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Comment Kristian Saucier (Score 1) 529

Based on this experience, I would say not taking criminal action against Hillary Clinton was in line with many other cases.

Kristian Saucier got 1 year in prison for taking 6 photos of the engine room on the sub he was assigned.

Sailor Denied 'Clinton Deal', Gets 1 Year in Prison for 6 Photos of Sub.

It's obvious that Hillary was protected because she's part of the ruling class.

Comment Re: Just stop (Score 1) 181

fact is opiates are the safest and most effective pain relieving and antipsychotic drugs we know. It is society's retarded desire to push this demand on to the black market that makes them so dangerous

The safety profile really should be emphasized. Too many people think it's the drug itself that is so dangerous when in fact the danger is due to having to purchase on the black market where you don't know the potency, don't know if it's the drug you want (lots of people substitute fentanyl these days) and don't know if it's been adulterated. If people could just buy some dope at the local pharmacy we wouldn't have as many dying from it, although people do still manage to overdose on pharmaceuticals like Oxycontin.

Comment Re:Just stop (Score 1) 181

Addiction can happen even when the drugs are taken exactly as prescribed.

Yes, and it's quite common for physicians to prescribe drugs improperly. For example, giving people benzodiazepines for longer than two to four weeks, or for non-FDA approved off-label use.

I have also heard horror stories about patients who do develop addictions being cut-off cold turkey when they inform their physician and not being allowed to taper properly. To make matters worse sometimes physicians dismiss withdrawal symptoms from drugs as not being due to the drug, but because of the condition or disease the person supposedly has.

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 1) 529

I don't believe anyone is suggesting that actual votes were changed (as in voting machine hacked or something), the accusation is that Russia influenced the election through the slow release of hacked emails and spreading anti-Clinton propaganda.

I'm going to have to disagree. There's an ongoing attempt to convince the ignorant masses that Russia directly interfered with the election, that's why news stories keep using the words "hacked" and "interfered", they don't use the word "influenced". Also notice how no mention is ever made about the many instances of the United States interfering with other countries' elections, e.g. most recently Israel.

Russia did not prevent anyone from going to the polls, nor did they cause votes from being tabulated properly. What they arguably did do was release unaltered copies of email messages from people involved with Hillary's campaign that exposed their contempt for certain groups of the American public. Their nastiness was exposed for all to read. Hillary's campaign is crying foul because information was (assumed to have been) leaked selectively and no information that was harmful to Donald's campaign was released. It's the kind of argument a child would make when caught out by their parents, "but Tommy did it too and he's not in trouble! Why am I in trouble?! It's not fair!"

The Benghazi hearings were proven to be a political charade anyways where even after months of investigations the Republicans couldn't find any wrong-doings.

Couldn't find any wrong doing?! It's a known fact that the State Department fed the Public a known false story about the attacks happening because of some lame video that some guy who doesn't like Muslims produced when in fact they knew it was a terrorist attack on their weapons smuggling operation. The State Department was smuggling weapons to Syria via Libya.

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 1) 529

There was no wiretapping of Trump. Never happened.

This is clearly an unprovable assertion. What is known is that President Obama tapped Angela Merkel's communications. Now ask yourself, is it plausible that Trump was under surveillance. I think it clearly is.

What there was was spying on Russians, and the fact that the likes of Flynn and Sessions are such fucking idiots that they would basically use open communication systems to yack with the Russians indicates not only are they traitors, but pretty fucking stupid ones.

Traitors? We are not at war with Russia and they are not our enemies. The Democrats certainly do hate them though.

Comment Re:How do you not secure your smartphone? (Score 1) 143

The other thing to that - by backing my entire configuration profile to 'the cloud', the moment I get a new phone b'cos the previous one was lost, or I wanted to upgrade, I just enter my email during setup, and it retrieves everything I had - apps, wallpaper and so on, and I'm good to continue where I left off.

I'm shocked the restore to new phone feature worked for you. I tried the process probably four times on my Moto X Pure before I gave up. It would only copy maybe 30 out of 120 apps and then silently fail.

Comment Re:How do you not secure your smartphone? (Score 1) 143

The user privileges were set to where my standard use did not have root-level access to the device (which made getting my stuff off of the phone when it broke very difficult) but once I figured out how to get to some obscure menus at boot-time I was able to mostly find what I was looking to find through the filesystem and to copy over to a Linux box.

Why not use adb-sync? You don't need root on the phone to access the data over USB which is why it's recommended that you also encrypt the phone.

I have never heard of an Android phone shipping with encryption enabled.

Comment Re: Porn (Score 1) 391

Have Americans Given Up on Losing Weight?

One in every three people in the United States is now obese, compared with one in five 20 years ago, researchers report.

All racial/ethnic groups across both genders reported decreased interest in weight loss, but women in particular were more likely to say they'd given up on it, the findings showed.

Comment Re:Ok, let's go at this piece by piece... (Score 1) 457

But I wanna see the CIA remotely invading my unconnected Windows 7 PC used for maintenance purposes. Unless they get a warrant and physically get to my computer, they can't.

They don't need a warrant to physically access your computer. Yes, it's done illegally, so what? Hard drives can be infected with malware on their embedded logic controllers before you install it in your computer.

Encryption is used on these device to protect messages DURING transit and it's not only from the CIA or for criminal purposes. So yeah, it's still secure if you are not being actively targeted by the CIA, and if you keep your devices outside the reach of malicious actors.

How exactly does one know when they are being actively targeted?

Comment Re:There is no going back now. (Score 1) 457

Your scenario only really works if just that one kid is under surveillance. If it's being done to everyone and everyone knows it, then the threat of all those personal secrets becoming public loses a lot of its power. I would imagine that people would just self-censor when communicating electronically like a lot of people already do today.

Comment Re:saw a proof of concept several years ago (Score 1) 457

Among them was disable the brakes, set the cruise control to a high speed, and make it impossible to shut off the engine or open the doors.

Shift into neutral and use the parking brake; turn the ignition off. Granted, some vehicles use push-button ignition, but the transmission selector and parking brake still operate mechanically on most vehicles.

Comment Re: Not surprise in the least... (Score 1) 457

The Feds did their investigation, came up with more evidence and counter-evidence than you will ever know about, and judged that in total, it wasn't enough to even make a reasonable case.

The problem with this analysis is that there are people (e.g. Kristian Saucier) that are being prosecuted for doing much less than Hillary Clinton was proven to have done.

Hillary should be doing hard time for her mishandling of classified information.

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