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Comment Re:its difficult to dispute the position of Apple. (Score 1) 284

what if any qualifications does a banking institution have that define it as a cogent source for software?

Seriously? You obviously haven't worked for any financial institutions, they employ lots of techies to run their computer systems. They are plenty capable of writing quality software.

Comment Re:Ellen Pao (Score 1) 625

What people are afraid of is him becoming President and having his finger on foreign policy (and the nuclear button).

People keep saying that, but it doesn't make any sense when you look at what Hillary actually did while Secretary of State.

Which candidate helped to destablize Libya and then ran a weapons program supplying Al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliated fighters in Syria?

Which candidate released a false narrative about why one of our embassies was attacked instead of telling the American public the truth?

Which candidate thinks Russia is our enemy and wants to start a war with them?

Which candidate is in favor of overthrowing the democratically elected leader of a sovereign nation, a nation that is not at war with us?

Which candidate wanted to assassinate a foreign national because they were part of an organization leaking material harmful to the DNC?

Which candidate is proud of the fact that they helped companies based in India get work in the United States displacing American workers?

Which candidate is in favor of dissolving our Nation's borders?

Hillary's foreign policy has been and will be a total disaster.

Comment Re: Show us the profits (Score 1) 313

The big issue I have with rent vs. buy is the required down payment. Say that I want to put 20% down on a $250,000 dollar house, that's $50,000. Or I could rent a place for $1,200 a month and have $50,000 on hand for emergencies (or invested to whatever degree of risk I'm willing to take on). If I lose my job while renting and have to live off of savings, I'll be able to afford 3 years of rent (or more if I move to a cheaper rental). If I lose my job while I'm paying the mortgage off (and not having replenished my savings), I'm screwed and get foreclosed on.

Then you have to worry about maintenance, fees and taxes. If you live in area where the government is not fiscally responsible, you could find your taxes skyrocketing and then be stuck in a house you can't sell.

Comment Re:what about security? (Score 1) 552

That all depends. I'm the sole DevOps guy at a startup which means I'm basically on-call 24/7. The good news is that I'm the guy that setup all of the systems including the alerting/monitoring, so if something does go wrong it's either my fault or one of our vendor's.

24/7 on-call supporting someone else's mess is an entirely other matter. That can really suck.

Comment Re:More to home automation that ordering milk. (Score 1) 91

There's plenty of X10 and Zigbee based products out there that are easy to use. I have Insteon's automation controller and their product line is pretty complete. Dimmer and on/off switches and outlets, open/close sensors, IP cameras, thermostat, water sensor, motion detectors, keypads, remotes, lightbulbs, etc. They even have wire-in modules if you want to build something more complicated.

Some of their devices have to be installed behind wall plates, but others like the on/off and dimmer modules are standalone and go between the plug and wall outlet. Even if you have to replace a wall switch, it doesn't take more than 15 minutes of effort and can make a big difference. It's really nice to have a small, four-button remote that you can use to control the lights in your home, or turn on a box fan in another room.

Take a look at their products.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 4, Insightful) 332

Officer john wears the camera one week and gets 3 complaints. Next week he doesn't wear the camera and gets 30 complaints. It's safe to infer he behaves like an asshole when off-camera, so, to counter that, he is NOT an asshole even when not wearing the camera.

An alternate explanation would be that people don't make as many false complaints when there's video evidence available.

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