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Comment Re:I don't believe it (Score 1) 507

Why was the parent modded troll? He/She has an excellent point. The *ONLY* result from blocking access to iTunes is a loss of revenue from the blocked user(s). Apple has nothing to gain by doing so and would only force said user(s) to pirate apps, since they would no longer have a legitimate method to acquire them.

Mod parent +1 Informative/Interesting.

Swedish Pirate Party Gains 3000 Members In 7 Hours 410

An anonymous reader writes "Due to outrage over the verdict in The Pirate Bay trial, the Swedish Pirate Party has gained 3000 members in less than 7 hours. It is now bigger than 3 of the 7 parties represented in the Swedish parliament. 'Ruling means that our political work must now be stepped up. We want to ensure that the Pirate Bay activities — to link people and information — is clearly lawful. And we want to do it for all people in Sweden, Europe and the world, continues Rick Falk Vinge. We want it to be open for ordinary people to disseminate and receive information without fear of imprisonment or astronomical damages.'"

Comment Re:The Lady Does Protest Too Much! (Score 2, Interesting) 1306

Any scientific theory that exempts itself from challenges and falsification is just that, propaganda.

Of course evolution is not exempt from challenges and falsification, but Intelligent Design (creationism) does not qualify. It is not even science.

Macro evolution has no evidence other than a seriously flawed fossil record and the evidence, when it does exist, proves nothing. Macro evolution is no more falsifiable than creationism.

There is no such thing as macroevolution. It is a term used by creationists and anti-evolutionist either out of ignorance, or an attempt to underhandedly lure others away from science and observation. All evolution takes place at the "micro" level. Speciation is simply the result of many small changes (micro) over a long period of time.

Comment Re:Cue the following: (Score 5, Informative) 1306

I have yet to see proof that Evolution explains how life began. Sure, it explains how life can change/advance, but not how it started. I think it is disingenuous to suggest people are closed minded for pointing out this fundamental limitation of the theory.

The lack of explanation for the beginning of life is not a limitation of the theory of evolution, but rather, is not part of the theory at all. It is a common mistake, but these are completely separate concepts. Evolution does not even try to explain how life began, just how it changes since it has been here.


Submission + - Stop Uwe Boll's Crap Movies! (

areReady writes: Uwe Boll, the creator of the veritable hall of shame of the worst sci/fi fantasy movies of all time — particularly horrendous video game adaptations — has agreed to stop making movies if an online petition requesting that he stop gets 1,000,000 signatures. The time has come to wield the might of Slashdotters for the good of humanity.

Submission + - Creative charging for drivers.

imau writes: "Creative as started to sell ALchemy Audigy Edition [in Dailytech ], drivers that bring back EAX support in Windows VIsta for Audigy sound card. This same drivers are available for free for x-fi cards, while owners of older cards have to pay Creative for its hardware to work. Is this the starting point of payed drivers?"

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