to go to catch up before making that cheap stuff. We will just tax it at the border, raising our own prices, to pay for the wall that they will just swim around, dig under, or buy a plane ticket to fly over legally. We'll show them who's really paying for that wall!

Comment My ex-supervisor, many years ago tried this... (Score 1) 433

Then one day, he made the mistake of asking me to fudge a time card on a Government contract. He is now history, canned quickly, and unemployable on anything Government at this point.

You can irritate your underlings, you can abuse your power in a small company, but in a slightly larger one with Government contracts don't even get caught breaking the law. Not sure if this helps, but there are some things you just can't talk your way out of with upper management. Being a superstar just won't save you when you royally screw up.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I wonder how that happened?

Comment It already has. (Score 1) 504

Solar is already cheaper once you factor in the cost to our Ecology, health, etc. The only thing holding back wind and solar is a good mechanism for load leveling the differences between day and night, wind and no wind. While some regions are capable of pumping water uphill to level out the power availability, what is missing is a more general mechanism such as huge banks of "flow batteries" that charge an electrolyte that can be stored in mass quantity and used to put power on the grid when needed. This temporary energy storage problem should be where the real research grant money should be invested, but don't hold your breath for Trump to do anything like that. For the next four years its up to private investors to choose and invest wisely in technology that has the potential to fix things.

Comment Re:In Short (Score 1) 101

How would a Class Action suit stack up against the 'overly broad' request? Should they not be required to show justification for each request? How is this any different than a bulk search and seizure of personal banking statements without a warrant stating what specific activity is even being searched for?

Comment Re:Microsoft finally fixed the BSOD (Score 1) 142

After consulting with all the new Trump cabinet members whom are knowledgeable in science, there was a major move by Microsoft to help save the [Ecology]^h^h^h^h^h^h^h Economy. After speaking with their elite scientists on Marketing Hyperbole, not only can Investors now say that Microsoft's "new technology" (NT kernel) is "green", but due to the (now hear this) "actual laws of physics", it is undeniable that using the green wavelength rather than a blue one does actually save electricity! Seeing the number of PC's that are perpetually locked in this state of operation, and turning them off would be completely Un-American, to not burn that coal, Trump is claiming we as a nation now stand to save millions on energy costs every day due to this new Government cost control measure!. "More coal, less Government waste!" is the new mantra.

And to think some skeptics were going to say Trump's new cabinet was going to be completely techno-phobic and ineffective when it comes to actual "progressive change" and protections for the future [of]^h^h climate change. These guys actually know their physics! Eat Your Words Media! And keep in mind that Trump hasn't even taken office yet! Watch out ISIS!

Comment Re:I always remind this sentence... (Score 1) 37

Franklin would be at the top of the [British] no-fly list if he were alive today.

French and American, not so much. United States didn't exist until after he was a dissident, and most Americans would give him a pass on that remark. Besides, how are you going to look him up if he had not been allowed to return back and "discover electricity"? Archibald Spencer might disagree with that so called "discovery" thing, since he had been lecturing on the subject since '43.

Comment Re:Ideally a manifest/profile from IoT makers... (Score 2) 230

Many baby monitors and security cams automagically punch a hole through your home router using Plug-n-play, which is a very bad idea for home security. On the surface thsi doesn't sound much different than what you propose, only I think your profile idea likely was meant to place additional restrictions on how that hole is to be managed. Once the router opens a hole for a device almost anything can flow through that hole unless the router does deep packet inspection, and any SSL used to make that connection safe would likely prevent that. IP and port numbers is what the router can easily manage.

I would think the profile idea would be a sound one, if it created a restricted vpn between known devices. But then that requires user intervention to configure what is allowed to connect to it. Without that information it should be a default deny policy to that port/ip. What I think we need is a simple API used to make associations between user IoT devices that are permitted to talk, and let the routers work out the details of how they communicate. Make it very simple for the non security aware user, to just point and click on registered devices that they own and assign a profile of permissions for non-owned devices to connect to. Let the routers having that API work out the cryptographic key exchanges with all devices on the IoT network.

Comment Re:what about COMMAND.COM? (Score 2) 280


Gates: There, fixed it to work better! (CP/M ==> QDOS Quick and Dirty OS, aka. PC-DOS).

IBM: Well, except all the arguments are all backwards. How do we ever fix that? How will we ever sell this thing? Nobody will ever figure out how to use it now...

Gates: Easy, I'll write a contract to force everyone to buy a copy along with the machine. Just like selling a car with an engine.

Comment Finally a reason to upgrade to Windows 10? (Score 2) 124

After resisting for the better part of a year, I may finally have a reason to "upgrade" to Windows 10? The killer feature of Windows 10 is being able to remove features. Go figure...

Unfortunately, the most annoying feature I want to remove most often is Windows(tm).

Comment I got one question (Score 1) 410

How is that Magistrate Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto treating you?

Which case is it, USA v. Shkreli Case "1:15-cr-00637" or "1:15-cr-00637-KAM"?

Any chance you would share the court records with us? It seems that the only "public records" I can find are behind a lawyer only pay wall
Unfortunately one needs either a PACER or login account just to check in on how you are doing.

Comment same but different (Score 1) 106

They broke no law that I can see, but they are an enabling technology. An analogy might be that they are like a car rental company that advertises that they have the best get-away-cars money can rent, where as Google is yor normal Hertz or Avis car rental that checks references and credit status before renting. Its not the same thing to index files with the intended audience of thieves vs a general indexing service that tries not to attract the wrong people. Yes, they index legitimate torrents, but that might not be their intended audience. The qualifier is "intent", and that is what the US court system needs to prove, if the extradition is successful. For the time being they are presumed innocent under current US law, so extradition might be a problem as it should be.

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