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Comment Re:Convert (Score 1) 311

Same here. A 5 TB external drive stores a lot of DVD's! As a bonus you get the exact same viewing experience as putting the disc in a player.

I have considered transcoding everything, but it would be extremely time consuming to do properly. I typically just convert any content I want to watch from tablets or mobile devices.

Comment Re:Google can tell me the definition of hypocrisy (Score 1) 350

Before working here, I worked primarily in FPGA place and route algorithms, which is a field with AFAIK exactly zero women. Please let me know if I'm wrong, and managers don't count, I mean the actual algorithms geeks. I read somewhere that we only employ something close to 15% women in engineering/software jobs, but when I look around, I see closer to 30% women.

I had breakfast at Google's newish Chicago office a few weeks ago and would have sworn I saw close to a 50/50 mix of males and females. That's way better than what I'm used to which is about a 5:1 male to female ratio. I will admit to seeing way more light colored complexions than I had expected given the make-up of Chicago.

Comment Huge Success? (Score 1) 44

Nintendo has already seen huge success with Super Mario Run on iOS.

Yeah, I don't think so.

Investors disappointed by early reviews and sales of the smartphone game "Super Mario Run" sold off more Nintendo Co. shares on Monday, with some analysts expressing concern over the game's payment model. Nintendo shares closed 7.1% lower in Tokyo Stock Exchange trading on Monday, extending a losing streak to five days, during which the stock has fallen more than 16%.

Nintendo shares drop on 'Super Mario Run' sales

Comment Re:"the smart TV appears to be infected..." (Score 2) 295

The general public needs to learn that downloading stuff from unverified 3rd party sources is going to get you infected sooner or later.

My younger brother recently infected a tablet I had let him borrow with this malware. I wanted to smack him in the head when he called me saying that there was some FBI warning that he couldn't get rid of, and asked if it was really the FBI.

You would think that something would go off in their head telling them not to follow instructions to disable security settings, but I suppose most people are used to being sheep and doing what they're told instead of engaging their brains and doing some critical thinking. This same brother fell for a social engineering attack where someone called him up and wanted him to verify his bank account information. *sigh*

Comment Re:"Amazon be ashamed pay their workers so little" (Score 1) 433

Are you telling me you'd take the position for $3 million a year, but $1.5 million just wouldn't cut it?

Why exactly would I take $1.5 million if I could get $3 million somewhere else? If the market prices talent at X, then you're going to need to offer something worth at least X in order to attract people.

Comment Re: You Absolutely Can Have It Both Ways (Score 1) 412

The NSA is authorized to collect signals intelligence only on foreign citizens. Hence the uproar over domestics being caught up in the surveillance nets and not being redacted immediately as they are supposed to be. This isn't an arbitrary distinction, but because under US law, American citizens are entitled to the protection of the 4th amendment against unwarranted search or seizure, whereas foreign citizens are not. So the setup was that the NSA could warrant-less-ly wiretap the rest of the world, but needed to scrub out the information of Americans that got caught in the haul.

From what I understand there are rooms inside NSA facilities that are considered foreign soil and are staffed by foreign agents. It is these foreign agents who spy on American citizens and then turn the information over to American agents. Supposedly there's also a reciprocal agreement where we have staff in their intelligence facilities.

Comment Entitled with no marketable skills (Score 0) 436

From what I've seen, the people crowing about minimum wage not being a "living wage" are the ones with little to no marketable skills and who have made poor life decisions.

It is certainly possible to live on a minimum wage income if you (a) get a roommate and (b) don't have children (you can't afford them). Tens of thousands of college students do it every year. In my area the people demanding a "living wage" aren't willing to get roommates or make other sacrifices and then complain that their cost of living is too high. They think they are entitled to a place all to themselves, can have as many kids as they want and should be able to have the same things that people making two or three times what they make are able to afford.

I checked the neighborhood paper yesterday and you can get a two-bedroom on the near-south side of Chicago for $1,200 per month. Chicago's minimum wage is $10.50 for private workers, so that's $21,000 a year gross income if you work 40 hours a week (with 2 weeks vacation). That puts you in the 15% Federal tax bracket with state taxes running 3.5%. So you've got about $1,400 a month to spend on rent, food, health insurance, transportation and clothing. $600 rent, $200 food, $300 insurance (individual market), $100 transportation (monthly pass) and say $100 for clothing. It's not going to be a fun lifestyle, but it's totally workable. It's how I lived when I first got out of school in the late 90's and I had a background in computer science with 5 years of experience doing programming and sysadmin/DBA work for a web startup.

There's a quotation from the movie "Monster" that's very apropos, "when the beach party is over, you don't get to say, "you know what? Now I think I'd like to have what everybody else has worked their entire life for.' It doesn't work that way."

Comment Re:Audio (Score 1) 114

I had big time problems trying to use my Logitech bluetooth mouse and keyboard at the same time an external spinning disk was attached via USB 3. Apparently the interference is a known issue.

I also recently purchased a WeightGurus scale that uses lower-power bluetooth to transmit reading to a companion smartphone app. When this happens there's some sort of interference between the WiFi and bluetooth receivers on my phone and I have to turn off bluetooth, then turn WiFi off/on and finally turn bluetooth back on. If I don't do that I won't be able to reconnect to my WiFi router.

Comment Re:Or...it could fall to $100 (Score 1) 255

That may all be true, but the fact is that if you've been buying Bitcoin over the past 2 years, you've been making some pretty good money.

If you got really lucky and bought when Bitcoin was down around $200, then you've almost quadrupled your investment.

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