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Comment Re:facebook can go die in a fire (Score 1) 124

I'm over 50 and regularly deal with Millennials and other 'younger' folks on a professional basis and they fall into 2 distinct camps:
1) Reasonable and interested in the wider world around them and where they fit into it. Well informed and knowledgeable.
2) Glued to FB/Twitter/texting to such an extent that it has become their *only* source of information. These folks regularly fall into holes (figurative and literal), walk into utility poles and kill others while driving. These are some of the most shallow and self-absorbed beings I've ever encountered. They make me concerned for our species.

Yes, I know this isn't limited to those on the younger end of life, but its effects seem most profound there.

Comment Re:WABI from SUN (Score 1) 405

Because they didn't think they needed to, and especially WRT Microsoft, they were disinclined to pay up. Larry is simply trying to sue Google because there may be money in it. Sun had the IP (bought from SavaJe) to implement something similar to Android but not the time or money to invest in it and CHOSE not to pursue it. JavaME was so far from usable as to be irrelevant. Google was willing to invest and succeed, Oracle is angry. Poor Oracle.

Full disclosure - former Sun employee.

Comment Takedown (Score 1) 311

Takedown requests under the guise of the DMCA are the trademark equivalent of patent trolls. Current law really doesn't give much recourse to those harmed by spurious requests like this one. What about the artist who had his original work taken down because someone simply didn't 'like' it? Power without control or accountability.

Submission + - MIT Brushes Up on 3D-Printing Hair (

Zothecula writes: Researchers at MIT's Media Lab have developed a method for 3D printing hair structures with a diameter as small as 50 micrometers each. With the ability to create finely detailed surfaces, touch sensors and even actuating motors, the technology could be used to make customized paint brushes, Velcro-like mechanical adhesives, and touch-sensitive plush toys.

Submission + - Virtual Partner Created For 'Emotional' Turing Test

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences at Florida Atlantic University have created a virtual partner to conduct an ‘emotional’ Turing test, designed to test the emotional response that can be elicited from a human by a machine. The model used was faceless, with emotional engagement signalled instead by an avatar based on hands. The researchers found that hand movements alone were enough to elicit emotional responses from the human partner.

Submission + - ARM Tapes Out Next-Gen 64-Bit Artemis Mobile Chip On 10nm TSMC FinFET Process (

MojoKid writes: ARM has been working closely with TSMC for years now. Over the last six years or so especially, ARM and TSMC have collaborated to ensure that TSMC's cutting-edge process technologies work well with ARM's processor IP. However recently, ARM just announced the successful tape-out of a test chip featuring next-generation, 64-Bit ARM v8-A mobile processor cores, codenamed Artemis, manufactured using TSMC's upcoming 10nm FinFET process technology. The test chip features what ARM calls an Artemis cluster. It's essentially a quad-core processor with power management IP, a single-shader Mali graphics core, AMBA AXI interconnect, and test ROMs connected to a second cluster by an asynchronous bridge that features the memory subsystem, which is stacked with a Cortex M core that handles control logic, some timers, SRAM, and external IO. Compared to 16nm FinFET+, at nominal voltage, the 10nm test chip offered a 12% performance improvement in a similar power envelope. In super-overdrive mode (Vsod), the Artemis test chip offered similar performance, but at 30% lower power.SoCs for premium mobile devices with next-generation cores produced on the 10nm process node are expected to arrive later in the second half of this year.

Submission + - Study finds udio fingerprinting being used to track web users (

thomst writes: Natasha Lomas of TechCrunch reports on a Princeton University study on a new tracking technique that uses the AudioContext API to create a machine-unique signature. The researchers used an open-source tool called OpenWP to scan the top million websites (as determined by Alexa) for clues to trackinhg companies that use the technique.

The good news is that the audio-fingerprinting technique is not yet in wide use by data miners. The bad news is that none of the most commonly-used tracking blockers detects or can prevent its use to stalk users.

Submission + - There Were Mega-Tsunamis On Mars (

An anonymous reader writes: Today, a team of scientists has announced the first discovery of extraterrestrial tsunamis. A team of astronomers and geologists led by J. Alexis Rodriguez at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona has uncovered evidence of massive tsunamis on Mars billions of years ago. As Rodriguez reports, two separate megatsunamis tore across the red planet around 3.4 billion years ago, a time when Mars was a mere 1.1 billion years old and nearby Earth was just cradling its first microbial lifeforms. The two tsunamis created 150-foot-high shore-break waves on average, and some absolutely monster waves up to 400 feet tall. Rodriguez and his colleagues outline their tsunami findings today in the journal Scientific Reports.

Submission + - Facebook Live Event Streaming Is Winning Over Meerkat, Periscope, And Snapchat

techtsp writes: Last year, Facebook introduced one of its game changing features till the date, and that's Live Streaming. As per the report coming in, Facebook Live Streaming is doing way better than its competitors — Meerkat, Periscope, and Snapchat collectively. However, there are numerous reasons exist on the basis of facts why Facebook might have got it all right in such a short time span. Interestingly, Facebook doesn't delete a video once broadcast's completed. Additionally, there's no need to build another audience on another platform. Definitely, according to the report, these are some of the prominent reasons why Facebook is ahead of its competitors when it comes to fighting this live stream battle.

Submission + - 54 is the New 42, Aging Slower With Technology ( writes: Remember the time when it was said that technology was the worst thing that happened to human beings. Well scientists from the journal PLOS ONE have concluded that technology is making people age slower, after discovering that the brains of middle-aged people are getting sharper and younger to keep up with the demands of modern technology.

Submission + - Superjet Technology Nears Reality After Successful Australia Test (

An anonymous reader writes: A two-hour flight from Sydney to London is a step closer to reality after the latest successful test Wednesday of hypersonic technology in the Australian desert. A joint US-Australian military research team is running a series of 10 trials at the world's largest land testing range, Woomera in South Australia, and at Norway's Andoya Rocket Range. Hypersonic flight involves traveling at more than five times the speed of sound (Mach 5). Scientists involved in the program — called Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation (HIFiRE) — are developing an engine that can fly at Mach 7, Michael Smart of the University of Queensland told AFP. He added that the scramjet was a supersonic combustion engine that uses oxygen from the atmosphere for fuel, making it lighter and faster than fuel-carrying rockets. The experimental rocket in the trial on Wednesday reached an altitude of 278 kilometers and a target speed of Mach 7.5, Australia's defense department said.

Submission + - Is COBOL getting cool again ?

techfilz writes: Romanian developer Bizu Ionic has engineered a software bridge called node.cobol which can execute Node.js script from within COBOL programs. In this example source code a web server is run and renders an ASCII art picture of COBOL founder Admiral Grace Hopper.

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