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Comment Uncle Larry.. (Score 1) 156

.. has been notably short of good legal news lately, losing both the Google and HP lawsuits. He's obviously decided to fire some of his lawyers and hire astroturf agitators instead. This is what you do when you've chased off many of your customer base by shaking them down and/or suing them as well as being sued for breach of contract. Maybe the next phase of Oracle's business plan will be to actually try and compete for a change.

Comment Law -vs reality (Score 1) 332

The law is pretty straightforward, how it's actually implemented is anything but. The oversight attention paid to H-1B visas simply doesn't pair up to the way the law is written. Many US tech giants, and some large employers outside tech, simply violate both the letter and the spirit of the law hoping lobbying and campaign donations will keep them from getting noticed.

Comment Re:facebook can go die in a fire (Score 1) 124

I'm over 50 and regularly deal with Millennials and other 'younger' folks on a professional basis and they fall into 2 distinct camps:
1) Reasonable and interested in the wider world around them and where they fit into it. Well informed and knowledgeable.
2) Glued to FB/Twitter/texting to such an extent that it has become their *only* source of information. These folks regularly fall into holes (figurative and literal), walk into utility poles and kill others while driving. These are some of the most shallow and self-absorbed beings I've ever encountered. They make me concerned for our species.

Yes, I know this isn't limited to those on the younger end of life, but its effects seem most profound there.

Comment Re:WABI from SUN (Score 1) 405

Because they didn't think they needed to, and especially WRT Microsoft, they were disinclined to pay up. Larry is simply trying to sue Google because there may be money in it. Sun had the IP (bought from SavaJe) to implement something similar to Android but not the time or money to invest in it and CHOSE not to pursue it. JavaME was so far from usable as to be irrelevant. Google was willing to invest and succeed, Oracle is angry. Poor Oracle.

Full disclosure - former Sun employee.

Comment Takedown (Score 1) 311

Takedown requests under the guise of the DMCA are the trademark equivalent of patent trolls. Current law really doesn't give much recourse to those harmed by spurious requests like this one. What about the artist who had his original work taken down because someone simply didn't 'like' it? Power without control or accountability.

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