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Comment Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 379

You would not be asking what the point was if a worst-case scenario involving your child went down, and video of the event was nearly instantly uploaded to remote servers. You could stick with GPS only, but don't you think you'd have a better shot at the most favorable possible outcome if you had video, too? Or even if you couldn't change the outcome of events in any way, the video of your child's life could very easy go from trivial to one of your most treasured possessions, heaven forbid.

Comment Re:Watch them (Score 1) 646

There is no software that can protect a you from another person who thinks it's amusing to find something disgusting on his device, and then tricking you into looking at it, just so he can laugh at your horrified expression. Many people are simply jerks. I wish it was possible to protect kids from the awful stuff that is out there. It's not.

I don't blame you for trying to do what you can. I just know that I never sought out violent and gross content, but I definitely saw it. When I was in elementary school, no one had access to the internet, but kids were finding ways to get their hands on "Faces of Death" on VHS. There's no software to prevent that. I wonder if you wouldn't be better off exposing your kids to violence in a controlled setting and then talking to them about what they saw than you are keeping them totally innocent, and then leaving them to deal with their initial exposure to horror on their own.

Furthermore, I know that when I was a lad, as soon as I was aware that I was being "restricted" in some way, getting past that restriction became my new mission in life. I'm sure your children are clever. They will probably defeat the software in some novel way that you didn't imagine.

What the software does get you is the ability to say "ah well, I tried". And that does have some value, I suppose.

Comment Re:Watch them (Score 4, Insightful) 646

Good point. Drinking poison and exposure to human sexuality are very similar experiences, and have exactly the same type of consequences. To make sure that your children avoid all "inappropriate" materials, be sure to freak the fuck out if anything sexual should should come to their attention. This will help them to achieve a healthy sense of disgust and shame, so that they can be normal and happy.

Comment Re:All part of the plan. (Score 2) 48

Idiot. You don't just change your operating system on a whim in a medical environment. For one thing, the hospital or other institution probably doesn't even own the device, and so has no ability to change the OS. Even if they did, the device probably can't run a different OS. And even if it could, the institution would have to validate the new OS to ensure that it performed all of its functions correctly. Yeah, just change your OS, because a hospital is pretty much the same thing as your home network! Dipshit.

Comment Re:Well, if they're going to generalize, I am too (Score 1) 1034

So "Lady Chaterly's Lover" and a 1080p movie starring Alexis Texas are the same thing? I think they're the same only in the sense that traveling by horseback is the same thing as traveling in an F-22.

I share your skepticism regarding the mental health industry. I can't think of too many other highly paid professions where it is acceptable to fail most of the time. But the facts that Zimbardo is attempting to explain are pretty unambiguous: women now outperform men at every level of education. Why? It's easy to take potshots at "shrinks", but a lot harder to come up with your own theory to explain the phenomenon.

Comment Re:Can You SHow Me (Score 2) 607

One thing that I found very strange about BBC productions of this time was that they would use video for the studio sequences, and then film when they went outdoors. As a child, I found it jarring to have both in the same program.

I also remember being about 10 years old and complaining to my mother that Chico and the Man did not look "real". My mother had no idea what I was talking about, but my father figured out that they had switched from video to film. What looks "right" is usually a matter of what one is used to. I seem to recall hearing that some people complained about color films when they came out. Higher frame rates will be the norm in a decade, I am absolutely convinced.

Comment Re:Yet Another Terrible Flamebait Slashdot Summary (Score -1, Flamebait) 757

Nonsense. There are other ways to purify water that do not involve the ingredients to make meth. So your death toll is zero, and your "useful product" is easily replaceable. Typically well thought-out Libertarian thinking.

Bob Wallace is a drug dealer. Do you think he would have earned 100 thousand a year without those "Beavis and Buttheads" buying his product by the case? Surely not. He profited from the sale of harmful drugs to anyone with cash. No, he wasn't out on the street, but he was only a couple of levels removed. I don't think the law was nearly harsh enough on him.

If you don't agree with me, you may not have seen first hand the damage that meth does. Perhaps you have not lost someone you dearly love to meth, as I have.

Clearly, the law as it stands now is a total failure at controlling meth use. I'm open to trying new approaches. But allowing retirees to line their pockets with the suffering of others is not the way forward.

Comment Re:The emperor has no clothes! (Score 1) 664

And we here on /. love to say it, again and again, because it makes us all feel so darned superior. How many stories about the folly of premium cables do we need? Was there one single person who reads this site that wasn't already clued in? I get it already. I got it before the numerous stories were posted here - I'm not a blithering idiot! Congrats on that, me! Ouch... I think I just tore a rotator cuff from patting myself on the back.

Comment Re:Why Do You Hate America? (Score 1) 358

I now see the error of my ways! Of course we shouldn't give this Winsock fella any money... if he deserved it, the invisible hand of the market would have bestowed it upon him. And if someone steals my bike, well, I suppose that's the market at work as well! All is as it should be in this, the best of all possible worlds... thanks for the delicious Kool-Aid.

Comment Re:I'm sure he did fine... (Score 1) 358

What you "imagine" about my opinions is incorrect. Some people do deserve a million dollar paycheck. And even if I happen to feel that a person is not worth that much, that's not the same as saying they should work for free. Not even close. There are many, many numbers between zero and a million.

If you feel under-valued, then demand more pay. Take action. Making angry and incorrect assumptions about me isn't going to change things.

Comment Re:I'm sure he did fine... (Score 1) 358

Obviously the value of labor is not simply measured in hours, which is why I also mentioned the feasibility of someone else doing the work. Software engineers are valuable, doubtless, so he certainly deserved to be paid more than someone who had spent the same amount of time making pizza, which also creates value but is something that far more people are able to do.

A dollar a person is low? Thinking like that is why Bill Gates is so rich.

Comment Re:I'm sure he did fine... (Score 3, Informative) 358

But why does he deserve millions of dollars? How many hours did he spend working on this software? I suspect not enough to justify a million dollar paycheck. If he hadn't written it, would someone else? Surely. So how big of a payday does he deserve? Obviously, there are a lot of people in this world who contribute little and get millions anyhow, so I would much rather see this guy be rich than some brainless beauty or Wall Street crook. But the best of all possible worlds would be one where people are paid a fair amount for a day's work.

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