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Comment Re:I am? (Score 1) 207

I don't want to pay for cable service, but Comcast requires me to sign-up for basic cable in order to get Internet service by cable modem. I'm paying a little more than $100/month for 25Mbit service which is about twice what I should be paying. Unfortunately there's no competition in my area, so I'm stuck with Comcast.

Comment Re: Strange (Score 1) 467

These days it is rare for an OS maker to also build the hardware that it runs on. Apple used to do that, but they switched to using standard Intel processors and GPUs a long time ago.

Hardware is hardware no matter what logo is stamped on the cover. The Intel chip that's inside your Mac is the same one that's inside your Windows desktop, which is the same one that's in your Linux system.

Comment Re:Poor value for money (Score 1) 186

I'm back to buying television seasons on DVD and ripping them to a large portable drive.

Netflix was great at first, but I have slowly made my way through all of the their content that I was interested in. These days when I think of a movie I'd like to watch I'm finding that Netflix doesn't have it. I'm not really interested in any of their new content.

Comment Re:And of course the JAMA doesn't have an interest (Score 1) 210

This study directly tested whether an activity tracker is a beneficial addition to weight loss counseling.

No, that's not what they did. That's what the OP is complaining about, there's no control group.

All participants were placed on low-calorie diets, prescribed increases in physical activity, and received group-counseling sessions on health and nutrition.
...At the first six-month mark, participants were divided into two subgroups: one that continued health-counseling sessions on a monthly basis and another that received a wearable device to monitor diet and physical activity.
...However, those who received health counseling throughout the study lost nearly twice as much weight as those who used wearable devices for three-quarters of it.

The group that got fitness trackers also stopped participating in the health-counseling sessions.

The conclusion that people using fitness trackers lose less weight isn't valid. Maybe the health-counseling sessions caused people to lose more weight? There should have been a group of people that got both fitness trackers and counseling.

Comment Re:I think it's fair (Score 1) 178

I'm curious why Uber doesn't let the drivers set their own prices, that would seem to eliminate some of the complaints.

Allow drivers to set their own prices and view the prices of other drivers in the area. Customers get a list of drivers in the area with information like cost and estimated time to pick-up. They can choose to go with the cheap guy 15 minutes away, or the most-expensive driver that's just around the block.

Comment Re:If one employee had done this (Score 1) 341

That's what really bugs me about this situation, it's basically a million plus instances of wire fraud at a minimum. Wells Fargo's consumer bank should have been shut down. A two hundred million dollar fine will be considered just a cost of doing business to them.

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