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Comment People already prosecuted as if Bitcoin were money (Score 1) 91

Several people have already been prosecuted for running an unlicensed money transmitting business and money laundering, including people using the localbitcoins website. If this judge just ruled that Bitcoin isn't money, then how does that affect those other cases?

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

I've got a Pebble Time Steel and the killer app for me is Music Boss. It lets me control my music player from my wrist instead of having to pull a phone from my pocket and key in the password every time I want to change tracks. Album art and track info is displayed on the watch face. Very handy when commuting on a crowded train.

I have also found the sleep and step tracking more useful than I would have imagined. The tracking may not be entirely accurate, but seeing the trends has motivated me to change my behavior.

Being able to receive and reply to SMS message from my wrist is nice. It's pretty handy for receiving codes for sites that use fake two-factor authentication. Reading email from the watch face is nice if I'm out walking when a message comes in; long messages do get cut off unfortunately.

Being able to switch watch faces is also handy. I use a face with dual timezones when I'm working and need to read log files with GMT timestamps and then switch to something artsy when I just need the local time.

Comment Re:Who is losing who? (Score 1) 337

Birkenstock's position doesn't make much sense to me. If there's a problem with counterfeit product, wouldn't you want to solve that by opening an official Birkenstock seller's account with Amazon and then letting people know to order from them to ensure they get the real thing?

Comment Re:Missing Info (Score 1) 637

You got the service manuals, great. Now what about the special programming tools for your ECU?

I've got a Mitsubishi Lancer and it's a total PITA to get the TPMS programmed. It's 90 minutes to the local dealership and half the time they forget to reprogram the system after installing my summer or winter wheels. You can order the required MUT-III toolkit from the official supplier and do it yourself, but it's $8,000.

Comment Re:false (Score 1) 202

People are overweight because they consume more calories than they burn. It is that simple.

No, it's not that simple. Recent studies have shown that your gut biome helps to determine if you stay thin or gain weight.

In 2006, Jeffrey Gordon, MD, and his colleagues at the Washington University Medical School in St Louis published a paper in the journal Nature demonstrating that thin mice and obese mice have different populations of gut bacteria. Furthermore, they proved that one particular type of bacteria caused obesity, rather than obesity changing the types of bacteria. When the scientists isolated a strain of Firmicutes bacteria from chubby mice and then introduced them into the bacteria-free guts of thin mice raised in a sterile environment, the skinny mice fattened up in just 10 to 14 days.

Why You Can't Lose Weight

Comment Re:false (Score 1) 202

Of course exercise has many other health benefits and is highly recommended, it's just not an effective weight loss tool.

I know it's anecdotal, but that has not been my experience. I started doing Judo and Jujitsu about nine years ago, I was about 216 lbs. when I started (I'm 5'9"). I started working out one day a week, then two and finally settled in at three, sometimes four, days a week at the dojo. In a maybe three years time I weighed in for a grappling tournament at 176 lbs. I had not changed my diet one bit.

I have noticed that if I make it to the dojo three times a week, then I lose weight. If I make it twice a week I maintain, and if go once then I slowly add weight. I took a couple month break after my second shoulder injury 20 months ago and have only been making it in once a week due to changing jobs and working more hours than I was. Since then I've gained all of the weight back; I topped out at about 220 and have managed to lose maybe five or six pounds of that by really watching what I eat (sugar in the evening is terrible, it makes me ravenous). It's very frustrating. The only way I seem to lose weight is by working out three days a week.

Comment Re:How many accidents has it avoided? (Score 1) 329

Maybe they need a way to keep the driver involved: steering wheel pressure sensors, or eye sensors.

That's what Mercedes did, their vehicles disengage the driving assist features if you take your hands off of the wheel for longer than ten seconds.

Here's someone defeating the disengage function with a soda can.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 135

I used to do electronic trading support for a large investment bank and yeah, their applications and processes tended to be disasters.

Part of the problem was bad developers; I saw some very basic mistakes like case-sensitive columns in a database that were supposed to be case-insensitive.

Poor QA process; management would have the team simply not report bugs because it made "the numbers" look bad and they were trying to get the software out the door.

Poor training. Support staff were never really trained on how the applications worked, or sat near the traders so they could watch what they were doing day-to-day. We were just supposed to figure it out on our own.

And poor management. There were so many teams in so many locations that no one owned the entire process and knew how it worked end-to-end. Downstream applications would bomb out on perfectly good data and then their support staff would call ours to complain. We would tell them it's valid data and to fix their code, but would have to implement workarounds in order to deliver the data in the required timeframe. In many cases known bugs were not addressed because the business didn't want to fund the fixes. Their solution was to have support constantly performing workarounds and massaging the data so it would go through the various systems and electronic exchanges. Instead of fixing the applications they had, they would build new ones to do the same thing and then we'd have to support more and more of them because the new ones didn't work and the old apps were still in use.

It was an extremely frustrating experience. You'd go home every day feeling like nothing was accomplished.

Comment Re:Wrong. (Score 1) 482

No, there is nothing about you or your skills that is so unique that you cannot be replaced.

While it's true that no one is irreplaceable, some positions are much more difficult to fill than others. Try talking to a recruiter sometimes about how difficult it is to find technical talent. There's a lot of bullshitters out there.

The reality is that when a company wants to cut their IT costs to save money, your skills will have nothing to do with their decision.

That all depends on the company and the role you fill in the organization. A large corporation is likely to have many people occupying the same role, in those cases you're correct that your skills may have nothing to do with their decision of whom to eliminate.

If you work for a small company it's a different story. If you're the only guy doing something like handling production support, or computing infrastructure, than you're less likely to have your position eliminated due to cost cutting compared to say one of the half-dozen front-end developers, or someone from a QA group.

Comment Re:It's Heartbreaking you're not in Jail (Score 1) 482

According to law enforcement officials, there isn't enough evidence for a successful criminal case.

Sorry, that's most certainly not what Director Comey said. He said there was plenty of evidence, but that Hillary lacked intent (which the relevant statutes don't require) because she was so clueless about handling classified materials that she may not have understood which materials were classified including the ones bearing classification markings. Sort of begs the question of why she was allowed to handle such material in the first place.

Comment Re:I have a serious problem with this (Score 1) 983

What's next ? We going to strap a suicide vest on the K9's, let them run the suspects down ?

In this case it was for military service, but we've been using animals as weapons for a long time.

Dolphins have been trained in attack-and-kill missions since the Cold War. The US Atlantic bottlenose dolphins have apparently been taught to shoot terrorists attacking military vessels.

Armed and dangerous - Flipper the firing dolphin let loose by Katrina

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