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Comment Benefit to individuals? (Score 1) 48

Four machine-learning algorithms (random forest, logistic regression, gradient boosting machines, neural networks) were compared to an established algorithm (American College of Cardiology guidelines) to predict first cardiovascular event over 10-years.

At a population level I can see where being able to predict who will have a heart attack in the next 10 years would be helpful, but how much value is there for an individual?

Is the idea that a person begin preventative measures now and avoids the heart attack in the future? This algorithm wouldn't seem to be very helpful in planning surgical interventions like clearing blocked arteries.

Comment Re:Deception - just one kind of tax. (Score 1) 903

Don't forget "use" taxes. I had to cut a check to the local government six months after I purchased my last car because I bought it in a different county.

Quite a few people are paying twice for their children's schooling because the public system sucks.

There's a few cities in the United States that sock their residents with a local income tax.

Take a look at some of the taxes and fees tacked onto your utility bills. IIRC my natural gas bill has a ~30% tax added.

Comment Re: IOT good. IOT + forced shit BAD! (Score 1) 421

Having a locally-connected networked device that can't access the internet would make this impossible.

That's why you run a VPN server at home and place the devices on a network segment that can't reach the Internet. Many of the IOT devices can be controlled from the LAN using a smartphone app or by making webservice calls to the device.

Comment Re:Nice job . . . (Score 1) 421

You have a webcam to monitor the open/close status and a controller to operate the existing garage door opener (they typically have pins where these devices can be connected). You run a VPN server at home so you can connect to your local network and operate the devices remotely.

If you want to automatically close a door that's open for too long you can write some code to compare the current webcam image to an image of a closed door and an image of an open door. The one that most closely matches tells you the current state.

Comment Love my Insteon (Score 1) 421

Yes, and the smart versions are much more functional.

I have an Insteon Hub for controlling things like light switches, outlets and lamps. Door sensors so I know when they open/close and motion sensors so lights turn on when I enter a room and automatically turn off after a period where movement isn't detected.

Being able to adjust the lights in your house or turn on an exhaust fan using your phone, computer, or a small remote control is really convenient. You won't want to go back to having to walk across the room, or to a different floor, just to flip a dumb switch.

Comment Re: Sounds like you're the problem (Score 1) 262

I worked at an investment bank and can confirm people in certain groups were required to take a vacation of at least 5 continuous days once a year.

The story I had heard was that this was due to some trader falsifying his positions and only being detected because he got sick and was out of the office long enough for it to finally get noticed. From what I remember he supposedly had worked in enough different groups (front, middle, back-office) that he knew in which reporting systems he needed to make his changes.

Comment Re:I remember the last time.... (Score 1) 132

This is not 20 years ago...we cannot simply change ISP's by giving a CC number to another company and putting in a new phone number. The ISP's know this; they know there's no real competition.

So why don't you fix that problem instead of giving the government more control?

It's the ISP's network, they should be able to run it however they like.

Comment Re:Forgive my Ignorance (Score 1) 132

Customers are better served with market-based solutions than they are with government control and regulation.

All of these problems that Net Neutrality will supposedly fix are due to government granted monopolies. If there were competition among ISPs, then customers could just switch to another provider if theirs was treating them poorly.

Instead of simply solving the monopoly problem, some people want government to swoop in and rescue them by taking over the industry and regulating it to death. For some reason these people think this will result in lower prices and better service.

Comment ISP Monopolies (Score 1) 85

So switch to another ISP if yours is blocking or slowing your traffic. That's what a market-based solution would dictate.

The real problem is that we have allowed ISP monopolies. I live in the third largest city in the United States and my only choice for Internet access via cable modem is Comcast. There are other cable providers in certain areas of town and for large multi-dwelling buildings, but only one choice in my neighborhood of single-family residences.

If people had a choice of providers then they could just switch to the one that's most customer friendly. Instead, due to monopolies, we are at the mercy of the ISP and the politician resolve our complaints.

Comment libreswan (Score 1) 130

If you're interested in rolling your own VPN I can recommend libreswan.

I got both L2TP over IPSec and IPSec with XAUTH and PSK configurations working with the native VPN client (racoon?) in macOS Sierra (and presumably iOS). I'm still trying to get Android 6.0 working with XAUTH and PSK (establishes tunnel, but doesn't route properly), but L2TP works ok. My *NIX hosts just use libreswan as the client.

Amazon offers 1,000 free hours to new AWS users and the pricing on their EC2 instances is very good, so it shouldn't cost too much to route your connections through them.

Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 360

How about private rooms? You get your own room, can pick from X number of movies, can pick your start time and you get your own server for refreshments?

Then again, my apartment already offers that which is probably why I don't go to theaters anymore. I have enough entertainment options available that I have no need to see movies as soon as they're released. If I could pay to watch a new movie from home I would do so, otherwise I can wait to watch on Netflix, or Amazon Video, or for the DVD/Blu-Ray to be released.

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